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Experience a 2-minute drill through the eyes of a QB

Miami unveiled an amazing coaching tool on Wednesday. The Hurricanes outfitted senior quarterback Ryan Williams with a Schutt Vision helmet that puts a camera right inside the lid. Now offensive coordinator James Coley won't have to wonder what Williams saw on a particular play, he can go check the film that puts him literally right there inside Williams' facemask. 

What an amazing coaching tool.

And, yeah, it's pretty cool for us viewers, too. Here's hoping ESPN figures out a way to show us a similar feed during a game sometime soon.

Get mic'd up with Washington offensive line coach Chris Strausser

No one takes the game of football more literally than offensive line coaches. And by that I mean, those dudes are always talking about feet. I counted a solid dozen mentions of the word "feet" in 88 seconds of video below. 

When he wasn't talking about feet, Strausser was telling center Dane Crane (what a great name, by the way) he was a "natural bear" or delivering an inspiring message to close the day. "Make your rep count," says Strausser. "How hard can you go? And if we do that, we'll get better."

Video: Experience winter workouts at Lake Forest

They love to feel the burn at Lake Forest (D-III - IN). Twenty squats at 265 pounds, 16 squats at 345 pounds and five front squats at 285 pounds. Child's play, right? 


Strength coach Ty Van Valkenburg created enough burn on this day to build a bonfire on this particular day.

Memo to administrators: Logos and uniforms are serious business

This was Stephen F. Austin's logo for the past two decades:

SFA logo old

On Wednesday, the school had planned to replace the logo with a new one. However, a photo of the new logo leaked before the unveiling.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 4.15.08 PM

Lumberjacks fans were not happy. 

More than just idle outrage tweets, though, SFA fans launched a petition on Change.org to keep the old logo. It currently has 4,000 signatures. 

In a certainly coincidental story, Stephen F. Austin officials have cancelled the scheduled logo unveiling, for the stated reason of "not diminishing the recent success of the men's basketball program."

Video: Temple puts its players through ROTC training

The best off-season workouts are the type that are team-building exercises with enough of a fun, competitive carrot that it inspires players to exert themselves beyond their normal level of effort. Temple's ROTC Ranger Challenge was just that.

Working with members of Temple's ROTC Programs, the Owls did a number of different exercises, some of which were very familiar to them - push-ups, pull-ups, pushing a van - and some of which were not - like shooting a rifle. 

Unfortunately the video isn't able to be embedded so you'll have to head over to Temple's website to check it out. But trust us, it's worth it.

Three-and-Out: Bye, bye UMass?

1. Ever heard of conference reduction? That's the contract clause the MAC exercised on Massachusetts on Wednesday. After extending a football-only invite in 2012, the MAC offered UMass an all-sports membership, and the Minutemen declined. And now, UMass will leave the conference altogether after the 2015 season. 

"I was aware of this possibility when I accepted the position of head coach, and I believe this move is in the university's best interest," head coach Mark Whipple said in the university's statement. The school plans to remain in FBS, but where? The Minutemen are a dreadful 2-22 overall since joining FBS. The MAC certainly won't miss an extreme geographic outlier that contributed all of two wins in its first two seasons. UMass would certainly love a bid to the American, but that would be a one-sided relationship. Perhaps Conference USA will throw UMass a lifeline, otherwise the program may have to attempt life as an FBS Independent with little to no footing. 

Most of UMass' programs compete in the Atlantic-10, while the football program played in the CAA before joining the MAC.

2. After sitting by and watching Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and the like rake in the riches of hosting neutral-site college football games, Nashville wants a piece of the action. Music City Sports and Entertainment Group CEO Tammy Genovese told the (Nashville) Tennesseean that they are "60 to 90 days" from a major announcement to pit an SEC team against a non-conference foe at LP Field, possibly in 2016. Three and Out's official stance is that anything that puts major college football programs on the same field is a worthwhile endeavor but, you know, games on actual college campuses are pretty cool, too.

3. Marquette has an opening for a basketball coach, and WISN-TV in Milwaukee spoke to the state's most prominent athletics director, Wisconsin's Barry Alvarez, for comment on the search and coaches moving up the job ladder. "I think if you're coaching for money, you're in it for the wrong reasons," Alvarez said. "It's gotten so out of hand, and the number is up there, and you have to be competitive, but there are other factors -- the quality of life, the league that you're in, how competitive can you be, what's your recruiting base?" 

Alvarez made $118,500 serving as a figurehead head coach for one game, the 2013 Rose Bowl.

Video: Bo Pelini helps a soldier execute a surprise homecoming

We'll let the video fill you in on all the details here. Well done to Bo Pelini and the Nebraska football program. 

Between the video above, his sense of humor on Twitter, his sense of humor with his team and last year's awesome spring game moment, Pelini has (smartly) shown in the past year that there's much more to him than what you see on the sidelines. 

Charlie Strong: 'The screw has been tightened from Day 1'

It's one thing to talk about culture change, but it doesn't really hit you until you arrive in the weight room for your 5:30 a.m. workout only to see your head coach covered in sweat from his own workout. That, needless to say, did not happen under Mack Brown. 

 New Texas head coach Charlie Strong has taken a number of symbolic steps to signify the culture change that came with his hiring. Taking the locks off all doors in the football offices. Making players jog the half a mile from the locker rooms to the practice fields (the previous regime hired a charter bus to shuttle the team to and from practice). Tasking players with earning the right to throw the 'Horns up.

They say motion creates emotion, and now the symbolic measures Strong has asked his players to take is starting to result in real change, starting with those now lock-less doors leading to players now hanging out in their coaches' offices.

“I’ve told the players that now, when you come up, you can just walk right in,” Strong told Max Olson of ESPN.com. “I just want them to know who we are. When a young man knows that you care about him, he’ll do everything you ask of him.”

You know what else gets a player willing to do anything a coach ask? Completing an early-morning workout before your players get out of bed.

“He’s real. He’s really real,” senior defensive end Cedric Reed said. “He won’t embarrass you in front of everybody, but he’ll come up to you and tell you exactly what he wants. It’s a motivational, ‘I’ll tell you want I want’ kind of thing.”

Of course, culture change is just a means to an end. The change Strong was ultimately hired to effect is in the Longhorns' win-loss record. With spring practices now underway, that work has already begun. 

"The screw has been tightened from day 1," Strong said.