Video: Chip Kelly and Urban Meyer breakdown the spread

In case you missed the ESPN segment with Urban Meyer breaking down film with Oregon head coach Chip Kelly, we have you covered.

Kelly made an interesting comment explaining, "No one's married to an offense or a defense.”

“If we had a group of guys who could line up in the Power I and run the Power I then we would do it. I think our players have total faith in us that we wouldn't ask them to do anything that we didn't believe would help them win."

We also noticed after Wednesday’s practice, Kelly downplayed any sort of depth chart.

Kelly stated, “There are no 1’s.  There are no 2’s. It’s how many reps are we going to get?  It’s somewhere around 125.  I don’t care who is in with the 1’s. I don’t care who is in with the 2’s.”

The Ducks have completed their fifth practice of the spring.  ESPN2 will broadcast the Oregon spring game on April 30th at 4pm EST.

Here’s the video of Urban and Chip Kelly:

Bronco downright giddy about BYU future

During a post-practice media session on Tuesday, Bronco Mendenhall seemed downright giddy about the immediate future of BYU football.

For one, Bronco really likes his revamped coaching staff that includes off-season hires Ben Cahoun (wide receivers), Joe DuPaix (running backs), and the promotion of Brandon Doman to offensive coordinator.

Mendenhall said, “I’ve had more fun in the past month and half or 2 months than I’ve ever had here in 6 years.  They are so much fun.  They (coaching staff) are optimistic, realistic, positive, they have a ton of energy, the players love them.  They are just great staff members.  For where we are to this point, I really like where we are.”

Doman, who was promoted to offensive coordinator and will call the plays, hyped the Cougars’ defense.

Doman explained, “They are really good. It is the best defense I have seen BYU have in maybe 10 years. They are talented, they have a ton of depth. They are big up front. We've added some depth to the defensive line, and some real size and athleticism up there that we have not had in a long time.”

“Then we have added some core linebackers that can play. We have had a couple of position changes. One of the guys I am most impressed with right now is Mike Hague. He moved from running back to strong safety. He is doing a fantastic job. They have added some depth over there that is going to make them really good."

When asked if the 2011 team will be the most talented during his 7-year tenure in Provo, Mendenhall responded, "Mmmm. ... I like our chances."

Even quarterback Jake Heaps admitted, “It's a totally different vibe as a team."

BYU faces a tough early season schedule that includes at Ole Miss, at Texas, Utah, and UCF.  In late October, the Cougars will play TCU on a Friday night at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX.

Kevin Wilson: Here's what I'm looking for from our starting QB...

Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson expects to play a number of true freshman and says his starting quarterback will absolutely earn the position.

On Tuesday, Wilson said, “Our plan is to play as many freshmen as we can.  From watching some of our guys, I would hope some of our freshmen are better than the guys we have on our team.  So I’m counting on a bunch of our freshman playing.”

“We are not a mentally tough team.  I think physically, we can go out there and run, but we get tired a little too quick when we practice.”

Is there a time when you want to name a quarterback?

“We had a guy a couple of years ago.  What was his name?  … BRADFORD.   We didn’t name him until 10 days before the first game.  We wanted to name him a couple of weeks before, but he had bad scrimmages.  So he hadn’t separated himself and we were waiting for him to earn the job.  It just took time.”

“It’s not like we gotta have a guy with ‘Win One For the Gipper’ speeches.  We are a no huddle team, so it’s not like he’s talking like he’s in the huddle and he’s Bart Starr…giving the great speech or something.”

“He’s just the guy speaking the plays, playing the offense.  In the summer, it will be interesting to see who can be the guy that chases the players around and gets them here for voluntary workouts because the players have to do that.  The good teams have great attendance.  And the players make players come.  One of the attributes of the starting quarterback will be to get guys to come follow him and come practice with him.”


Al Borges clears up a few things for Michigan fans

Michigan offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Al Borges cleared up a few things for the Wolverines’ fans this week. 

In short, Michigan will not operate out of 21 and 22 personnel every play and run “The Power” 14 times a game. 

Borges explained, "We're not a spread team, but you're going to see we are in three and four wides a lot now. Since I've been here, I think this is a perception that has been kind of inaccurate is that we're going to line up two backs under center.” 

"Watch our teams play where I've coached. We just don't do that. That's part of our offense that wasn't part of their offense (under Rodriguez) so that is different, but you'll see as much shotgun as you'll see from any NFL team. You'll see different variations of home-position running with the tight end in motion and stuff, so we do use three and four receives and we use them significantly." 

One of the challenges for Borges is developing the footwork and mechanics of Denard Robinson.  Borges said, “Footwork is about 80% of the position.” 

In a separate interview, Borges said, “I don’t want to make it sound like they haven’t been tough here.  I think they ran the ball and did some good stuff.  It’s just a different style that we play.  And we have an expectation within that style.” 

Any pressure to succeed immediately?

Borges said, “There is pressure to succeed if you have talent.  There is pressure to succeed if you don’t have talent.  There’s pressure to succeed, period.  That’s part of the job.”

Michigan opens with five consecutive home games against Western Michigan, Notre Dame, Eastern Michigan, San Diego State, and Minnesota.

Tuberville talks challenges, likely to start 7 true freshman

On Tuesday, Tommy Tuberville explained to a crowd of Texas Tech fans that his team still has a long way to go.  Tubs pointed out to his supporters exactly what his team had to overcome last year.  He also talked about the immediate challenges for this year’s team.

According to the Midland-Reporter Telegram, Tuberville stated, “It's still a growing experience. We're not close to being the team we need to be to win the conference. We're going to have the capabilities of beating anybody, but being able to put things back to back is going to be difficult because we'll probably start six or seven true freshmen on this football team."

"Our entire recruiting class this year was based on offensive and defensive linemen and speed at receiver, running back, linebackers and on defense. We don't have much. It was tough this past year. Everything that we earned, we had to earn it the hard way with long drives. We had very little big-play capabilities.”

Of course, Tubs knows his team has to become more physical at the line of scrimmage.

"We've got to get more physical in terms of third and short, in the red zone, goal line and that will help us defensively. We weren't nearly as physical enough defensively to stop some of the teams like Oklahoma, which ran the ball right at us and we couldn't stop them."

The Red Raiders have fininished spring practice.  We didn't even know it started and we certainly can't remember a Tommy Tuberville led team talked so little about in the off-season.

Texas Tech opens with Texas State.  Following an open date, the next three games are at New Mexico, Nevada, at Kansas.


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