Mississippi State's new uniforms

Mississippi State just unveiled their new 2012 Adidas uniforms moments ago.

Spoiler alert: There is no #HailState hashtag featured anywhere that we could see.

Saints owner Tom Benson says he wants to buy the Times Picayune

New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson recognizes the value of a newspaper (and an opportunity) and is stepping up for his city and to protect the value of his assets. 

Benson has sent the above letter to the owners of the Times Picayune stating his desire to discuss purchasing the paper. 

No downside at all to this letter. Smart move by Benson. 

Video: Richt lets loose

In an interview on Dan Le Betard's "Highly Questionable" Mark Richt took the opportunity to let his guard down a bit and talk about the good 'ole days.

Coach Richt talked about his playing days at Miami as a backup quarterback to Jim Kelly (as well as how he crossed paths with a few other legendary quarterbacks before he hung his cleats up), whether he's even considered to be the best quarterback in his family, and how a speech to the team from Bobby Bowden changed his life while he was a graduate assistant at Florida State.

Some good stuff in here, both light hearted, and serious.

Levine: "I threw a spiral, so I was happy with that"

Tony Levine is wrapping up a busy week after fielding a ton of questions and hosting numerous interviews during C-USA media days.

Last night, Levine threw out the first pitch for the Astros during their University of Houston Night.

Levine says that he normally likes to have some time to warm up, but his plane landed a half hour before the first pitch was scheduled to be thrown out, so they had to rush just to get him to the field. However...he was happy with the fact that the threw out a spiral.

Northwestern's new Under Armour uniforms

Twitter was buzzing this morning with a first look at Northwestern's new Under Armour look, first tweeted by Darren Rovell.

According to multiple reports that we read this morning, Northwestern was the first school to use stripes on their uniforms back in the early 1900's. In order to pay tribute to that, Under Armour and Northwestern planned to "Reclaim the Stripe".

If you take a closer look at the uniforms, you'll see some other creative ways that Under Armour payed tribute to Northwestern and their unique campus history, including inside of the numbers.





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