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Derek Dooley gives an interesting slant on expansion

Derek Dooley sat down for an interview with the Nashville radio guys @3HL1045.

In the first few minutes Dooley provides an interesting take on what he views as an unfortunate downside of the SEC's expansion to 14 teams. Dooley says he struggles "as a person who has grown up in this league...there's an amount of respect for the schools, the traditions....I'm really concerned that in light of the expansion that we will lose some of the familiarity and that passion will start to dissipate with it." 

Very interesting point and one that has merit. Clearly the university presidents felt that the additional revenue outweighed this point; but nonetheless it's an interesting point. 

Saban: Avoiding complacency

According to Nick Saban, one of the things that separated his 2009 - 2010 BCS National Champs from the 2010 - 2011 team that finished 10-3 was a sense of entitlement and complacency among the players.

Two days after beating LSU for the national title this past season, Saban gathered the team for a meeting to ensure that complacency and entitlement weren't going to settle in this time.

Saban explained to the team that they are no longer the National Champs, "I said, you guys are not the National Champs. You haven't done anything. Now some of you played on a National Championship team last year, but that team is gone."

Coach Saban also talks about observing the positive direction and maturity of the Tide after the loss to LSU, and why that was his proudest achievement of last year.

Coaches buying into Twitter



Recently, Arkansas' John L. Smith and defensive assistants Steve Caldwell and Kevin Peoples, along with running backs coach / recruiting coordinator Tim Horton joined the Twitter world.

Smith says that social media allows them to get closer with the fan base. “I think taking ourselves as a university and a program out to the people more is a challenge that we all have to embrace and do as a staff."

Since starting his account, many of Smith's tweets have been aimed at fulfilling that message. Many of his tweets are to update his followers with construction progress on the new HD video boards going up in the stadium and the field turf going down on the practice fields.

According to Matt Jones of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, director of football operations Mark Robinson urged them all broaden their social media perspective to aid in recruiting.

“You can actually carry on a conversation with a guy and it’s legal for us recruiting-wise. The coaches all have Facebook accounts. You’ve got to be able to Facebook. You’ve got to be able to Twitter. It’s today’s world.” Smith explained.




Video: Day 1 of Summer Workouts at Baylor

It's that time of year...happening everywhere...Summer workouts are beginning!

For those that miss it, here's a look at Baylor's workout yesterday.

Sark: An interview like no other

Michael King of King5.com sat down with Coach Sarkisian in an interview you've got to see for yourself.

Sark is asked about everything ranging from the origin of his last name, to what he'd be doing if he weren't coaching, the best advice he got from Pete Carroll, and even his favorite Disney Princess.

Yes, you read that last one right.

Plenty more in the video, as well as Sark's serious side talking about the impact that cancer has had on him and his family.

Video tour: Nice D-III facilties

Owings Mills, Maryland is home to Stevenson University and a football program entering their second season fielding a team.

In their first home contest, Stevenson won a 46-43 double overtime thriller, and finished the season 2-8 while fielding a roster of all freshman.

The future looks bright for head coach Ed Hottle and the program, which has some of the nicer small college facilities in the region. The locker room takes up 4,500 square feet and includes 126 lockers, including some handed down directly from the Baltimore Ravens facility. The weight room is also located within the stadium on the third floor and measures 6,500 square feet complete with 12 power racks. The stadium itself also has 444 club level seats reserved for season ticket holders, which in itself is uncommon amongst D-III schools

The top two floors house the Presidents box and press box, both of which are very impressive.

Raising Canes: In the film room

Jimmy Johnson returned to Coral Gables to address the team on the day before their spring game in the latest installment of "Raising Canes". 

Johnson's message to the team was how conditioning and competitiveness impacts your production as a player. Those two areas were major improvements over what Johnson had observed during his visits last season.

After the spring game, the cameras go inside the film room to get Golden reviewing film with the team and pointing out some guys on specific plays that did a heck of a job.

"You hear it all the time, especially in this generation. 'I want to make plays, I want to be a play maker'. We always say to the kids, 'earn the right', it's no different than when we say 'Deserve Victory', nobody is guaranteed victory, but you can deserve victory, it's the same thing with being a play maker." Golden then goes on to further explain what being a playmaker means to him and his staff.

Plenty more great content from Golden, and the Hurricanes below.




Mic'd up at Mizzou

Alex Grinch joined Missouri's staff back in December after spending three seasons at Wyoming coaching the secondary. This spring was Grinche's first working with the safeties, and marks his second tour of duty at Mizzou after working as a grad assistant from 2002-2004. 

The clip below has Grinch coaching his guys up on their technique and a few of the players weigh in on what it's like to play under him.