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Interesting strategy by Gary Pinkel

Friday night's game between Missouri and Arizona State was entertaining.  ASU wound up winning 37-30 in OT after Mizzou's kicker (Grant Ressel) missed from 48 at the end of regulation.

With 17 seconds remaining in regulation and with his kicker lined up to try to win it from 48, Gary Pinkel called a timeout as the play clock ran down.  Then, with everyone lined up again...the clock ticked down again and then Pinkel called another timeout.  Unfortunately for Pinkel, his kicker wound up missing the kick...and they lost in OT.

So, why the two timeouts?  Well, we have now learned.  Pinkel noticed the winds were gusting and 48 is just about the end of his kicker's reliable range (he had hit from 47 earlier; but missed from 54).  Pinkel noted that the ASU defense was jumpy and he thought they were trying to time a big push up the middle.  Pinkel instructed his holder and center to try to get the defense to jump, thinking another 5 yards would have made a difference on the kick.  

Interesting strategy.  If the ASU defense had in fact jumped (and the kicker then makes the kick), Pinkel's decision would have become legendary.  


Larry Porter: We're exploring options

Memphis has opened the season with 2 tough losses (59-14 vs. Miss. State and 47-3 at Arkansas State).

This morning at his press conference, head coach Larry Porter came out and said they are "exploring options as it pertains to staff changes.  At this point there aren't any."

Porter went on to stress that there would be "definite schematic changes on defense".  

The Tigers, who are currently #118 in scoring defense, have Austin Peay this weekend, then they face a string of SMU, Middle Tennessee, Rice and East Carolina.  

AD: Michigan players can keep their jerseys

This morning Michigan AD Dave Brandon announced that the players would be allowed to keep their "legacy" jerseys worn in Saturday night's win over Notre Dame.

Several players, including Denard Robinson on ESPN's set after the game, had requested to keep the jerseys.

Brandon had initially hesitated; but upon seeking compliance's guidance...(anyone else tired of having to do that?)...decided this was permissible...


Big East doesn't travel well to USC

Doug Marrone spoke this morning about his squad travelling to play at USC brought up the question about the last time a Big East team won at USC...

Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

In 1957 Pitt won at USC 20-14.

Our staff has not yet been able to locate film on this one; but we'll keep looking...

Auburn DC Ted Roof talks about creating depth

Auburn's defense has played a lot of football in two games.  Through week 2, Auburn's defense is averaging being on the field over 90 plays a game.

Two wins though.  

Ted Roof spoke with a number of reporters yesterday and was asked about playing "2s and 3s" early in the game.  Roof's response that that:

You've got to see big picture...some of those situations we've got to be careful about how we pick and choose where we insert guys but we started off the season saying this was going to be defense by committee and we've stuck to our guns with that...at some point that development of depth is going to pay off...especially in this league....at some point towards the end of the season, you hope everyone stays healthy; but if they don't your not putting a guy in there that hasn't played before.

Full interview below



Want to become a head coach?

Aspire to be a head coach someday?  If you are an offensive coordinator, we might suggest finding an opening somewhere other than in the Big Ten.  

We caught this on Twitter last night.  

In the last 25 years, the only two sitting Big Ten offensive coordinators to become a head coach are Bill Snyder and Don Treadwell.

Snyder was the offensive coordinator at Iowa under Hayden Fry before being hired at Kansas State prior to the 1989 season and Treadwell was hired this past off-season at Miami (OH) after serving under Mark Dantonio at Michigan State. 

Monday TV

Sunday games were OK; but goodness Saturday was great.  Tonight we get 2 for the price of 1.

All times Eastern.


New England at Miami - 7PM - ESPN

Oakland at Denver - 10:15 - ESPN



High School:


Brian Kelly: We have to win some football games

Yesterday, Brian Kelly sat down to review the Michigan tape and to do an interview.

At the end of the interview, he is asked, "What are you sensing from your team...in terms of what their focus will be like this week?"

Kelly's answer:

They better get themselves ready to go on Tuesday.  We have to win some football games.  If they're going to feel sorry for themselves, if they're going to have self-pity, they are in the wrong sport  They should go play bridge.  We're playing football.  I expect our guys back on Tuesday.  Our coaches are committed to getting better and our players need to be committed to getting better everyday.  

We have a chance to be a good football team and that chance is clearly the little things on Saturday...cause they are doing the right things leading up to it...now we just need to put it together on Saturdays.