Cabral wants Colorado job, Caldwell unsure of future at Vandy

Colorado interim head coach Brian Cabral is 2-0 with wins over Iowa State and Kansas State. On Monday, Cabral, who does have some support, made it clear he desires the job permanently.

Cabral said, “I'm seeing more and more former players that are getting more excited about the program again. They're all into it. They're very proud of this team. They're very proud of these players and what we've accomplished these last two weeks."

"I can lead. I can inspire. I can make a difference. I've always known that about myself."

"I represent every Buff that wore that helmet, every guy that put on black and gold. I represent them. And I'm living a dream right now. To be in this position and to lead a team, to lead a team into a week like Nebraska, to lead a team into a place like Lincoln, I'm so privileged. I'm so blessed to have this opportunity."

Colorado travels to Nebraska this weekend.

Meanwhile, Vanderbilt head coach Robbie Caldwell admitted that he doesn’t know what the future holds.

“I sure don’t. I have no idea. I’m just going to keep working. I can’t control that. I’m trying to work on things I can control, but good question,” Caldwell said.

“I’ve enjoyed my time here at Vanderilt, but hopefully it won’t be. ... I understand that’s the life of a football coach in this day and time. I told you the story a few weeks ago. Jim Valvano came in with a lifetime contract and got fired. There’s nothing in stone as a coach. You live from one year to the next. You hope to go from there.”

Vanderbilt hosts Wake Forest this weekend.

Beer Truck

There really should be a FootballScoop beer truck.  Sponsors? 

If we had one, we'd drive it to the AFCA in January and pour beer all night long for these guys


At $41 million, Phil Knight and Oregon are officially not messing around

The University of Oregon has announced that construction on a new football-only operations facility will begin early next year.

A new release from the University of Oregon says the facility will be “unsurpassed in the country.”

The Register-Guard says, “The L-shaped, stand-alone, six-story structure, which will be ‘unsurpassed in the country’ will be entirely financed by donors Phil and Penny Knight. It will be constructed to the west and north of the Casanova Center, which has housed UO intercollegiate athletics offices for almost 20 years.”

The cost of the project is estimated at $41 million.

Here's the entire article on the new facility.

Pelini explains and apologizes, Mullen being Mullen, and more

Dan Mullen likes to talk: "Obviously since that game ('09 Egg Bowl) to now, we are the program that's on the rise. And we plan to keep it that way."

"There's probably not many people in Oxford, Mississippi that like me."


Bo Pelini apologizes, talks about sideline blow up: “I have total respect for Chancellor Perlman. We’re on the same page. The administration is behind me 100%. They know me and what I’m about. They made that known to me.”

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You hope that they look at what you’ve built up over time and know what you’re about. I bust my butt every day for this program. If I embarrassed anybody, I’m sorry. I didn’t do it intentionally.”

“My job isn’t to win football games, it’s to prepare our young men for the rest of their lives. That means accountability, discipline. I’m a very black and white, direct person. You don’t see our kids out there getting into trouble. They’re representing this program the right way.”

“Taylor and I have handled our issue. It was totally unrelated to the injury. I regret that it was on national TV. I usually do those things behind closed doors. I will say, the speculation that’s out there is totally off base. Taylor is fine. He’s frustrated with the injuries. We talked for 10 or 15 minutes after the game.He was excused from the team shakeout Sunday where players run around and work the kinks out. He couldn’t have run Sunday anyway.”


Iron Bowl Tickets: Only $394 each on StubHub if you need some.


Interesting quote from Steve Sarkisian: “From the first day I got here, so much was put on Jake Locker. This was Jake Locker’s team. Well, this is the Washington Huskies, and Jake Locker is a part of our team.”


Dantonio and Michigan State play for a championship on Saturday: "We played over at Penn State two years ago. It was our first time in that experience playing for a championship, and we didn't play very well. That experience should be invaluable over there."


Nevada coach Chris Ault on Boise State: "There’s nothing that I can say that the media hasn't said about how good this Boise team is."


Clemson defensive ends coach Chris Rumph on Da’Quan Bowers’ draft status: "It's hard to find too many degrees that pay $20 million 1st year out."


Rich Rod is an 18-point dog to Ohio State, but says he want to be 18-point favorite: "I want us to get to the point where we are 18-point favorites in every game."

Mack Brown: Our coaches were breaking down A&M at 2 am on Saturday night

Texas is 5-6 heading into Friday’s game against Texas A&M (8-3). 

During Monday's press conference, Mack Brown said, “Our coaches were around the office at 2 am on Saturday night breaking down A&M.” 

(Don't be that guy that's like, "Hey Mack, 2 am is actually Sunday morning.")

“We practiced yesterday, the day after a game, at a high tempo, which we’ve never done.  The guys are excited to play. This (today) will be Wednesday's practice.  These short weeks are very, very different when you look at preparation.”

“You can’t ever tell what’s going to happen on Saturday.  You see some teams play awful one week and awesome the next week.”

Texas enters with game ranked 116th in turnover margin.

Who would have ever thought the Longhorns would need to beat A&M to become bowl eligible?  Kick-off from Austin is set for 8 pm EST on ESPN.

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