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Best video you'll see all week
Arkansas has new uniforms

Spring game hype videos aren't common, but neither was Auburn's 2013 season

Hype videos at spring games aren't common, or even necessary, but when you put together a season like Auburn had last year (especially the dramatic wins against Alabama and Georgia) you should really have something special put together for the occasion.

When 70,000+ of the Auburn faithful showed up to see how good Gus Malzahn's squad looks to be in year two of the new era, they got to feast their eyes on this red carpet worthy recap of that special 2013 season.

This one is really good.

Who wears what in the Power Five conferences

When word broke that Louisville had re-signed with Adidas, word leaked that the Cardinals had signed the third-richest apparel contract in college sports history. The other two? Notre Dame with Under Armour and Michigan with Adidas. Does that mean Nike is losing market share?


Far from it, actually.

A Louisville fan site tracked each of the 65 apparel contracts for major college football and found that Nike still dominates the market, outfitting 46 teams (70.7 percent). Adidas (10, 15.4%) and Under Armour (eight, 12.3%) were neck and neck for (an albeit distant) second, and the folks at Russell Athletic must be huge Paul Johnson fans because they have one apparel deal, and it's the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. 

So, yes, Adidas and Under Armour pay more at the top of end of the spectrum, but that's because they have to. 

Thanks to LouisvilleSportsLive.net for the leg work.

Boston College - Under Armour
Clemson - Nike
Duke - Nike
Florida State - Nike
Georgia Tech - Russell Athletic
Louisville - Adidas
Miami - Nike
North Carolina - Nike
N.C. State - Adidas
Pittsburgh - Nike
Syracuse - Nike
Virginia - Nike
Virginia Tech - Nike
Wake Forest - Nike

Big Ten
Illinois - Nike
Indiana - Adidas
Iowa - Nike
Maryland - Under Armour
Michigan - Adidas
Michigan State - Nike
Minnesota - Nike
Nebraska - Adidas
Northwestern - Under Armour
Ohio State - Nike
Penn State - Nike
Purdue - Nike
Rutgers - Nike
Wisconsin - Adidas

Big 12
Baylor - Nike
Iowa State - Nike
Kansas - Adidas
Kansas State - Nike
Oklahoma - Nike
Oklahoma State - Nike
Texas - Nike
TCU - Nike
Texas Tech - Under Armour
West Virginia - Nike

Arizona - Nike
Arizona State - Nike
California - Nike
Colorado - Nike
Oregon - Nike
Oregon State - Nike
Stanford - Nike
UCLA - Adidas
USC - Nike
Utah - Under Armour
Washington - Nike
Washington State - Nike

Alabama - Nike
Arkansas - Nike
Auburn - Under Armour
Florida - Nike
Georgia - Nike
Kentucky - Nike
LSU - Nike
Mississippi State - Adidas
Missouri - Nike
Ole Miss - Nike
South Carolina - Under Armour
Tennessee - Nike
Texas A&M - Adidas
Vanderbilt - Nike

Photo: The Boise State coaching staff on horseback

Not sure what's going on here, but I'm not entirely sure I want to know, either.

My guess is it's a photo shoot for this season's media guide, but I'd like to think Bryan Harsin is sending his staff through the Pacific Northwest to spread the word Paul Revere-style about Bronco football.

Video: Texas co-OC/offensive line coach Joe Wickline mic'd up

Down Austin way, they haven't had an offensive line the folks in burnt orange and white were completely satisfied with since Vince Young was running into the end zone on fourth down to beat USC. That's two generations in the world of college football.

Which is why co-offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Joe Wickline is the most important coach on Charlie Strong's staff outside of Strong himself. 

Here's Wickline mic'd up for a recent Texas practice.

Hows does a grad assistant make MLB.com you ask? Here's how...

Being a grad assistant requires long hours of thankless tasks with little to no recognition...

Unless you happen to jump out of your seat to snag a line drive at a local MLB game like Minnesota offensive grad assistant Trevor Olson did last night. Even though he seemed surprised to find the ball in his glove, it was a heck of a grab.

No one else in the area even got up to react to the ball flying their direction, so props to Olson on his cat-like reflexes.

The video isn't playable on mobile, so catch the whole thing here. Below is a still shot of the action.


Here are Washington's new unis

Yesterday Washington released their reaction video as they unveiled the new uniforms to the players.

Now we finally get a look at what the Huskies will be wearing as they usher in the Chris Petersen era of the program.

The all black look is sick, and while a lot of loyal Washington fans won't like the absence of the gold pants in the pic below (that combo does exist), the new unis still have a lot of historic appeal, yet still maintain a sense of modern attractiveness that will be a hit with recruits.

See more about the design details and inspiration here.



Clemson markets their program as 'the total package' in this video

Dabo Swinney's Clemson program took some fire earlier this week from an organization who has accused the program of being "too religious". Today Clemson released a video detailing why they're the "total package" when it comes to college football programs.

"If you come here, you're going to have all the resources to help make you successful. This is one of the top 21 private universities in the country, so you're not only competing with the best of the best on the field, but you're competing with the best of the best in the classroom."

"If you take the final top ten, and rank them by graduation rate, Clemson is second. We're seventh in football and second in graduation. There are very few schools that are winning on and off the field at Clemson."

That's the type of stuff that mom and dad like to hear. Towards the end of the video Dabo talks about what recruits really want to hear about, and that's their unique game day atmosphere.

"Monday through Friday we kind of mind our own business and we're in the 'academic' business...but on the weekends, we're in the show business. Then all of a sudden there are 100,000 people rolling into this town and it is just unbelievable."

"The electricity that comes with that, it's like nothing else. It makes grown men cry." Swinney notes.

Current and former players (like Sammy Watkins and Brian Dawkins) also weigh in on what makes Clemson a special place to go to school and play ball throughout the clip.

Great job here by the video staff who produced this one.

Video: D-II staff recreates the YouTube sensation 'Evolution of Dance'

The above "Evolution of Dance" video has accumulated over 258 million views in the past six years. It's one of the most iconic and popular YouTube videos ever. If you're one of the handful of people that hasn't seen it a few times, take a few minutes and soak it in.

Well to wrap up spring ball, the staff at Emporia State University (KS) wanted to keep things light and get a small piece of that pop culture pie.

This is absolutely outstanding, and some of these coaches are going to knock your socks off with their moves. This off season the entire country is doing their own dance off videos, so it's great to see coaches get creative with the trend.