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Larry Fedora introduced at UNC

The UNC Board of Trustees unanimously approved the Tar Heels choice in Larry Fedora to take the reigns of the UNC football program.

Fedora got off to a great start when he took the podium as he introduced his wife and kids and told everyone to take a look at his wife as proof that he can "recruit". Fedora won a lot of the audience over with his overall approach and undeniable passion throughout the presser. 

Take a look at the video below for Fedora's comments in their entirety. 

Video: Tulane's proposed stadium

Yesterday, Tulane announced plans to build a new football stadium to be completed in the fall of 2014.

The stadium will seat 30,000 people and cost around $60 million, with $40 million already committed. 

The video below is a virtual tour of what the stadium will look like upon completion.

Behind the scenes video: Hugh Freeze day one

Ole Miss just released this behind the scenes look at Hugh Freeze's first day at Ole Miss. To get the video to play, you have to go two levels beneath the player and click on the icon for "The Season...Ole Miss Football".

Win the day.

Toledo coach implies Illinois is a dead-end job

Toledo's director of track and field and cross country, Kevin Hadsell, took to twitter this morning to issue a personal statement on Tim Beckman's decision to leave Toledo for the head coaching job at Illinois.

At 8:23 this morning @Rocketcoach70 said "Beck: Trust me, you are better than Illinois. I almost left for SEC. I stayed & we can be Top-15 next year. Keep rolling! Finish this!"

To top it off, he tweeted again six minutes later saying "You couldn't pay me enough $ to take certain jobs in big conferences. Some schools are dead-end jobs in some sports. Think two moves ahead."

Toledo, control your track coach. 

9:30 Update> He's at it again...he has now tweeted, "To be clear on my tweets. I have the utmost respect for Beck. I think he's a great coach and is better than Illinois."

Toledo, you have a problem on your hands. 

1:40 pm Update> Please take a moment to read the comment below from Coach Hadsell. People that know him have let us know that he is a good man and good coach. As you will see by his heart felt comments below that he had no intention of besmirching Illinois. Cut him some slack. Lesson for all of us...Twitter is real-time and it's growing. You tweet something and a friend retweets it...and suddenly (and within seconds) your message is spread far further than you ever intended (and possibly misconstrued as well).

The "Interim" Bowl

Illinois interim head coach Vic Koenning spoke with the media yesterday after practice. Koenning spoke for a while about getting his players ready to play against UCLA's pistol offense. Vic also smiled and said that even the coaches are referring to this game as the "interim bowl", as a lot of the media have already tabbed it.

Koenning said that he is trying to take on as much responsibility as possible so that other coaches can take all the time they need to go out and find jobs, and he shifts his focus to that as well from about 8pm until he falls asleep.

New head coach Tim Beckman will officially be announced today.

The Penn State Search

Well, here's the man (interim AD Dave Joyner) speaking about the search.

He gives his thoughts on the qualities that he's looking for him the next head coach, gives a timeline (next 30 days), says that he hasn't (and doesn't plan to) spoken with Joe Paterno about the search, doesn't go into specific names; but says they have a list, shares his thoughts on dollars, etc...

Memphis introduces Justin Fuente

The University of Memphis welcomed Justin Fuente to campus as the new head coach of the Tigers earlier today.

At one point, Fuente won the media over by saying that he has seen success at programs that don't necessarily "carry the biggest stick" and is going to use a similar blueprint for the Memphis program moving forward.

Fuente described the past 24 hours as exhilarating, even saying that after returning to Fort Worth, he put his interview materials away in a file and said "Well, that was fun..." and went into the office early to write thank you notes to the committee for the opportunity and he got the call later in the day. 

Those thank you notes are currently in the mail.

Video is quite entertaining, and definitely worth a watch.

The June Jones Saga

Friday AM Update>

After what transpired over the past few days, one might think "on advice of counsel" coach Jones would lay low, perhaps in the Dallas area, for a few days. Do some'crootin, or maybe some bowl game prep, you know stuff like that...and honestly maybe he is, we didn't check last night. But for some unknown reason his agent continues to push the ASU thing. At 11:17 central time last night, Leigh Steinberg tweeted "June Jones to ASU would excite recruits" and gave this link to his blog which contains contents from an article an ESPN recruiting blogger wrote on Wednesday (when it was expected Jones would get the job). The ESPN recruiting blogger wrote that he had checked in with two recruits (receivers) and both were intrigued by the possibility of playing for coach Jones at ASU (one had already committed, the other was on the fence). 

We're sure there's a perfectly logical reason for Steinberg to continue to push this issue and we're also looking forward the fun emails we'll receive from our viewers on this topic. 

Have a nice day.

Original post

For weeks, we had been hearing that the ASU job was June Jones'. Multiple sources, repeatedly telling us, June was going to get that job. Seemed like a fait accompli. 

Then things went boom yesterday. 

In a bizarre string of events, according to his agent Leigh Steinberg, ASU had made the offer, Jones had agreed on all material items and the attorneys were making a "few minor tweaks"...and then the offer was suddenly pulled. 

After it all went down, Steinberg posted to his blog...and you've got to see it yourself to believe how it all went down. Strange how it happened, even stranger that Steinberg blogged about it. 

The word was put out that the issue was Jones' buyout at SMU; but we have been told there other non-contract related issues involved as well. 

Jones just released the following statement, "In the past week, multiple schools have contacted me about their vacant head coaching positions. I didn't seek them out, but I did listen. I was open & honest with the SMU administration throughout process and am appreciative of their understanding."

Jones went on to say that he is happy with the progress that they have made during his time at SMU, and he remains committed to the Mustangs as they move forward in their return to national prominence.

Sources tell us that at his meeting with the team this morning, Jones reportedly told the players that he had "a spiritual revelation" and that God wanted him at SMU. 

Well then...