Auburn: All they do is win

In case you missed this one yesterday, Auburn just continues to find ways to win games.

Highlights are available in video below compliments of the worldwide leader.


In short, after a gritty come back effort, Mississippi State, down 7, was on the  1 1/2 yard line facing 2nd and goal with 10 seconds on the clock and no timeouts.  Dan Mullen said, "Chris made the call on the last play of the game.  We gave him two choices (pass or run). I put it in his hands and he made the right call. I like that. I like that confidence.  Chris said, 'I feel great about this run call.' It looked like he had it and the kid made a heck of an open-field tackle."

Auburn head coach Gene Chizik said, "We'd prefer to win football games a lot different than we are, but there's something to be said when you can fight down to the end when it doesn't look good and still win the game."

This is what football is all about

Throughout the day, we'll be filling the home page with videos and quotes from the coaches from all of the amazing finishes in college football yesterday.

What a day.  Michigan's win over Notre Dame...USC's win over Utah...Auburn holding on to beat Mississippi State...South Carolina over Georgia...Toledo coming, O so close against Ohio State...Texas squeaking by BYU...Iowa State besting Iowa in triple OT...North Carolina over Rutgers....Wake Forest beating NC State...Vandy coming back to beat UConn....Virginia winning at the end over Indiana....Cal over Colorado....Washington hanging on against Hawaii...........

And really, we could just go on and on...

College football, the best game in America.

Videos and quotes to come throughout the day...check back frequently!

Jerry Kill update

At the end of yesterday's game against New Mexico State, Minnesota head coach Jerry Kill dropped to the ground and experienced a seizure.

Last night the University announced that he was in stable condition at a local hospital and expected to make a full recovery.

Kill has had seizures before, and in 2005 was diagnosed with kidney cancer.  In 2005 Kill had a seizure towards the end of a game versus Illinois State.  Kill credits that seizure with the ultimate diagnosis of his cancer, which is now in remission.  Kill's words at the time, "I was unfortunate that I did go down in a game.  It was a situation where it was a seizure, but you know what, I don't really remember it. I didn't remember much at the time. But that's how I was diagnosed with cancer. I was able to get into remission. The good Lord works in mysterious ways. I'm fortunate and blessed. He must feel like I have some work to do. That's a good thing."

Coach Kill speaks openly about his health and has previously discussed it with his administration, the coaching staff and his players.  Senior safety Kim Royston had this to say last night, "Coach Kill made us aware that he does have this condition and that it's possible that it could happen," Royston said. "But the doctor told the team that he was stable. It really shows his fieriness and his will to compete. He's a fiery guy. We've got to represent him now."

We're all hopeful Kill is able to bounce back from this one quickly and that all is well with his health.

Sunday morning update> This morning, the University has provided further update that Coach Kill is resting and recovering comfortably at the hospital and is expected to recover fully. 

Sunday TV

Literally don't know how anything the NFL could offer today could come close to the finishes we saw yesterday in college football; but we'll be watching nonetheless. 

All times Eastern.


1PM and 4:15 regional broadcasts.

Cowboys at the Jets - 8:20PM - NBC


No live games; both ESPNU (9:30) and BTN (8pm) re-airing last night Notre Dame at Michigan game. 

High School:


Michigan's win over Notre Dame...Instant Classic

Honestly, we're not sure we've ever seen this before.  

Within 15 minutes of the end of the game, ESPN has announced that they will replay the game in it's entirety at 3:30AM on ESPN and at 9:30PM on ESPNU.

Literally, the final was so good that ESPN is re-airing it in 4 1/2 hours on the network. 

For those of you that just can't wait, here's a link to the game on ESPN3. 

Spoiler alert> For those that haven't seen it...3 TDs in the final minute twenty.  Michigan wins it on the last play 35-31.  

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