Tennessee has opened a full on sports grill in the facility

Described as part training table and part sports-themed restaurant, Tennessee has opened Smokey's Sports Grill located within their Anderson Training Center. Per Tennessee, "The decor in Smokey's is that of a modern sports grill, with a glass and brick theme throughout and giant flatscreen televisions hanging from the ceiling in every corner."

Smokey's is open to all Tennessee athletes and as you can see in the video, the players seem to be pretty pleased to have the Lady Vols around. 

See the full announcement from Tennessee here

Photos: Check out The Horseshoe's new tunnel

Ohio State's famed Horseshoe had just about everything - including fans that can stand during games! - a major college football stadium needs. More than 100,000 seats. A cool nickname. Properly lubricated fans.

What it did not have is a cool tunnel. Rest assured, that will be fixed. In time for the home opener Saturday night versus Virginia Tech, Ohio State now has the proper portal for which to transport players and recruits from the locker room to the field.





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Got 250 grand to spare? If so, UCLA is willing to name a lobby after you

UCLA football is on a roll. The Bruins are coming off a successful season, and they are everyone's trendy College Football Playoff pick in this young season. The iron is hot, and the UCLA athletics department is striking that thing repeatedly. 

UCLA's fundraising arm released on Thursday a list of items in the Wasserman Football Center that are available for purchase. As the tweet below indicates, they're asking a quarter of a million bucks just to name the interns' office after you. That quarter of a million bucks, of course, doesn't buy you a single ticket. Those are extra. 

Jim Mora, Brett Hundley and company had better deliver this season, or there are going to be some window-less offices without Jane and John Q. Bruins Fan plaques on their walls.


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How one group of researchers are building the world's smartest football

They say football is a game of inches and, of course, the ultra-vague "they" are never wrong. So what does it mean when researchers find that way-more-art-than-science practice of a referee manually spotting the ball with an accompanying chain gang has a margin of error that measures stretching as far as six inches? It means games are being won and lost by a system that hasn't changed much in 100 years. And it means that, in 2014, it's time to get more sophisticated.

Vox.com has a story today about engineers at Carnegie Mellon University developing the Magneto-Track System, a magnetic transmitter planted on top of the ball's bladder. 

How it works: "The ball's transmitter generates a magnetic field, which is picked up by a series of antennas edging the field. Based on the signals received by each antenna, they can calculate the ball's position in three dimensions, along with its orientation, in a process similar to triangulation."

Watch it in action below. Notice how the system tracks not only the ball, but the person carrying it. N.C. State researcher says the radio waves can see right through all 22 players' bodies.

The project is in the testing phase at Carnegie Mellon and N.C. State, with funding provided by Disney Research. Researchers envision the Magneto-Track System balls first being used for television purposes, but the officiating possibilities are obvious.

The smarter football ball is not ready for prime time yet. Not close. Researchers say the margin for error is still one full foot, basically ten miles at this scale. 

One thing's for sure, though: it's coming. 

Read the full story here.

Video: The sickest 15 seconds of your day

So, this is pretty awesome. Make sure you watch the entire thing.

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