Saban makes a decision about scrimmage statistics

Nick Saban is not, REPEATING, is not going to allow the media to create a perception of his top two quarterbacks.  A’ight? 

Saban has yet to decide on a starter between AJ McCarron and Phillip Sims. 

In order to keep the opinions and perceptions to an absolute minimum, Saban refused to allow scrimmage quarterback statistics available to the media. 

Saban said, “I wasn't even gonna give them to you so you didn't have to worry about it. Would you all be happy with that? Because sometimes the guys playing against the two's is a little bit different when playing against the one's and vice versa for everybody out there.” 

"So how a guy does relative to his leadership, his command, the opportunities that he had, what receivers he had in there, who he was playing against ... there's so many factors and variables." 

"I don't want to make this a public controversy. This is something that we're going to handle internally, we're going to handle it internally with the players. They're doing a great job of handling it and I don't think we need anyone to add to the confusion, of what we're managing relative to those two guys competing for this position, and they're doing a great job of it.”Bama opens the season in twenty days against Kent State.

Kevin Wilson evaluates the Indiana defense

Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson has been good for some sound bytes this week.  Early in the week, he went off on two radio hosts.

Today, Wilson shared great enthusiasm about the Hoosiers defense.  He admitted that there isn’t one group that is overwhelming great, but the progress has been outstanding.

Wilson said, “I don’t know if anybody is ahead, but the defense is doing really good.  I do think the defense, when you go everyday against the same look, you should really hone in and start to do well.”

“If you’re going to be really good defense, you need to see that.  I had a couple of really nice groups at Oklahoma that every time we went and scrimmaged, we (offense) wouldn’t score.  And then we would start playing and we would play really good, so I think it’s really good to them playing well.”

“They need to do better.  We’re not where we need to be.  And I don’t know really where they were, but they’re making progress.  And I like a lot of things from the second group.   I think we’re seeing some depth, seeing some guys playing faster because we’re in shape.  I think they’re understanding.   I think they’re gaining confidence, but I think it can be so much better, too.”

“Are we world beaters?  I don’t know, but I love our coaches and the kids do.  And they’re working together.  If you’re a really good defense, you’re a really good defense at the end of the year because they do it every week.”

Take a look at the Hoosiers mix it up in 3 on 3 Oklahoma drill.

Gundy: One of the best scrimmages in 7 years

Mike Gundy led Oklahoma State through a “thud” (no tackle to the ground) scrimmage on Saturday night.

Gundy said, “That was one of the best scrimmages we've had here in seven years. That was a lot of fun for me as a coach to see our guys compete. We had 160, maybe 170 plays when you count special teams.”

“I was really encouraged by both sides of the ball. I don't think we turned the ball over. We didn't give up too many big plays on defense. We had a lot of effort. Saw some young guys make some plays. I mean, it was just a lot of fun, being out there for 2 1/2 hours.”

Gundy is pleased with the defensive backs and went as far to say, “Since I’ve been here, it’s the most depth we’ve ever had in the back end.”

The Cowboys will host UL-Lafayette to start the season.  The road schedule includes at Tulsa, at Texas A&M, at Texas, at Missouri, at Texas Tech, and at Iowa State.

Todd Fitch believes USF offense is way ahead of last year

A year ago, quarterback B.J. Daniels completed 58% of passes with 11 TD / 13 INT.  The Bulls scored 24 ppg (85th nationally) and averaged 309 ypg (105th nationally.

Offensive coordinator / running backs coach Todd Fitch is looking forward to a much improved offense in 2011.  Following the first scrimmage of camp, Fitch said, “It was a lot better than last year, let’s put it that way.  We all came out with a daemon over our head from last year.”

“From the naked eye, it looked like they (quarterbacks) had pretty good command of whey they were doing.  No real dumb mistakes.  I was pleased with how they handled themselves.”  (It should be noted that Daniels sat out the scrimmage with a minor hamstring injury.)

“We made some plays down the field.”

“I think we’ll have a good run game.  We have some kids that can really run the ball.  Our line is jelling.”

“From here, we have to get more situational based.  Can we move the chains on third-down? (That was) one of our nemesis last year.”

The biggest negative to Fitch was too many pre-snap penalties.

South Florida opens the season in South Bend against Notre Dame.  The Bulls will then return home for three straight games against Ball State, FAMU, and UTEP.

Jimbo and Muschamp respond to Texas A&M speculation

Jimbo Fisher and Will Muschamp refuse to let the Texas A&M speculation be distracting. On Saturday, both coaches were asked multiple questions about A&M joining the SEC.

Fisher said, “I don’t know.  Can’t comment on what you don’t know.”

You don’t care what league you’re in?

“We’re getting ready for the fall.  We got an ACC schedule we gotta win.  We gotta a couple of big non-conference game we gotta win.  We got an ACC championship we gotta win.  That’s our focus and what I’m concentrating on.”

Could you see yourselves in the SEC?

“We’re in the ACC and happy to be in the ACC.”

Do you have any comment on A&M all but going to the SEC?

“I got enough problems worried about practice.  I ain’t got time to worry about Texas A&M.”

Muschamp was asked his thoughts on the A&M situation. In classic style, Muschamp said point blank, “I'm trying to get pass rush. I've been think about that a lot more than the Aggs, I can tell you that."

He added, "I could care less what the Aggies do, I can tell you that."

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