Motivational video: "August is coming"

When you compete in Division III's Ohio Athletic Conference like Ohio Northern (along with Mount Union, John Carroll, Capital...etc.), sticking to your summer program is as important as ever. To keep the team focused through the summer grind, the staff up there put together a solid motivational video.

The clip starts with a motivational message about an alarm clock going off, and not wanting to get out of bed. Then the voice says "sit up, put your feet on the floor and don't look back because we've got work to do...Welcome to the grind".

Then the words "August is coming" flash on the screen, and the highlight video ensues.

Video: "The dawn of Bowden ball"

Akron's athletic department released a nice video last night entitled "The Dawn of Bowden Ball" that features the Zips putting in some serious off season work.

Bowden addressed the team before one workout about midway through the clip, just before they cut to guys dripping in sweat.

"Everything you do, you have a choice on. You've got a choice right now. Your making that choice, in your mind, right now whether your going to have a great day, or an average day, or a sorry day. Your deciding for yourself whether I'm going to be in the front, in the back, whether to go full (speed) or whether to go half (speed). Decide to be a champion."

Western Kentucky getting after it

After losing their first four games last fall, Willie Taggart led Western Kentucky to wins in seven of their last eight games to finish an impressive 7-5. Their only loss during that span was a 42-7 loss to LSU.

After finishing with a bowl eligible record, and not being invited to a bowl game, Taggart and the crew have the guys putting in some serious work to make sure they don't leave anything to chance in 2012.

The video below is just a brief peek into the work that they've been putting in the past several months.

Video tour: Farmers Field in Los Angeles

Proponents of Farmers Field released a video this morning of a fly-through of the proposed stadium in order to generate some added excitement. The complex  will not only house a state of the art stadium, but will also be home to an impressive convention center in Los Angeles.

The stadium plans have room for a family friendly tailgate area that will have room for 15,000, a fresh produce farmers market, and a 47,000 square foot ballroom with plenty of extra exhibition space.

As long as everything goes according to plan, they hope to finish the stadium by 2016 and attract at least one NFL back to LA.


A conference spanning 5 time zones?

Conference USA announced five new members last week with the additions of Charlotte, Florida International, Louisiana Tech, North Texas, and Texas-San Antonio, and according to Marshall athletic director Mike Hamrick, they've got much bigger plans in store.

One thing that Marshall head coach Doc Holliday likes about the new conference alignment is the new talent pool that it brings to the conference.

"The one thing that you have to take a look at, when you look at every one of those schools, their recruiting base is huge. I mean you look at Texas, there's a lot of players in Texas. Those Texas schools are going to be talented. There's as many players in south Florida as there is anywhere in America. FIU, as you saw in the bowl game, is going to have excellent players. Charlotte's a beautiful campus with a bunch of students. They're going to have a great facility. There's a lot of players around there."

Last Friday, C-USA commissioner Britton Banowsky said that they are focused on growing the league even further, which is the same message that Hamrick shares.

"What we're going to do in Conference USA is going to get stable and the Mountain West is going to get stable, and then we're going to continue on discussions of how these two conferences can get together to form a national conference."

"When I say national, I'm talking about five time zones. From East Carolina on the east coast to Hawaii."



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