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Arkansas has new uniforms

Video: To be a Midshipman

It's difficult to imagine what it would be like to be in the service and play college football, but the most recent video from Navy gives us a good glimpse inside of that world.

Video is long but very well put together, and is matched up with some very appropriate music.

FootballScoop's Pac-12 Tour (Update)

On Monday, part of the FootballScoop Staff is headed to Seattle to begin the 2012 Pac-12 Tour...and we're very happy to announce that Overtime Software is sponsoring this ten day event. 

Let me quickly tell everyone what you need to know about Overtime Software ("OT"). We first heard about OT from the coaches at LSU about a year ago. We heard things like, "What these guys are doing for us on the iPad gives us an advantage. No one else has this stuff." and "Seriously, these guys are geniuses." We asked OT to demo their iPad apps for us and we too were immediately blown away. OT has a unique new player assessment tool that is changing the way scouting is done at the college and professional levels.

Although the company itself is nearly ten years old, they have only been working in the football space for about two years; but have quickly become LSU Football's vendor of choice and have since added several additional SEC and ACC clients. 

Having Mike Thrower, the President of OT, join us on this tour will give all of the Pac-12 programs an opportunity to see for themselves what OT could do for their programs.  

A couple of items of interest about the tour...

First, we nearly changed the name because once we announced the tour, several other programs out West invited us to stop in or to join them for a bite or a beverage. Much obliged and stops will be made. Might even make an NFL visit or two...stay tuned to the site for frequent updates over the next two weeks. We start in Seattle on Monday and work our way south ending in Tucson nearly two weeks later. Can you imagine what the rental car is going to look like when we return it? 

The primary goal of the tour is simply to develop deeper relations with the staffs at each program and while we're there we'll tour the facilities and enjoy some of the local atmosphere. Some of the staffs we'll be visiting with have said "we've already got reservations at coach's favorite restaurant"...others have said, "join us at the training table". Both sound great and we can't wait to get there. 

For more information about Overtime Software please visit www.OTScout.com

Follow @FootballScoop on Twitter for all of the latest updates

Video: Walk on tryouts at Houston

Houston conducted walk on tryouts yesterday at 7am for players hoping to earn a roster spot.

The Cougars have had a strong walk on tradition as of recent. Former walk on Patrick Edwards put up some gaudy numbers last season, hauling in 89 catches (15th nationally) for 1,752 yards (2nd nationally) and 20 touchdowns (1st nationally).

Defensive graduate assistant Matt Nicholson helped lead some of the drills and weighed in on the types of things that they're looking for.

Late for a meeting, "no soup for you"

OK so really, it's "no steak for you"; but...

Tim Beckman has instituted a rule called "Illini time" where players are required to be 10 minutes early for all team events and classes.

To stress the importance of the small details, like "Illini time", Beckman and the staff have instituted a club called "All-in-One" where players and coaches who qualify receive a gourmet meal during quarterly banquets. The first meal of the year was steak and eggs, and homemade cinnamon buns.

Those who did not qualify had porridge. 21 players and 4 coaches ended up qualifying for for the steak and eggs, Beckman explained that he was not one of them.

"I missed a meeting, I was down in Naples, Fla., speaking to the alumni.’’ he pointed out.

OU linebacker drills with Tim Kish

The camera followed new Oklahoma linebackers coach Tim Kish during a recent spring practice and got some drill footage.

Only two minutes long, but theres some quality drill footage using agile bags below.

James Franklin on "helicopter recruiting"

James Franklin has definitely been creative in landing arguably one of the best recruiting classes in Vandy football history, and one thing that sets him apart is his willingness to get creative, and hating to sit in traffic.

When recruiting the Atlanta area this past season, Franklin was able to hit two highly touted high school games to see recruits play by taking a helicopter and hopping from game to game. 

“For us, it was more about trying to get as much work done in a limited amount of time, I’ve done this at other schools I’ve coached at. For us to go to two high-profile games in the Atlanta area with traffic and things like that, it makes it difficult to do. So the helicopter afforded us the opportunity to go ahead and do that.” Franklin said.

Franklin was able to see half of one high profile game, and hop in the chopper to catch half of the other game.

"Without a helicopter, it’s hard to do something like that. That was the main reason for us to do that. It was for me to be able to maximize my time and see as many prospects as I could possibly could.” he added.



Military style workouts at Toledo

A few weeks ago, we showed you footage of Toledo's MMA like cage...come to find out, that's just the tip of the iceberg of the combat drills.

Taking a look at their newest winter workout video, its evident that new head coach Matt Campbell and the staff are putting an emphasis on competitive-combative (and very physical) head to head type drills.

Keeping with the military like theme, there's some good footage of players army crawling through a sand pit to a medicine ball at about the 45 second mark.

Video: How bad do you want to win?

McNeese pulled together the video below to show their guys the dedication it takes to succeed.  

Do you want to win as bad as you want to breathe?