Good season hype trailer

After dominating most of their opponents all season, with their only loss coming during a three point ball game to Youngstown State, North Dakota State took home the FCS National Championship and finished an impressive 14-1. All but two of their wins came by double digits.

The trailer above was very well done, and shows the tradition behind NDSU football and the program that head coach Craig Bohl has helped build during his ten seasons in Fargo.

Barry Alvarez napalms Todd Graham

In case anyone wasn't sure how Barry Alvarez feels about Todd Graham...

In speaking about former Wisconsin offensive coordinator, now Pitt head coach Paul Chryst, Barry offered up this gem:

"Paul isn't a guy like the last guy Pitt had who is going to sit there and blow smoke about what he is going to do and how great he is." 

Alvarez touts Chryst's strong work ethic, humility, preparation, competitive nature and family values. Alvarez adds, "I know the people in Western Pennsylvania and what they value, I am a Western Pennsylvania guy, and Paul is a great fit there." 

Paul Zeise of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has the story.

Mic'd up at Oregon State

After wrapping up his career as a Beaver, and playing a few years professionally before transitioning and working in the private sector for three years, Mitch Meeuwsen joined Mike Riley's staff as a graduate assistant working with the secondary.

In the clip, Meeuwsen gets mic'd up and teaches their read progression out of trips, some press coverage technique and also gets into how he combines what he learned as a player with how he uses that to coach.


Wisconsin special teams going lean to adapt to rule changes

Last season, Wisconsin's three shield protectors on their punt team averaged 6-6, 320 pounds, and all played on the offensive or defensive line.

However, with the new rule saying that defenders are no longer allowed to leap over the shield to attempt to block the punt, the staff at Wisconsin has decided to go a little leaner up front.

The new shield consists of two tight ends and a fullback, undoubtedly adding more mobility.

"We're still training the big guys. We'll have both sets of people into our arsenal and carry both groups into all games and react to what we're getting from the opponent." said assistant coach Charlie Partridge, who works with the punters.

The rule change is expected to force punt block teams to attack the edges of the shield, much like Michigan State and Ohio State did successfully last season when they blocked Badger punts.

"When the shield first came out people would take four bigger tackles or defensive end types and try to push the shield into the punter. When they realized there wasn't a lot of production to be had there they went to getting the fast guys to turn the edge or make them miss in the middle of the shield.

"It makes more sense to match that." Partridge explained.

Rocky Long considering not punting on 4th down

The "never punt" ideology of Pulaski Academy (AR) head coach Kevin Kelley has struck a chord with San Diego State's Rocky Long.

“It makes sense,” Long explained. “Additional plays would allow you to score a lot more points. It also puts a whole lot of pressure on the defense.”

Long has even started to implement the ideology during scrimmage periods of fall camp regardless of the distance needed.

“It’s a day-to-day theory. I haven’t decided because we’re getting a feel for it out here. I just read about this guy, and I don’t know if I can do that because everybody in the world is going to say this is not Football 101, right?"

“But there’s a reason why he’s winning those games. Maybe he just has better players than everybody else; or maybe it’s their team gets used to playing like that and the other teams don’t get used to playing like that. It’s fourth-and-seven — most defenses run off the field. And now they’re going to stay out there. ‘What? How come the punt team isn’t coming out?’?” Long explained.

Interesting stuff.

For those of you that aren't familiar with Coach Kelley's philosophy, Sports Illustrated gave him some love in this article, we ran this one ("It was 29-0 before we ran our first offensive play") and he has also been featured in numerous coaching publications. 


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