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Best video you'll see all week
Arkansas has new uniforms

Special locker room talk

After their come from behind win Saturday at Texas A&M, Mike Gundy gave his team a special talk in the locker room.

The first 2 or 3 minutes of the video are fairly bland (game ends, players on the field, players and coaches walking into the locker room, etc...).  At the 3:30 mark Gundy has one of those "I hope the cameras weren't rolling on that part" moments which you really should see.

But, the really special part comes in the last two minutes of the video as Coach Gundy commends his players and coaches on how the fought back and won in a difficult environment and then later when he shares a moment with Coach Spencer who lost his wife one week ago and uses that as a teaching moment for the team.


UMass announces it's 2012 FBS non-conf. schedule

UMass is moving up next season to FBS.  Today they announced their 2012 non-conference schedule.

Note that in 2012 they will play a full MAC schedule and will be eligible for the MAC championship game and bowls beginning with the 2013 season. 

In both 2012 and 2013 UMass will play it's home games at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough. 

Indiana (September 8th) will be the lone non-conference home game for UMass in the 2012 season.  

On the road, they will face UConn (August 30th), Michigan (September 15th) and Vanderbilt (October 27th).

Art Kehoe at the mic (they should charge for this)

Art Kehoe loves what he does.  

Find a couple of minutes and watch how he responds to the questions from the reporters after practice this morning.

On a side note, watching Kehoe stand there in the rain and never miss a beat while the reporters all take cover under their umbrellas had us envisioning him as a Major in the Army giving a field report after a hard fought battle.  Our country needs more men like Kehoe. 


A&M coaches have some advice for Big 12 coaches

No, this has nothing to do with the SEC (although we did hear that the pep rally A&M had last night welcoming itself into the SEC was rather odd).

This is about the speed with which Oklahoma State plays.

A&M had Oklahoma State down 20-3 at halftime Saturday night; but then came the third quarter.  In the third quarter alone, Oklahoma State scored 21 points, had the ball for nearly 11 minutes and ran 37 offensive plays (and they would have had a 4th touchdown if Justin Blackmon had held onto the ball...see video below).

During that third quarter Aggie defenders experienced a number of cramps.  Mike Sherman said, "I can't say we hydrated properly in hindsight, but we didn't anticipate 37 snaps (on defense) in the third quarter. You're going to cramp on a 95-degree day when you play that much....Our guys were looking to the sideline and then trying to get lined up, and OSU was already throwing the screen to the other side of the field.  You can't run those kinds of screens in the NFL because the receivers will just get blown up. But (OSU) did a good job. They nickel-and-dimed us with that and changed the tempo."

Defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter added that they have already implemented some changes since the game, "We now have a better and simpler system for communicating to the players.  It's difficult to defend when players are looking for a call, and a pass is to the other side."

Message - Prepare your defense to play against an offense that likes to move at a quick tempo...and you better hydrate because you might be seeing a lot of plays coming at you. Editor's note> We're not sure this is news to anyone; but once you experience the speed yourself it's hard not to talk about it.

Video of Blackmon inexplicably dropping the ball while walking in for a touchdown...video of the coaches in booth at the very end.  



New Mexico AD explains his thinking re: Locksley

Video from the press conference is below.  

If you jump to the 5:30 mark you'll hear athletic director Paul Krebs explain exactly how he remembers this playing out. Phone call by phone call, meeting by meeting.


DC catching a punt tears his quad

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive coordinator Mel Tucker tore his quad while attempting to catch a punt after practice recently.

We hear the injury occurred after Jack Del Rio encouraged Tucker and offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter to try to catch a punt shot out of a Jugs machine at the end of practice.  

Tucker is expected to have surgery later this week.

1st win in 29 tries, 1st home win since 2004

FootballScoop would like to pass along our congratulations to coach Elvin James, his staff and the team at D-II Livingstone College.  On Saturday, the Blue Bears got a double OT win over Virginia University of Lynchburg breaking a 28 game losing streak.  

The 28 game streak was the third longest active losing streak (D-II Lock Haven 35 games, and D-III Olivet 30 games).

Further, the win was Livingstone's first at home since 2004.  

We wish we had video to bring you because the win didn't come easy.  Livingstone had a field goal opportunity to win the game in regulation; but missed. Then in the first overtime, Lynchburg was driving; but the Blue Bears intercepted a pass in the end zone.  Then, facing a 3rd down, James called a quarterback sneak to get the ball positioned for a game winning field goal...but they fumbled and Lynchburg picked it up and raced towards the end zone...only to be dragged down from behind around the 20.  Finally, in the 2nd OT, Livingstone makes it's field goal and Lynchburg misses their attempt and the Blue Bears got the much needed breakthrough victory.

This was coach James' first victory as head coach (he was hired before the 2010 season). 

Congratulations to the full staff:

Elvin James - Head Coach

John Thomas - Offensive coordinator / Quarterbacks 

Malcolm Nelson - Running Backs

Reginal Smith - Wide Receivers

Greg Richardson - Defensive Coordinator

Gilbert Wiggins - Linebackers

Rodney Hughey - Defensive Backs

We knew every play they were going to run

2PM Update> Bob Toledo addressed the issue below today in his presser...stating that they came out in "3 new formations" and that the play calling "had nothing to do with" the loss..."We just didn't play good."

Original Article: 

Duke beat up on Tulane this past weekend 48-27 in a game that actually wasn't as close as that score sounds.  The score was 45-13 heading into the 4th quarter.

Was saw an article in which Duke safety Matt Daniels gave a lot of love to the Blue Devils coaching staff. Regarding Tulane's offense, Daniels said, "We knew them [Tulane's schemes and tendencies] like the back of our hands. We knew which routes they were going to run based on their alignment, their formation, what personnel was in."

Further, Tulane was only able to amass 55 yards rushing in the game. 

Something tells us that Bob Toledo and crew will do some self-scouting this week and pull out some new stuff this weekend.

Tulane travels to play at Army this weekend while Duke goes on the road against FIU.