We video our own sideline

Jerry Kill takes the field Saturday afternoon for the first time as the head foootball coach for the University of Minnesota when his team opens at USC.  

The truck is packed and on it's way and Kill held his Tuesday presser just a few minutes ago.

A couple of quotes from Kill...

"There's nothing like game day...I might be the only coach in the country who videos the sideline; I want to see how people act." 

"Their focus has been very good...We still have so much to learn as a football team...It's new to everybody."

"We'll know a lot about our team when we play USC.  We have to make sure we're prepared for the Big Ten."

"Everybody on our football team has to be a leader right now...I don't judge anybody until your back's against the wall."

"You learn about who your true leaders are when you deal with adversity - anyone can jump in the fox hole when the going is good." 

"We're not going to build a program on sand, we're going to build it on concrete - that's how you build a program."

"Any coach in America will say there's an art to scheduling; there's an art to turning a program around."

"This is the way I'm going to do it, and I ain't changing!"

Regarding USC specifically, Kill offered,

"They're USC...They're going to have 500 tailbacks lined up and they all can play"

"Mis-alignments and mis-assignments will beat you long before mis-matchups"

When coaches return from war

In this morning's USA Today, you can find a powerful piece on Dwight Richins.

Richins is the head coach at Shelley High School in Idaho.  Shelley has won the state championship every odd year since 2003 with Richins at the helm.

Last year, Lt. Colonel Richins, an army reservist, spent the year in Afghanistan fighting to protect our freedom.  

It would be unjust for us to summarize the emotions within the article here, can only suggest that you find the time to read it when you can.  It will not only make you proud of Coach Richins, thankful for his service and for that of all of our brave men and women that work so hard and give so much of themselves to protect this country; but also will remind all of us just how fortunate we are to get to coach young men and give them guidance in their lives.

USA Today's article by Rick Hampson 

Don't we all wish we were on the field for this conversation

Saturday night, Dennis Franchione leads his Texas State squad into Lubbock to play Tubbs' Texas Tech Red Raiders.  

Think about that for a moments.  Fran and Tubbs on the sideline talking pre-game in West Texas.  That's college football.

This will be Coach Fran's first game on the sidelines since the 2007 season.  This will be the Bobcats final season playing 1-AA (why do some call this FCS?).  In 2012 Texas State will step up and play a full slate in the WAC.  

This is an important game for both teams and for both coaches and we'll be glad to see these two guys coaching on the same field again.  If anyone happens to mic up either coach for their pre-game talk, send us the feed.

Interesting Note > Texas Tech radio color analyst John Harris will be covering the game...his 336th straight Tech game.  336.

Reporters getting feisty with Neuheisel

We're not sure what's in the water out there in Los Angeles; but as evidenced by this video, a couple of reporters are acting a little saucy with Coach Neuheisel.  

Coach Neuheisel hasn't yet announced his starting quarterback which appears to be agitating certain local reporters.  

Let's step back for a minute...the man's job is to lead the football team.  He's doing it to the best of his abilities.  Once he's ready to tell you who his quarterback is, he will.  No need to nag.


Tuesday TV

No live football on TV tonight.  2 more days until college football....

Some great games coming on Thursday.  Murray State at Louisville to start it off, Villanova vs. Temple, UNLV at Wisconsin, Kentucky at Western Kentucky...good stuff.  2 more days...

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