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Military style workouts at Toledo

A few weeks ago, we showed you footage of Toledo's MMA like cage...come to find out, that's just the tip of the iceberg of the combat drills.

Taking a look at their newest winter workout video, its evident that new head coach Matt Campbell and the staff are putting an emphasis on competitive-combative (and very physical) head to head type drills.

Keeping with the military like theme, there's some good footage of players army crawling through a sand pit to a medicine ball at about the 45 second mark.

Video: How bad do you want to win?

McNeese pulled together the video below to show their guys the dedication it takes to succeed.  

Do you want to win as bad as you want to breathe?

Recruiting Video: LA Tech

Sonny Dykes and Louisiana Tech finished the season WAC champs at 8-5, with four of their five losses coming by seven points or less.

The video that they put together highlighting this past season has a little bit of everything. The usual big plays, big hits, great catches, even a 66 yard punt from their Ray Guy award winning punter...and a clip of the mascot doing the infamous "Bernie" dance (around the 2:30 mark).

Very well put together. It's evident that Sonny Dykes and the rest of the staff have something special down in Ruston.

Another excellent D-III video

The Tommies (St. Thomas - MN) had an excellent season in 2011 going 13-0 before losing to Whitewater in the national semis. 

This morning, they were nice enough to send over a link to a highlight / recruiting style video they created to commemorate their 2011 season. 

The video features a one minute lead in, then about 9 minutes of highlights from the season and then a nice 1 minute close out. Well produced.

QB drills at Ohio State with Tom Herman

Some really good video here from Ohio State quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator Tom Herman.

Herman takes you through some of their quarterback drills, complete with coaching points.

New kickoff rules going to cause more injuries?

In theory, the new rule changes on kickoffs for next season have been done with safety in mind. Colorado head coach Jon Embree believes that the new touchback rule (moving touchbacks from the 20 yard line out to the 25) may have the opposite effect.

Embree believes that if you have a kicker that can put it on the 7 yard line consistently, and the returner mishandles it, your going to have some dangerous collisions.

Embree weighed in on the change by saying, "I think you high pooch it and cover it, what I think will happen is if you get effective at that, you're putting the other team even more at risk than what the rule intended because unless he fair catches it, he can really take a shot because everyone is closer obviously." 

It also changes the dynamic of a returner, Embree says. " The returner has to have good judgment and a good feel. You're never used to fair catching kickoffs, even though that is something you can do. There are a lot of timing issues that go into a kickoff return that now you're going to have to figure out as a return guy."

FootballScoop Pac-12 Tour

Next week we're headed west! Yes, The Scoop will be visiting nearly every Pac-12 program over the next two weeks.

The journey begins in Seattle at the University of Washington and from there we head south. We'll conclude the trip ten days later at the University of Arizona. 

More than anything else, the purpose of this trip is simply to spend more time with the coaches and to see and hear what each is up to this Spring. 

Invariably, after spending 10 days with 10 staffs we'll have a couple of stories to share. We'll have daily updates for you throughout the trip on the site. Yes, we'll take some pictures and capture some video as well. 

Another great way to follow along on this trip and to interact with us is to follow us on Twitter @FootballScoop. Comments and suggestions are welcomed. 


Great video from The U

Al Golden and the Hurricans released a great video this morning highlighting the offseason events starting with the first team meeting after the last game of the season.

The video is a bit long, but you'll want to watch the whole thing...a ton of great coaching content.