No TV Wednesday; but it's coming

No live action tonight; but keep breathing, it's coming.  Tomorrow night we get USC at Cal and in two short weeks we'll have Wednesday night football from the Big East. 

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Dooley: The magic pill doesn't exist

Video below of Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley after practice Tuesday. 

The first 1:35 seconds is worth your time (and truthfully, the rest ain't bad either).  

His comments in response to a question about how the new running backs look is great..."It's a daily grind, we get better and we get better and we get better. Everybody wants the quick fix, the magic pill that's going to make everything great. It doesn't exist. It doesn't exist in life, it doesn't exist when you want to lose weight, you got to work and that's it."


Luke Fickell now very confident at the mic

At today's presser, Ohio State head coach Luke Fickell appeared very relaxed and confident. 

Ohio State isn't playing as well as they'd like; but considering the extremely challenging circumstances, we feel Fickell is doing a pretty good job. 

If you know Fick, jump forward in this video to the 1:45 mark and listen to the [ridiculous] question from a reporter and then enjoy his response. Classic.


Spurrier shuts down a reporter

1pm Update> South Carolina has just released that they have dismissed quarterback Stephen Garcia from the team.

Original article:

Coaches, this video is worth 2 minutes of your time.

Steve Spurrier "disassociating" himself from a local reporter.  "I don't have to talk while he's in the room and I don't have to talk to him. It's my right."

Spurrier says that this is only the 2nd time he's had to do this in 26 years and he's doing it because Spurrier says the guy is not truthful about the program.


Texas Tech and A&M officially no longer friends

Tech and A&M won't be "hangin' out at the mall together" anymore. On and off the field issues arose this weekend and they don't seem to have dissipated just yet.

First, off the field...

It was widely reported before their game on Saturday that A&M's team busses had been vandalized. There were rumors that the buses had been painted and that an odorous brown substance had been thrown on and inside the buses. 

Most presumed that while some portion of that might be true, some of that has to have been blown out of proportion by the media.

Then Texas A&M athletic director took to twitter to (ahem) clear the air:

Someone vandalized our buses in Lubbock. Excrement inside and outside of buses plus spray painted vulgarities on outside. Classy.

Texas Tech responded with a press release:

Many of you are aware of a tweet from a Texas A&M official that their team buses were spray painted and animal feces were spread inside of the buses early Saturday morning.  The clear implication of the tweet was that this was the responsibility of Texas Tech fans or students. Texas Tech has conducted an investigation regarding this allegation, and has discovered the following:

  • The buses were not spray painted. Instead, washable shoe polish was used on the windows of one of the buses.
  • No feces were found either in or on the buses.  Fish bait was dropped onto the floor of one of the buses.
  • The alleged “vandalism” was cleaned by the bus drivers and Holiday Inn staff before it was seen by the A&M official who tweeted the information.

While incidents such as the ones alleged are inappropriate and strongly condemned by Texas Tech, it is no less wrong to condemn the entirety of our university, students and supporters by posting inaccurate information on the internet for the purpose of sensationalizing the actions of one or a very few. We are disturbed by the careless use of social media to share these inaccuracies.

So, shoe polish, not spray paint and fish bait, not excrement. Much better. Thanks for clearing that up Tech. 

Now, on the field...

After their 45-40 loss to A&M Saturday, head coach Tommy Tuberville seemed to insinuate that A&M defenders were taking dives to slow down Tech's offense, “That was kind of interesting. They’d go down and come back the next play. But I guess that’s football.”

Tech’s offensive coordinator, Neal Brown, added, “It was kind of ironic how they would have these bad injuries and then they would be back two plays later.”

Yesterday, A&M defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter responded, “I take offense. We never teach that.”

He added that if Tech wanted to “use that as an excuse then go ahead.”

Ought to be fun on the recruiting trails in Texas over the next few months. 

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