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Dabo's response to "too religious"
UCLA has a new facility planned

Total athletic department Revenues & Expenses

The fine folks at USA Today have compiled a nice table showing total revenues and expenses for most division 1 programs in the country.

Probably won't surprise anyone; but the Top 10 in terms of total expenses are: Texas, Ohio State, Michigan, Florida, Alabama, Penn State, Auburn, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Oklahoma. Reminder, this is for the entire athletic department.

Full data can be seen here

Grad Assistants of the Day - Northwestern

Meet John Kuceyeski, offensive grad assistant, and McNeil Parker, defensive grad assistant, of Northwestern Football. Impressive young men, working towards creating a career in coaching. 

Hear where they came from, how they got their positions at Northwestern, what they do in their current positions and what excites them about coaching. Listen to their responses to the last question...these guys get it and have a bright future ahead of themselves.


High School guys using video to motivate

Lakeside, a 5A program in Georgia, clearly has their players motivated this Spring. 

Take a look at this video and you will see some players working, competing and enjoying their time working together to improve.

USC takes control of the Coliseum

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission has voted to hand over day-to-day control of the Coliseum to USC.

USC will enter into a long-term lease that should allow them to control the Coliseum for as long as anyone reading this will care about (generally thought to be 42 years; but we hear it might wind up being effectively longer than that when all is said and done). 

Have to say we are impressed with USC's athletic administration in how they handled this.  We've already told you how nice USC's on-campus facilities are going to be in about two months when they move into their brand new facilities. If you haven't seen it for yourself, it's literally hard to comprehend how impressive their new facility will be. Now, once they renovate the Coliseum, which is just a short walk from campus, USC will literally be able to spoon feed the recruits. 

Expect USC to be a perennial top ten team for the foreseeable future. If anyone disagrees with me (@FootballScoop) please agree to meet me on their campus this Fall and see it for yourself. Lane is building a beast there...

Inside Scoop: First job, do you go D-II or D1 GA?

Here's an interesting question for you...you're looking to get into coaching and you have offers to coach at the D-II level or to serve as a grad assistant for an FBS program...which route is best for you?

The answer to that one is specific to you and your career goals; but in the video above, CSU Pueblo offensive line coach / run game coordinator Chris Symington gives you some good perspective. Symington has coached at the division one level; but also has a bunch of other experience including coaching at a historically black college and now at the division II level at CSU Pueblo. Listen to what he has to say about the merits of both. 


Pretty cool motivational video

Take a look at the motivational video above created by the staff at Northwest Missouri State. 

The motivational aspect is very good; but also take a look at some of the techniques being used. Very interesting.

Inside Scoop: John Wristen - DII Staff Composition...

CSU Pueblo head coach John Wristen goes into detail with us about the composition of his staff and why he feels it's best for him to coach the special teams.

Wristen also spends a few minutes explaining the details of how to allot scholarships at the D-II level and touches on how they are teaching the playbook these days.

Grad Assistants of the Day - Kentucky

If these two guys are representative of the future of the profession, we think we're in good hands.  

Meet Kentucky's grad assistants, Tyler Sargent (offense) and Kyle Krantz (defense). These guys are smart, hard-working and are in it for the right reasons. 

We'll bring you insight into a number of excellent young grad assistants throughout the week. Want to recommend a GA for us to speak with, let us know via email at Mail@FootballScoop.com or on Twitter @FootballScoop.