LSU assistant Frank Wilson named national recruiter of the year

Rivals has named LSU running backs coach / recruiting coordinator Frank Wilson as the National Recruiter of the Year.

Wilson is credited with signing three 5-stars and five 4-stars.

Wilson explained to Rivals, "This year we had 15 in-state kids who could go anywhere in the country, not just around the SEC. We were fending off Ohio State, Michigan, USC - you name it down the stretch not to mention Auburn, Florida, Alabama and everyone else down here.”

“Everyone came into Louisiana this year and tried to pull guys out and I could tell you some stories of how hard guys went after our guys like La'El, Freak Johnson, Jarvis and the rest. People who say it's easy to keep kids in Louisiana at home at LSU just don't know and we really just lost one guy we coveted and that was Greg Robinson, but we got the rest. Sure there are some kids that just want to play for LSU and that's their dream, but nowadays temptation to get out of state and play for some other great programs is always there. And it's our job to fend them off as best we can."

Wilson just finished his first year at LSU.  He previously coached the wide receivers at Tennessee under Lane Kiffin.  He coached the running backs at Southern Miss and Ole Miss, where he got his start at the college level under Ed Orgeron.

You can read more about Frank Wilson and see the entire list of Top 25 recruiters according to Rivals, right here.


NCAA releases average home attendance figures

Michigan led the nation in 2010 with an average home attendance of 111,825 fans.  Ohio State, Penn State, Alabama, and Texas each averaged over 100,000 fans per home game.

Tennessee, UGA, LSU, Florida, and Auburn rounded out the top 10 for average home attendance.

Notre Dame (13th) averaged 80,795, meanwhile Oregon (29th) averaged 59,398 per home game.

The top 10 at the D1-AA level included Appalachian State (25,715), Montana, Jackson State, Old Dominion, Delaware, Georgia Southern, Jacksonville State, Harvard, James Madison, and North Dakota State.

The 120 FBS teams averaged 45,912 fans in 755 home games this season.

You can see the top 30 for each division (D1, D1-AA, D2, D3) right here.


Houston Nutt explains signing day forged signature

During an appearance on Rivals Radio with Bill King, Houston Nutt explained the Floyd Raven signing day situation.

Raven, a defensive back out of East St. John HS in Louisiana, was committed to Ole Miss in the days leading up to signing day.  On Wednesday morning, Houston Nutt and his staff received a signed National Letter of Intent.  One problem…Raven’s signature was forged and faxed in by his mother.

The signing was announced by Ole Miss.

Nutt explained, "The next thing you know, we get a call from Floyd.  There was some hesitation.  He said, ‘Coach, it was my Mom.’ I said, ‘Your Mom is really smart.’  After a 20 minute conversation, I knew he wanted to go to A&M.  I said go ahead and go to A&M, we’re gonna tear this one up.”

"The only thing that looked funny was the name was printed and then it was signed.  We actually said, ‘Send another one in.  It doesn’t look quite right.’  There was a little bit of hesitation there.  It was crazy.”

Nutt admitted he had never been around anything quite like this situation on National Signing Day.  

“It’s a tough, tough decision.  There are master salesmen at each school.  My thing is that I want them to want to be here.”

For Nutt and his staff, the significance of this signing class was taking care of the state of Mississippi.  He explained, “We took care of home.  We took care of the home-state.  With no bowl game, all our guys did was recruit, recruit, recruit.”

Perhaps the biggest signee was 5-star linebacker CJ Johnson.  Nutt said, “He’ll be in the mix early on and have a chance to start.  He’ll also be on the kick-off team, you know that.”

Quick Hits: Hecklinski, Kragthorpe, and Kevin Steele

Michigan recruiting coordinator Jeff Hecklinski says the Wolverine must own Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois in recruiting: "For the longest time, you walked in the door and Michigan owned the state of Michigan. We have to get back to that, and we will."

“It's going to start in those four states we talked about, and that's where our foundation is going to be from. You've got to take care of home. If you're not taking care of your home, there is a problem. This has got to be a first and foremost priority."


Steve Kragthrorpe talks about his goal at LSU: “We want to be good at what I call 'hang your hat plays,' where we can have a staple offense and then wrinkle off of those things. We teach concepts. And then we'll wrinkle off those from week to week. I think Les and I are on the same page. I think our philosophies mesh very well. We want to be a power running team and couple that with a great downfield, quick-strike passing game."


Kevin Steele really happy for Packers’ defensive coordinator Dom Capers: ""Dom is so extremely organized, so meticulous, the NFL players embrace it because he gives them so much accurate information in a simplistic form just in reams of paper."

"It's one thing to be a great teacher. It's another thing to have a great teaching system. The system becomes who the players are and they teach each other."



Hines Ward compliments his position coach Scottie Montgomery: "It's always good when someone who's coaching you played your position because they can understand it. For a lot of years, some of my coaches never even played the wideout position. If I ask them a question, they may know it on paper. But to come out here and do it physically, they wouldn't have a clue how to do it.”

"But in Scottie's case, he understands certain situations like, 'Hey, you're right.' ... He's a great coach. I'm very proud to have him as my coach."

Pelini tyring to lure Oregon assistant Scott Frost?

Oregon wide receivers coach Scott Frost could be returning to his alma mater, Nebraska, to join Bo Pelini’s coaching staff.

According to his father Larry Frost, “I think he’s just going to have to wait and see what they offer. He really gets along well with Chip Kelly. They have similar philosophies — not that he wouldn’t with Bo, but I don’t think he’s going to leave unless it’s some place for real advancement. That’s important to him.”

Frost recently finished his second year on the staff at Oregon.  He led Nebraska, as a quarterback, to the 1997 National Championship.  After a five year playing career that including stints with four different organizations (Jets, Browns, Packers, Bucs), Frost landed his first full-time coaching job at Northern Iowa in 2007.

Reportedly, Oregon will negotiate to keep Frost even if it’s the offensive coordinator job that Pelini offers Frost.  Good luck, Oregon.

After bonuses, Frost was paid $234,266 in 2009-10.

In case you forgot, this guy balled in college.  Here's the evidence:


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