Chavis: "Luck follows speed"

As LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis prepares for the Crimson Tide on Monday night, he fielded quite a few questions from the media about the speed and depth of the defense this season.

“It seems to me luck follows speed” Chavis told the media yesterday. As for the depth, Chavis said “When you know you’re going to play, you prepare a different way, that’s just human nature. When they get those opportunities, they want to show the coaches and the team what they are capable of doing.”

The speed and depth will be on full display Monday night at 8:30 on ESPN as the Tigers take on Alabama for the BCS National Championship.

The perk that comes with leaving Bama

Members of the media got a 15 minute peek into Alabama's practice yesterday, and they got a rare treat.

During that window, Alabama's first team defense was going against the first team offense. The best against the best.

When Jim McElwain was asked what it is like to go against a the Tide's defense (who have only allowed 12 touchdowns all season) he replied, "Miserable. I'll tell you, Kirby does a great job".

McElwain went on to say "All I can tell you is this: They're pretty good, and so is this defense we're playing. I'm looking forward to not going against them in spring ball."

Friday TV

Bowl games are back on tonight featuring the Cotton Bowl.

All times are eastern.


No games.


Cotton Bowl: Arkansas vs. Kansas State - 8 - FOX

High School:

No games.

Video: Fresno State coordinators

The video guys caught up with them in the clip below and each of them touched on their offensive and defensive schemes and philosophies.

Mountaineer offense makes history

After setting a bowl record with 70 points last night, Dana Holgorsen gave a shout out to Bob Stitt, Colorado School of Mines head coach, for a play that they ran to perfection.

Putting a reciever in motion, quarterback Geno Smith would snap the ball, and tap it forward to the receiver who was running at full speed. If the receiver doesn't catch it, the play is called dead for an incomplete pass. Very innovative.

Geno Smith went 31 of 42 for 401 yards and a bowl record 6 touchdown passes, with 4 of those touchdowns going to Tavon Austin (who set a bowl record for touchdown receptions). Smith also ran for another touchdown to account for seven on the night. The Mountaineers scored an impressive 5 touchdowns in the 3rd quarter alone.

"You don't score 70 points by being good on offense," Holgorsen said. "You score 70 points by being good on all three sides of the ball."

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