Holgo: Don't act like a true freshman, get better

With only a week left in fall camp, Dana Holgorsen has noted that the staff has done a great job recruiting players up front that can physically handle what they're asking them to do, but the mental part of the game is starting to catch up to them.

"They're starting to spin a little bit. It's catching up to them." Holgo said about the mental load early on.

"Our second-team offense looks terrible. They look awful. That's what we're dealing with on offense where you put the second team in and you have a bunch of true freshmen. They don't need to act like true freshmen, they need to get better."

"Defensively, it's the same thing, but we're not having to put a bunch of true freshmen in on the offensive side, we're having to put freshmen in on the defensive side, and they need to keep getting better like our second team."

Holgo explained that instead of plugging in the young guys with the second team, you'd ideally want to redshirt them and give them an extra year to develop.

"Hopefully we don't have to play those guys. You want to red shirt 'O' linemen. Physically they're up to speed. Mentally it's going to take some time. We'll keep repping them."

Thinking back, Holgorsen noted that he can think of only one player that could shoulder the full load as a true freshman on the offensive line.

"We'll play true freshmen on the [defensive] line, secondary, some receivers, always played running backs. The O line is the one that's hard. Probably only had one guy do it in the last two years."




Duke adds black helmets

Duke has added a matte black look to their helmet choices.

Looks pretty sharp.

"Freshman always think they lift hard...they don't"

When Pete Lembo put Dave Feeley in charge of the strength program at Ball State, his first order of business was transitioning the weight program from a high intensity workout to one based on Olympic lifts.

Feeley says that much of the winter and the summer was spent teaching technique, and also explains how they structure their summer workouts.

Feeley also touches on the difference in training between a freshman and an upperclassmen, "Freshman are always in shock no matter where you are, wherever you are in the country. They always think that they lift hard...they don't. They always think they run hard...they don't"

Urban addresses team on Day 1

As the summer officially winded down, and fall began, head strength coach Mickey Marotti officially handed the team over to Urban Meyer.

Meyer addressed the team and told them he is looking for a bunch of guys that are hungry and pissed off.

The clip above is just a preview of what ESPN will cover during their "Training Days" footage at Ohio State.

Video: Vandy having fun with Dore Wars

A few days ago, Vandy competed in their "Dore War" drill.

Straight up four on four, man on man, with the offense trying to get 10 yards. These guys (including the coaches) are having a ton of fun with it.

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