It's not the "what" or "why" of LeBron-to-Cleveland that's most interesting, it's the "how"

LeBron James is once again a Cleveland Cavalier. Perhaps you've heard by now.

For the "what" and the "why" of this discussion, you can head to ESPN, Grantland, Yahoo, and every other sports website on the planet. I'm most interested in the "how."

After the unmigitated public-relations disaster that was "The Decision", it was beyond a given that LeBron would go a different route this time around. Most assumed it would be on his own website LeBronJames.com, or if not, it'd be broken by Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo, Marc Stein or Chris Broussard at ESPN, or Sam Amick at USA Today. No one predicted this.

In the end, LeBron informed the world he was going home through a letter as told to Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated. Clearly this was a calculated decision - every decision LeBron has made since age 15 has been calculated - and, this time around, it was the right one.

After referring to his four years in Miami as his "college years" LeBron clearly learned from the way his entrance to Miami was presented. No television special, no pep rally. LeBron made the announcement in his own words, and that's it.

LeBron letter

As for another tentacle of this far-reaching story, what a win for Sports Illustrated. It beat Yahoo, it beat the Worldwide Leader and, following Michael Sam's announcement back February, SI has now positioned itself as the place for news-making athletes to speak in their own words. 

LeBron has the power to turn the Eastern Conference completely on its head.

He could do the same to the shoe market if he switched from Nike to Adidas. And his power stretches to the people who cover him, as well. Who else could make a magazine this relevant in 2014?

LeBron is undisputably the most powerful athlete of his generation. It's nice to see he's learned how to use it. 

Frank Wilson on LSU's recruiting success: "The most important thing we do is listen."

There's nothing like fishing to get good conversation flowing.

I'll never forget the time that my dad told me he wasn't really my.... well, that's a story for another time. LSU coaches Cam Cameron and Frank Wilson appeared on "Paradise Louisiana", a longtime fishing show on Cox Sports TV in Louisiana. 

The conversation begins with Cameron and the early days of his football career. Cameron mentions his stepfather guiding him into football, and then playing at Indiana (for both Lee Corso and Bob Knight), and then to the number of talented quarterbacks he has coached. 

Then it was Wilson's turn in front of the camera, and that's when the conversation really got interesting. 

"Our greatest asset is that is the ability for prospects to see us as husbands, as fathers," Wilson says. "That's what we do best, and naturally that's who we are. Our program is that way. Les Miles is that way as a father with his kids and a husband with his wife, and our staff is built that way. Every time we have the opportunity to spend quality time, like today, we do so. It's critical for us."

Wilson then spoke about what makes the LSU staff successful recruiters.

"The most important thing we do is listen," he said. "To be attentitve and to listen to the need of the parents, of the prospect. And when we hear their desires, it allows us to make come to fruition. When we're in the homes, generally, the parents want to talk about academics, they want to talk about internships, they want to talk about job opportunities post graduation in spite of sport. The type of athletes that we recruit are sound kids in every phase, but if you come to LSU and you don't have a desire to be great and you don't want to be a pro, then you would be a minority because the kids who come there have a strong desire to be the best players that they can be, and that's the type of players we recruit - that want to be pros. We have a system in place that puts them on track to be NFL ready when their time comes."

"Kids go to school for various things. They go to medical school, they go to dental school, they go to law school. When they come to LSU they have a major academically, but they're also majoring in football. Coach Cam likes to say they're getting an advanced degree, a Master's degree, in football. When our guys get ready to go in front of NFL organizations, whether it be the combine or a workout at those places, those head coaches, those scouts come back and say to us, 'Those guys are NFL ready.' We've been very fortunate to have the number of kids go to the NFL that we've had the last several years."

Both Cameron and Wilson said that their perfect day, if it didn't involve football, would be spent fishing. Turns out it was a great day to do both. 

Video: K-State AD goes Chillin 4 Charity, challenges Mississippi State to come to Manhattan

The Chillin' 4 Charity meme - which FootballScoop proudly helped get off the ground - is still running strong in college athletics. For those unfamiliar, Chillin' 4 Charity is a promotional tool for the Kay Yow Foundation to raise attention and money for its fight to end women's cancers. A coach or administrator gets dunked, makes a donation, and then challenges friends at other schools to do the same. And on and on it goes. 

Kansas State athletic director John Currie's Chillin' 4 Charity video is one of the best we've seen yet. He challenges three fellow ADs, brags on Kansas State's athletes and its cancer research department, takes his medicine like a champ, and then challenges his friend Mississippi State athletics director Scott Stricklin to bring his team to Manhattan. 

Update: It's happening!

If their Twitter accounts are to be believed, Kansas State and Mississippi State will play a home-and-home later this decade.

This video capturing the spirit of the SEC is epic

The good folks over at Saturday Down South have put together this video honoring the spirit and tradition of the SEC, and it is absolutely epic.

The national title streak may have ended, but the SEC's reign as the king of some of the best hype videos in college football is solidified with this addition.

"The pride of the SEC isn't derived from a score. It's defined by a sense of community, and a fiery passion impossible to extinguish. It's about believing, no matter the odds. We are capable of anything."

Video: Northwestern got a surprise team building exercise at 7am yesterday

Northwestern players showed up for their usual 7am workout yesterday, and left with a new appreciation for the military, a stronger team bond, and every player left covered from head to toe in sand.

That's because Pat Fitzgerald and the strength staff decided to surprise the team with a military-style team building session. They showed up expecting a regular grueling workout, and instead got pushed beyond what their body and mind had previously thought possible. 

These military style workouts are popular for coutless programs around the country, but completely blindsiding your team with it is a nice touch. One reason I really like it is that it allows you to see how guys respond to adversity, and with three of their first four games against Cal, Northern Illinois and Penn State, that could prove to be very valuable.

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