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Kevin Cosgrove mic'd up at New Mexico

Good mic'd up session here with inside linebackers coach Kevin Cosgrove.

Cosgrove coaches up everything from proper technique, to coverages and communication with his linebackers, to squaring up to receive a kick with the returners.

Wednesday TV

The last week of the NFL preseason wraps up with games tonight and tomorrow, with college football kicking off tomorrow night!

Eastern time listed.


New England at NY Giants - 7 - NFL Network

Tampa Bay at Washington  - 7

Miami at Dallas - 8:30


No games

High School:

No games

Kiffin describes his best off season move in 3 words

Reporters fired questions at Lane Kiffin after a 6am morning practice today, including one reporter who wanted to know what Lane would classify as the best thing he did this offseason.

After making sure he heard the question right, Kiffin responded with three simple words.

"Signed Silas Redd".

Petersen: "There's so many copycats out there"

Even with the recent success that Boise State has had on the field, and the work ethic that the assistant coaches have shown on the road recruiting, you don't see blue chip prospects lining up to play on the smurf turf.

And that's fine with Chris Petersen. Preseason rankings and recruiting rankings have never been real high on his list.

"Preseason rankings and recruiting rankings, both of those things have never been of any interest to us. If we think a kid is a good player then we'll try to recruit him if he has interest in us."  Petersen said.

"I think there are a lot of good players out there. I don't know what their rankings are but they're good players. And if they're good kids, we think we can develop them, and that's kind of what's happened around here."

What the coaching staff has done a great job of is developing the talent that they do bring in.

But with that, comes challenges as well, as Petersen explains.

"It's funny because it's gotten tougher on us. We'll recruit a kid that's got nobody recruiting him. But if that happens, two weeks later there's a ton of people recruiting him. There's just so many copycats that think you have the answers."

"We don't have the answers. I know this, though, our guys do homework."



Manny Diaz offers up a few gems

When it comes to offering up gems to the media, a few of the coaches whos names come to mind are Mike Leach, Mike Gundy, and Lane Kiffin.

Reporters that cover Texas football would add defensive coordinator Manny Diaz to that elite list.

In their press conference on Monday, Diaz dropped a few lines that were definitely noteworthy.

For example, when asked about Steve Edmond, a 255 pound sophomore making his first start at linebacker, Diaz said, "The first thing I want to see Steve do is be where he’s supposed to be. Everybody’s waiting for the moment where he, like, eats the quarterback’s head or whatever.”

When one reporter asked about "hybrid" type players, Diaz responded, "I think that’s a cool word, you know what I mean? I get told by recruits, ‘Hey, I’m a hybrid.’ I’m like, ‘Do I plug you in at night and get better gas mileage?’ … It’s all about speed. When someone says you’re a hybrid, that just means you’re fast for your size.”

And maybe the best of the group, when a reporter, who was obviously following the same line of questions asked before about the team, asked "So are you a lot faster this year?" 

Diaz responded simply..."Me personally? I’m the same.”

A few policy changes in the Big 12 and SEC

12A few changes in policy, including instant replays and when bands are allowed to play, have quietly made their way to the Big 12 and SEC.

This season, fans at games will see replays similar to what viewers at home see.

In SEC country, stadiums can show the plays in question from the end of one play until the beginning of the next.

The Big 12 will handle controversial replays a little differently, allowing stadiums to show a replay up to three times.

As Big 12 associate commissioner for communications Bob Burda explains, “It includes plays that are under review, but also foul / penalties that have or haven’t been called, timing decisions at the end of game or other situations that would fall under the category of controversial play.”

In previous years, the two conferences only allowed one instant replay of a play in question. 

Also, the SEC announced that bands will now be able to play from when the play is whistled dead, up until the point where the center takes his place at the line of scrimmage. Previously bands were not allowed play once the offensive team broke the huddle and were also not allowed to be amplified during games.

It will be interesting to see the reaction of a Death Valley crowd when they're able to see a controversial call over and over again. 


Franklin: The only game I know on our schedule is South Carolina

James Franklin joined the guys on College Sports Nation via SiriusXM radio earlier today.

One host asked Franklin about their schedule, and mentioned that they don't face Alabama or LSU this year, and Franklin jokingly responded by saying "Well...you know more than me."

"A lot of coaches talk about 'one game at a time', but they don't really live it. We live it."

"The only game that I know is really on the schedule is South Carolina, I don't even know what's after that."

"Once the administration schedules the second opponent after the first one and tells us who we're playing then we'll start worrying about that."

"I think that's one of the things that we've done a really good job of and why we were able to play at such a high level, and stay consistent all year long, was that we truly did that. We break it down even further than that and say that the average college football play is 6 seconds at time."

"I think that when you first come to a place like Vanderbilt you can get overwhelmed with the enormity of the job but if you break it down into the small elements like we do then you just focus on being great for six seconds at a time."

South Carolina will take on Vanderbilt in Nashville Thursday night at 7.


How to "Haka"

Arizona defensive lineman Sione Tuihalamaka and his "Polyzona" teammates would like to show us all how to Haka. 

Good lesson. Thanks. 

'Zona staff, please get Rich Rod to do this at least once this season.