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Is it important to win pretty..."No"

We took the time to listen to Lane Kiffin's presser from yesterday.  He made a few great points in here.

First, at the very end of the press conference a reporter asks Coach Kiffin if it's important to "win pretty after two ugly wins" this week vs. Syracuse.  Kiffin, "No.  It's important to win and it's important for the team to improve." 

Kiffin was also asked about special teams coordinator John Baxter's decision to play starting left tackle Matt Kalil on field goal block (yes, he got the block to save the game vs. Utah).  Kiffin's response, "best special teams coach in the country."  

Reporter stated that the punts this far haven't been pretty...Kiffin, "you have to look at the whole thing, we also haven't given up a single punt return yard the entire year...we're angling them...the punt may only go 34 or 35 yards; but since there is no return so that's a lot better than when you kick it 50 and they return it 20..."

For what it's worth, Houston is currently leading the nation with a 50.8 net yard / punt (including opponents returning 3 punts for -5 yards).  Tip of the cap to special teams coordinator Tony Levine. 


More new Nike Unis: LSU, Stanford, Army, Navy, Michigan State, Ohio State

Nike unleased another set of their "Pro Combat" series uniforms today.  

Pics are below.  


Bobby Bowden: I had prostate cancer surgery 4 years ago

This morning, Bobby Bowden is announcing that four years ago he had surgery for prostate cancer but didn't disclose it to anyone other than his family.

Bowden is going public this morning in conjunction with his role as a compensated spokesman for On The Line, a national prostate cancer education initiative.

In making the announcement, Bowden states that he didn't tell anyone about his diagnosis or the surgery for fear that it would impact recruiting.  "What I knew was something like that happens to a coach and your opponents find out about it, the first thing they say is 'Don't go to Florida State, Coach Bowden is about to die'."  

"If I knew then what I know now, I would have considered it my moral duty to bring it out in the open.  I thought it was the right thing to do then, but that's not the message now." 

Bowden says he is now cancer free, thanks to the fine work of Dr. Joe Camps.  Camps, who played for Bowden, admitted Bowden to the hospital (under a fictitious name) at midnight to keep the secret.  The surgery took less than an hour, after which Bowden was brought to a secure part of the hospital for recovery.  He was discharged by 5AM.  

No TV Tuesday

Unfortunately, the gods have decided that there will be no live football on TV tonight.

For those looking for a fix, we might suggest watching Tom Brady's effort from Monday Night Football.  

32-48, 517 yards, 4 TDs, 1 freak pic; but truly an impressive, command performance of his offense.  

Jerry Kill update

Team doctor Pat Smith updated Coach Kill's status a few minutes ago.  

Smith said that he anticipates Kill making a full recovery and has a gut feeling that Coach will be back on the sidelines for this Saturday's game.  

Smith added that Kill is anxious to get back to coaching and that Smith believes Kill will be released from the hospital sooner rather than later.

Smith stated that Kill's condition is a "benign seizure disorder" that many people have and live normal lives with.  

Scoring offense

Just taking a look at the national leaders in scoring offense...

A lot of teams up top as expected...#2 - #10 in the nation are:  Georgia Tech, Arkansas, South Carolina, Stanford, Baylor, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Florida State, Oregon.  

But, #1 is ....  Washington State!  Same team that scored a total of 144 points in all of 2009 has scored 123 in it's first two games this season.  The Cougars put up 64 against Idaho State and 59 versus UNLV.  Credit Paul Wulff and offensive coordinator Todd Sturdy for sticking with their plan.  

The opposing defenses are about to get a little tougher for the Cougars though.  This weekend they travel to San Diego State before opening up the Pac 12 portion of their schedule at Colorado and at UCLA.  



Interesting strategy by Gary Pinkel

Friday night's game between Missouri and Arizona State was entertaining.  ASU wound up winning 37-30 in OT after Mizzou's kicker (Grant Ressel) missed from 48 at the end of regulation.

With 17 seconds remaining in regulation and with his kicker lined up to try to win it from 48, Gary Pinkel called a timeout as the play clock ran down.  Then, with everyone lined up again...the clock ticked down again and then Pinkel called another timeout.  Unfortunately for Pinkel, his kicker wound up missing the kick...and they lost in OT.

So, why the two timeouts?  Well, we have now learned.  Pinkel noticed the winds were gusting and 48 is just about the end of his kicker's reliable range (he had hit from 47 earlier; but missed from 54).  Pinkel noted that the ASU defense was jumpy and he thought they were trying to time a big push up the middle.  Pinkel instructed his holder and center to try to get the defense to jump, thinking another 5 yards would have made a difference on the kick.  

Interesting strategy.  If the ASU defense had in fact jumped (and the kicker then makes the kick), Pinkel's decision would have become legendary.  


Larry Porter: We're exploring options

Memphis has opened the season with 2 tough losses (59-14 vs. Miss. State and 47-3 at Arkansas State).

This morning at his press conference, head coach Larry Porter came out and said they are "exploring options as it pertains to staff changes.  At this point there aren't any."

Porter went on to stress that there would be "definite schematic changes on defense".  

The Tigers, who are currently #118 in scoring defense, have Austin Peay this weekend, then they face a string of SMU, Middle Tennessee, Rice and East Carolina.