Take a look at LSU's season hype video

LSU's season hype video "Back to Life" opens up with a few quotes from Les followed by some highlights from camp (including plenty of highlights from their "Big Cat" drill) and last season.

As always, very well done and well produced.

Inside Scoop: The making of a "Behind the Scenes" success

When done properly, a "Behind the Scenes" video offers thousands of fans (and potential recruits) an opportunity to learn a huge amount about the coaches, support staff, players and facilities that are your program. 

Over the last three years we've noticed that nearly every new coaching staff has adopted a video strategy focusing either on prepared videos or behind the scenes videos featuring their players and / or their staff. Fans, alumni, boosters...and prospective student athletes love these videos and we fully believe that we will see more of these in the future. 

One staff that really grasped this concept was Frank Solich's staff up at Ohio University. Ohio has averaged nine wins over the last three seasons and the program is in great shape and still on the rise. They have improved their facilities and are breaking ground on a new indoor facility within months and will renovate the locker room after this season. Solich and his staff recognized that doing a professionally produced "behind the scenes" series chronically their season would be a great way to spread the word and the vision about the program. "Relentless" which chronicled Ohio's 2011 series turned out to be a critically acclaimed, award winning series that we featured on this site frequently. This is one of the best produced videos of it's kind that we've seen.

We asked Jason Grooms, assistant athletic director for football operations at Ohio University, to come on to tell us how Ohio executed their plan with regards to Relentless. Listen to Grooms explain the investment (which honestly was less in terms of $ than we expected) and the return they have seen (huge for the program). He also discusses how the staff got over the initial apprehension about having coaches and players mic'd up. Good stuff that we can all learn from.

With the success that Ohio's "Relentless" has had, along with that of HBO's Hard Knocks, it's hard to imagine that more programs won't be creating and producing their own series in future years. We commend Ohio for having the foresight and making the investment and the commitment to doing this the right way.

Below is Episode 1 of Season 2 of "Relentless" which was released earlier this week. Great stuff!


"At 10,000 reps, it becomes instinctive"

As defensive line coach Steve Stripling reps his guys through drills during camp, he has the number 10,000 in mind, especially for the younger guys.

"When you're in camp the main goal is to be productive, meaning that you want the kids to understand what you're doing and why you're doing it and get to the point where your building habits and it becomes instinctive."

"Repetition, we talk about in terms of getting 10,000 reps before it become instinctive. So that's what we're trying to get done during camp. Multiple reps to make it become instinctive for the kid so that they don't have to think and they can just be aggressive."

Pete Carroll's latest prank

It should come as no surprise, but the prankster Pete Carroll is at it again.

Here's the scene. The Seahawks signed Terrell Owens on Monday, and the team thinks that they are setting him up to get punk'd during a team meeting by Coach Carroll. Llittle does the team know, Carroll has a trick up his sleeve.

Friday TV

Jets and Bengals face off tonight on the NFL Network.

Eastern time is listed.


New York Jets at Cincinnati - 7:30 - NFL Network

Tampa Bay at Miami - 7:30

Cleveland at Detroit - 7:30

New York Giants at Jacksonville - 7:30

Arizona at Kansas City - 8:00

Minnesota at San Francisco - 9:00


No games.

High School: 

No games.

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