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Fickell has performed admirably

Ohio State plays at Michigan Saturday at noon in what might be Fickell's last game as head coach of the Buckeyes amidst rampant speculation that Urban Meyer will took over shortly thereafter.

We just wanted to weigh in real quick to say that under what had to have been incredibly challenging conditions in Columbus, we believe that Luke has performed exceptionally well during his tenure as head coach.  

Regardless of who has what title, we fully anticipate Luke Fickell coaching at Ohio State for a long time to come (he might wind up being a lifer). Not that anyone is owed anything; but Fickell earns it everyday. 

Video: D-III playoff look - Week 2

We're in week 2 of the D-III playoffs, and once again we asked Pat Coleman, executive editor of D3football.com to join us to share his thoughts on the games.

Be sure to check D3football.com for all the scores and gameday analysis on Saturday.

SpeedTracs will help you win more games

Watch one minute of this video and you will see how SpeedTracs will help your program win more games.

Follow up with them directly via: SpeedTracs.com 

Coaches giving thanks

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Take some time to think about what is important to you.

As Gene Chizik puts it in this well produced piece from CBS Sports, "Life is too short for you to have to be miserable everyday."

Be thankful for what you have and those that love you.

Pro combat uniforms strike again

Stanford will be taking the field this weekend against Notre Dame without the customary Cardinal colors on.

Instead, Stanford will be wearing their new Nike Pro Combat uniforms featuring deep red jersey and pants, and a black matte helmet.

Head coach David Shaw said that recruits are taking notice of the new style as well, saying that "when Nike unveiled them on Facebook, immediately we heard from our recruits about how excited they were."

Notre Dame and Stanford will kick off at Saturday at 8 on ABC.

stanford pro_combat

Dooley may be getting other offers

After word of this interview leaked out, we hear that a number of SEC universities are considering approaching Derek Dooley about becoming a guest lecturer within their algebra and geometry sections.

Pythagorean theorem?

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Coach aggressively stands up for his guy

Normally, Stanford head coach David Shaw comes off very relaxed and even keel, but on the Pac-12 teleconference today Shaw got fired up defending Andrew Luck.

When asked about the recent criticism of Luck, Shaw said he thought it was "an absolute joke"

Shaw went on to remind everyone that he spent 9 years in the NFL and evaluated every college quarterback in the country during that span, and he has never seen anyone like Andrew Luck. Shaw added that Luck is doing things that no one else in the nation is doing, even at the NFL level. He's often going into the huddle with four plays, and controlling the play call and protections at the line of scrimmage. 

Shaw went on to say "I was talking to somebody the other day. It's like Charles Woodson. Charles Woodson didn't win the Heisman Trophy off of stats. Charles Woodson won the Heisman Trophy because he was doing something that nobody else in the nation was doing and nobody else has done since then, which is play two positions at a high level. To me, that's what Andrew is. Andrew is doing something that I have not seen anybody do in college football."

Shaw's approach to everything is calculated. Hard to think this wasn't either; but it's always good to hear a coach sticking up for his guy (and in this case, it's hard to disagree with most of what he says).