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The Beer Truck

Each Tuesday during the season, we recognize several coaching staffs that we feel did outstanding jobs that week.  Over the past few weeks, we've been saying that somebody needs to buy the winning coaches a beer (we've even lobbied for some wonderful sponsor to provide FootballScoop with an actual beer truck and we promise to bring it fully loaded to the AFCA).  Even if we only get to use it for a few days, it would be cool and very well received and appreciated (note the continuing hints to all sponsors reading this). 

So, our friends at the moving company, Family Relo decided to do a class act.  They called up and said that one of their trucks was going to deliver us a couple of cases, "the least we can do" they said.  We were incredibly appreciative. 

Only problem is, the Family Relo truck showed up early and our crack research staff took a liking to the frosty beverages.  A moving company showing up early and with frosty beverages in hand (every man's dream)...amazing!

Game Changing Coaches for this week will be delayed by one day (while our guys shake the cobwebs out).  Look for the Week 13 installment Wednesday morning!

The guys at Family Relo prove time and again that they are the best moving company on the planet. 


Dan Mullen locker room speech: We're never losing to this team again

One of the reasons the people in Starkville, Mississippi enjoy head coach Dan Mullen is because Mississippi State is now 2-0 under Mullen against in-state rival Ole Miss. 

Mullen, who has refused to say “Ole Miss” since arriving in Starkville, refers to the Rebels as “The School Up North.”

After defeating the Rebels in Oxford by the score  of 31-23, Mullen announced to his team in his locker room speech, “We’re never losing to this team again.”

After winning just 5 games in 2009, Mississippi State finished 8-4 this season.

Here is Dan Mullen’s locker room speech:

Neuheisel: I'm going to work as hard as ever in my life

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel is a good football coach, but things have fallen into place just yet for the optimistic Neuheisel. 

On Saturday, UCLA will host USC, but the Bruins (4-7) are no longer in contention for a bowl game.

When asked if a bowl game is essential in 2011, Neuheisel responded, “We certainly want to be in post-season on a regular basis. I understand you’re trying that get me to say something that you can hold me to it.”

Neuheisel added, “My job is to do the very best we can with what we have and go out and contribute to build what we have as best I can through recruiting and I’m going to work as hard as I’ve ever worked in my life as I have since I’ve been back at UCLA to get the best and brightest players and so forth. Do we want to be post-season next year, absolutely, absolutely.”

Unfortunate injuries at quarterback and other key positions have riddled the Bruins over the past few years.  This year, UCLA ranks 112th in turnover margin and 101st in total offense.

Let’s hope Neuheisel puts it together next season.

Michigan AD tweets, Miami AD says "Whatever it takes."

Interesting tweet this morning from Michigan AD Dave Brandon: "Receiving much advice re: our FB program. Appreciate the passion & interest. Many thanks to @desmondhoward for his confidence & support."


Miami AD Kirby Hocutt says, “Whatever it takes” : “Simply stated, winning is important at the University of Miami -- always has been, always will be. At the U we expect to compete for championships and nothing less. We have a group of talented young men in this program, and our future is promising. To once again sit at the top of the college football world, Miami must be relevant in college football.

“We will not compromise on winning.''

“We'll do whatever it takes to get back to the top of the college football world.”


Frank Beamer compliments his coaching staff: “Where we started and where we finished, it’s remarkable. We were at a point where we were just trying to win the next game, but it just makes a statement about this team and this coaching staff.”

“We have a tight-knit group here and it’s been quite a year. The two losses make you appreciate the 10 wins even more.”

Tulsa head coach Todd Graham points out his program is “Co-West Division champions” : "I am really, really proud of this football team. I don't know if I've ever coached one that I feel better about."

 "You look at it and it's a Hail Mary pass (against ECU) and we'd be in championship. We had some missed field goals and a couple of dropped touchdowns (at SMU).

"I want to congratulate Coach (June) Jones. He's a class guy. I want to point out that we're the co-West Division champions and I don't want to make light of that ... we're 9-3 and going into a bowl game."

4 finalists for Offensive Coordinator of the Year

The finalists for the 2010 FootballScoop Offensive Coordinator of the Year award were released this morning.

See the four finalists, right here.

The FootballScoop Coaches of the Year awards presented by SpeedTracs are the only set of awards that recognize the most outstanding position coaches in college football.  Finalists are nominated by coaches, athletic directors, and athletic department personnel.   Although fan voting is tallied, the eventual winner is most heavily determined by his peers in the profession and a select committee of coaches.

Previous winners of the Offensive Coordinator of the Year award were presented to Kevin Wilson (Oklahoma, 2008) and Bryan Harsin (Boise State, 2009). 

Kiffin frustrated, Canales disappointed, Indiana AD Fred Glass explains

Lane Kiffin frustrated following 20-16 loss to Notre Dame: "We've probably set a record for the worst 2-minute defense, not just this year, but in the history of college football."

(on if 7 or 8 wins will be considered a good first season) "That's well below our standards. We're extremely disappointed. I don't know that very often you're sitting at 7-5 and would have the lead in 11 of 12 games in the second half. We need to build our roster up and play better and coach better."

"It's just a very difficult season to deal with. To be sitting here at 7-5 is not easy. We're in our first year here and we've got to do a better job coaching so that we can finish games off, so that we're sitting here (next year) with a different story."


Mike Canales disappointed he didn’t get the North Texas job, but proud of accomplishments as interim head coach at North Texas: "Of course I am disappointed. When you invest so much in the kids and the program and to have to surrender it, it is hard. But I can walk away with my head held high. The program is headed in the right direction because of what we did in the last five weeks. I want to thank the community, the university, the students and those who gave me this opportunity. It was a great honor to represent the university."

"I don't know what is next for me right now. I'm going to visit with Coach McCarney on Tuesday and talk about what he wants to do with his staff, but I also want to be a head coach. I will have to see if someone is looking for an enthusiastic, high energy coach."

"We really did some positive things here. I want the program to do well no matter what happens. We could still be part of the program in a week or two."


Indiana AD Fred Glass compliments Bill Lynch, says the cupboard is not bare: “Bill Lynch is often described as a `nice guy' and he absolutely is, but it is important to recognize he is much more than that," Glass observed. "People should know that Bill is also smart, talented, passionate, perceptive, committed to his players, a great teacher, and a very good football coach. That I have concluded we need a new coach at this point in time does not change any of that.”

"The cupboard is not bare. One of Bill's legacy's is he has left the kind of foundation that has not been left in previous transitions. Two recruiting classes ago, 18 of 18 of those kids are still in the program and all but one was redshirted. This past year we had a few more junior college guys, but 22 out of 25 are still in the program and 18 of 19 high school kids were redshirted. WE have a fantastic receiving corps and some great guys coming back on defense and Darius Willis coming back (from injury). So I think it is a job where you can step in and not look around and wonder where everybody went. We have some really talented players on the team.”

"It is crazy. The Big Ten Network is the best thing since sliced bread for Indiana University in particular as well as the Big Ten in general, because we take an equal share of the "booty" as it were. The $15 million we get is a lot more on our $52 million base than Ohio State's $15 million on their $110 million base. If you look around here, a lot of the things we have been able to do have been a result of the Big Ten Network. Candidly, the resources we are going to need to put into attracting the kind of coaching staff that we want will largely based on improving revenue streams from the Big Ten Network."

Bill Stewart tweets about retirement report

In between making phones and sending out our 64th text message of the day, we decided to take a look at the FootballScoop Twitter Center for a few minutes.

Coincidently, we noticed an important tweet from West Virginia head coach Bill Stewart.

Straight from the horse’s mouth…“Reports of my retirement are exaggerated ... I have no intention of walking away ... I am not focusing on retirement ... Focus is Rutgers.”

We’d say that pretty much clears things up.

Urban plan to rebuild: Tough-ass players and tough-ass coaches

Florida finished 7-5 and 62nd nationally in turnover margin.  In Urban Meyer’s previous six seasons as head coach at Florida, the Gators finished much higher than in turnover margin…24th nationally (2009), 2nd (2008), 32nd (2007), 37th (2006), and 3rd (2005). 

Following the 31-7 loss at Florida State, Meyer said, “I can assure you we are going to rebuild this thing and build it up the right way and do it right. Obviously we are down a little bit. I didn’t believe we would be that far down – but we are,” he said. How do you build up a program? I’ve done it a few times. You build it up with tough players, tough coaches, and you got to play better. You have to have a plan to win.”

“Obviously this is the first time…2010 is the first time in 10 years we did not follow a plan to win. You can’t turn the ball over.”

“Recruit our butt off is what we’re going to do – and that starts tonight. Coaches are all on the road tomorrow, so we’re going to recruit our butt off and build this thing back up. Obviously we’re down. We got to build this thing back up. [...] How do you rebuild it? Tough-ass players and tough-ass coaches.”

As far as coaching staff evaluations, Meyer stated, “I’m not ready to comment on that because I have not had the reflective moment. Usually I wait until after the recruiting season to do all that. I’m going to get real busy obviously.”

Would you like to be at Morning #1 of winter conditioning with the Gators?