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UCLA has a new facility planned

Minnesota closing in on beer sales during games

Minnesota is the latest school to propose beer sales at college football games, and if passed would make them the first school in the Big Ten to offer beer to fans in general admission seating.

A few years ago, the University proposed selling alcohol at games in the suites. State lawmakers weren't crazy about the idea so they passed legislation that tied liquor sales in the premier seating to a requirement that one third of the general seating population of age also has alcohol available to them.

The two sides recently reached a compromise that would restrict beer sales within a designated beer garden inside the stadium to fans in general seating, and the suites would also sell alcohol.

The compromise passed the in Senate by an impressive 58-4 vote and will now make it's way to the House and then Governor Mark Dayton's desk, and finally the Board of Regents for approval.

Regents chairwoman Linda Cohen is excited about the new compromise and thinks it will bring some much needed revenue to the football program. "Having the availability of liquor sold in those suites makes them more attractive to corporations and allows us to sell more of the suites at a higher rate, and [that] helps the athletic budget. It came down to that this would help the athletic program a great deal, and it seemed to be a reasonable solution."

Video: Great start to the morning

Southwest Minnesota State put together a very impressive video highlighting their off season workouts that's paired up nicely with motivational messages.

This one will help you get a great start to your day...

Tee Martin mic'd up

Receivers coach Tee Martin got mic'd up for practice today, and what the video department came up with is a lot of fun to watch.

Early on in the clip, Martin goes the wrong way after a group splits off to individual time, and when he gets to his spot the managers don't seem to have any footballs ready for his drill. We've all been there. 

Well produced spring ball video. It looks like the USC video department is back to mid season form with this one.

Anyone else notice that they provide his twitter handle a couple of times on the freeze frames? Twitter's blowing up. If you aren't using it now, you will be soon enough. Check it out.

Pac-12 Tour - Utah

No, we didn't actually make it to Utah (or Colorado or Washington State) on this past tour (logistical / spring break issues); but they were nice enough to capture some video for our use....

A recurring theme on our tour was facilities expansion; and Utah as you will see in the video below is getting after it as well. 

After seeing what we have seen over the past two weeks, there is no doubt in our mind that come Fall of 2013, the collective facilities in the Pac-12 will be as nice, if not nicer than anything else in the country. Thank you TV money!

Watch the video. Think Whittingham enjoyed this?

Moving to the SEC helps sell tickets

Texas A&M announced today that for the first time since Kyle Field was expanded in the 1990's, they have sold out of their season ticket allotment. 

Now the only way to lock up tickets for the season is to get on a waiting list and hope that someone who had season tickets last year does not renew or pray for expansion of Kyle Field...which A&M is eyeing and will happen. 

Taking a look at the home schedule, ticket holders will be in for some prime action this season with Florida, Arkansas, LSU, and Missouri all make their way to College Station.

We think that Mike Sherman and his staff left the program in pretty good shape.  Throw in the excitement surrounding the new staff and it could be fun times ahead at A&M. 

Video: Leach - I've never had a third day of practice better than this

Mike Leach felt that yesterday's third day of spring practice was the best third day of practice that he has ever been a part of. Leach praised the tempo and felt that the players are starting to get a good handle on things so far.

"I've never had a third day of practice that's much better than this" Leach told reporters after practice.

As for having the offense installed in four days, Leach said that today's practice was going to go back to the first portion of the installation to do it all over again.

Coachin' up the Auburn D-line

Some really good teaching material here from Auburn defensive line coach Mike Pelton.

Crank your speakers up and you'll be able to hear Pelton talking about how the position of the offensive lineman's pass set influences the rush. He also talks about the best position for your head, body, and hands to be in for what they call their "speed and power" rush against a wide setting tackle.

NFL rule changes

A few big rule changes are taking place for the 2012 NFL season, one regarding overtime, and the other involving instant replay.

Last season's new overtime rules took hold in the postseason only, stating that each team would get one possession unless a touchdown was scored on the first possession of the overtime period. This season the rule will apply to the regular season as well.

Also, all turnovers will be subject to an instant replay review, similar to the way instant replay is currently used for touchdowns.

The NFL has also expanded its rules on hitting defenseless players to crackback blocks. The new rule will prohibit hits to the head and neck, along with the rule already in place barring players from hitting too low on crackbacks.

Two other rules were also passed including adding a loss of down for a illegally kicking a loose ball during play, and making too many men in formation a dead ball foul.

A few more changes have been tabled until the May owners meetings including changes to the trade deadline date (moving it from week 6 to week 8) and rules regarding players placed on injured reserved.

The owners voted on, and decided not to pass a rule that would take all video replays to the booth as well as a rule that would have removed the exception for horse collar tackles on quarterbacks within the pocket