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Meyer: We're as thorough as anybody

Urban Meyer has spent the past couple weeks holding one on one meetings with each of the 90 players on the Buckeyes roster. The meetings last about 15 minutes each, and are aimed at giving the players an honest evaluation from every possible angle.

Before the meeting, Meyer compiles written feedback from each member of his staff that the players come in contact with. That includes his assistant coaches, the strength staff, and the academic staff.

“The young man sits across from me and I say, ‘Here’s what we need: Our strength coach thinks you’re a dog.’ Or, ‘Our strength coach thinks you do a great job. Now let’s go to academics. They grade you as a six out of 10, which means you’re failing right now. It’s not very good’...as opposed to, ‘Zach Boren, you’re a nine, just keep going. C.J. Barnett, you’re a 9.5, keep going.’”

Meyer is a firm beleiver in the meetings because he wants to keep his guys properly informed and avoid any possible misunderstandings. Sometimes those meetings are very uncomfortable, while other times they know exactly what to expect.

“I’ve always believed the worst thing that can happen between a coach and a player is some misunderstanding or some cloudiness about what’s going on, you try to eliminate that with different evaluations. We’re probably as thorough as anybody with that.”

Grad Assistant of the Day - Adrian Haywood (Baylor)

Meet Baylor's defensive grad assistant Adrian Haywood. Haywood played at SMU under Phil Bennett and Jim Gush...and then got hired both those guys. That's good enough recommendation for me.

Haywood specializes with the defensive tackles and he's all about teaching his players great work ethic and to get the most they can out of football on the field and off of it. 

You can follow Coach Haywood on Twitter @CoachHaywood 

"Intense" environment at Cincinnati

Roy Manning, the first year running backs coach at Cincinnati, sat down with the Bearcat film crew to talk about his approach to coaching and his influences as a coach recently.

"My approach to coaching is bringing energy everyday, bringing toughness, being ready and willing to compete everyday, and then having some fun out there. I think when you play a game like football, and when you coach a game like football, if you don't have an energy and passion, and your not ready to compete and learn and get better each and everyday, I think your wasting your time."

Cincinnati has been able to roll out at least 10 wins in the past 4 out of 5 seasons. Butch Jones has created an environment up there that Manning simply describes as "intense". 

"From the morning when you wake up 'til you go to bed at night, Coach Jones puts it in you to always be thinking of what you could be doing, ways you could be getting better, ways you could be improving. So, for a young coach, I think that it definitely helps me and keeps me motivated each and every day to just try and be my best."

There's also some footage of Manning out on the field "giving the business" to his running backs as they run through a ball security drill, as well as some brief pointers in the meeting room for pass protection on their roll outs.

Mic'd up at NIU

Northern Illinois corners coach Richard McNutt got mic'd up during spring ball up in Dekalb, and definitely kept the camera guys busy trying to keep up with his up tempo approach.

McNutt leads the corners through a series of drills in the clip, including a backpedal reaction drill where the focus is to "step and replace" while reacting to directions and body placement, as well as a useful lock out and steer drill where the corners shed the receiver to make an open field tackle.

Coach McNutt also throws in a well timed "Mike Tyson Punch-out" reference during some instruction as well. Classic.

When you win the Big 12...

When you are near the top of the country in almost every major statistical category on offense, lead the nation in turnover margin, and win the Big 12 for the first time in school history, you need to find something fitting to commemorate it.

At Oklahoma State, that comes in the form of a mural that highlights the season and stretches 40 foot long by 12 foot high on the inside of the west end zone of Boone Pickens Stadium. Very impressive.




ECU facility tour

East Carolina alum, and current Dallas Cowboy, Dwayne Harris took the camera crew through a cribs style tour of the facilities at East Carolina to showcase what they have to work with down in Greenville.

One of the nice things about their setup is that the Murphy Center, where the weight room is located, opens right up into the back of the end zone of Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium. Definitely a nice view to keep focused during those off season workouts.

Grad Assistant of the Day - Ian Pace

"Ian is a tireless worker been a tremendous asset to our football team not just the offence offline. he has a tremendous work ethic and he cares about the kids and they know it." - Offensive line coach Bill Durkin

Invest a few minutes watching the video above with Ian Pace, offensive grad assistant at Bowling Green and you might just want to pick up the phone and call him right now and offer him a job. Listen to what he says, he gets it.

In recommending Pace, Bowling Green assistant athletic director for football operations Clint Dowdle told FootballScoop, “Ian is a tremendous asset to the Bowling Green Football program.  He is detailed, organized, and extremely hardworking.  What sets him apart, is the rapport and relationships that he has built with our players, which extends beyond the field.  He is in this profession for the right reasons.” 

Watch the video, hear it for yourself. Pace is going to be one of the good guys in this profession for a long time. 

A couple of side notes to pick up on from this interview...first, take note of how he says he wound up getting recruited to play college ball (high school coaches, remind your players about this). Second, we've touched on this several times over the past few weeks on the site; but listen to Pace desribe how he got his opportunity to Bowling Green. You have to develop relationships...and be humble and willing to work your tail off. 

Video: Off-season transition from NAIA to D-II

After a handful of NAIA titles the past decade (2006, 2008, 2009), the University of Sioux Falls spent this past off season preparing for their first full season as a Division II program.

To see the results of their hard work, and to gauge their progress through the off-season, the coaching staff put together a spring combine measuring gains in speed and strength.

The clip below shows their guys getting after it at the combine as well as their new indoor training facility complete with about 30 yards of field turf, and everything else they need to be competitive at the D-II level.