Typical Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin’s first season at USC is in the books.  The Trojans finished 8-5 after thumping UCLA 28-14.

Some coaches sugar-coat it.  Not Lane. 

Kiffin was asked immediately following the win over UCLA to describe his first season at USC.  Hardly cracking a smile despite the win, Kiffin responded, “Obviously, disappointing.  We wanted to win a whole lot more games.” 

“We’ll hit the road recruiting so this never happens again.”

USC lost two games (Washington and Stanford) on the dead last play of the game. 

Mike Leach: We would win national championships

Props to Gary Ferman of CaneSport.com for reaching out to Mike Leach. 

We doubt that Ferman had to ask much, but it’s certain Leach had a lot to say regarding the head coaching job at Miami (FL). 

Leach said, "I've tried. I've tried making calls. I've tried sending emails."

"We would win national championships.”

"Miami has great athletes. Miami has always been personified by wide-open offense. They aren't about double right and power right and power left. Miami is about the stuff that I run that revolutionized football. You can get all the skill players in Florida and get them the football and let them run.”

"If you look at the guys on NFL rosters, in the Big 12 Texas has 32, Oklahoma has 29, Nebraska has 28 and Texas Tech has nine. Yet we won 29 games in the last three years. Now you imagine what we could do at a place like Miami."

Here’s the entire interview.

4 finalists for Wide Receivers Coach of the Year

The finalists for the 2010 FootballScoop Wide Receivers Coach of the Year award were released this afternoon.

See the four finalists, right here.

The FootballScoop Coaches of the Year awards presented by SpeedTracs are the only set of awards that recognize the most outstanding position coaches in college football.  Finalists are nominated by coaches, athletic directors, and athletic department personnel.   Although fan voting is tallied, the eventual winner is most heavily determined by his peers in the profession and a select committee of coaches.

Previous winners of the Wide Receivers Coach of the Year award were presented to Bobby Kennedy (Texas, 2008) and Zach Azzanni (Central Florida, 2009). 

Video: Ault's post-game speech after defeating Boise State

Since we knew Nevada would upset Boise State last Friday night, we snuck one of our staff members, equipped with a tiny handheld camera, inside the Nevada locker room to catch Chris Ault’s post-game speech. 

In the second week of his internship, our guy didn’t understand our standards, so the first 45 seconds of his film are pretty much worthless.  Thus, FYI, we’re not paying “Intern #4” for mileage or per diem for his trip to Reno. 

Chris Ault says, “That’s not only the greatest victory in the history of this school, but the way you did it, the way you came back…"

“Men, you will be, when we’re done, the greatest team to ever play here. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you.”

At the end, you can see the team sing “Oh when the Pack Goes Marching In.”


Proposed NCAA Legislation (FootballScoop supports this one)

It's not often that we weigh in on proposed NCAA legislation; but when we heard this was being considered we thought it was appropriate to voice our support.

It is our understanding that in January, the appropriate bodies will propose legislation mandating that all intercollegiate football teams provide their complete staffs with iPhones.  Further, the legislation shall require that each phone come with the FootballScoop App pre-installed.  

In making the announcement, we expect to hear some high ranking official from the NCAA say, "In this day and age it is imperative that coaches everywhere be provided with the same access to the most trusted and reliable information possible and that they be able to access the information with the touch of one button."

In light of the relative lack of attention that the NCAA is getting this week, we expect this proposal to be at the top of their agenda. 

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