You never know who is drawing inspiration from your tweets

If you've ever needed a quick dose of inspiration to start your day, you may want to bookmark Virginia receivers coach (and former quarterback) Marques Hagans' feed on Twitter. His feed is full of great stuff.

That's just a small sampling of what Hagans pushes out to his followers, and it's easy to see why he has become known for his daily doses of wisdom. In fact, guys like NFL veteran Michael Vick have taken notice with a tip of the cap on Twitter. Vick gave Hagans a little shout out to let him know that his tweets are making a difference.

This is a great example of using Twitter to make a difference. Coach Hagans, who actually went to high school just down the street from where Vick played his high school ball, has found a way to be a positive role model while demonstrating how to use social media to inspire and motivate followers.

Twitter is a powerful tool that can not only inspire, but can also provide hope, happiness, sadness, and every other human emotion imaginable. Be mindful of what you're putting out there and make sure it's a reflection that you can look at and be proud of.

Picture: The largest video board in college football is now up


The very last panel of college football's largest video board was put in its place last night, completing the latest addition to Texas A&M's Kyle Field.

To really put the montrosity in perspective for you, take a look at the contruction workers around the video board, especially the one at the top. That should give you a pretty good idea of just how big it is.

With home games against Lamar, Rice, Ole Miss, Louisiana-Monroe, Missouri and LSU the video board is going to see plenty of quality action in 2014.

(H/T @AggieFootball)

Video of the Day - The lights come on

"If watching the game isn't worth $10, do they really want to watch it?"

It was announced earlier Tuesday that Texas' game with Iowa State on Oct. 18 would be televised on Longhorn Network.

The announcement had a decidedly Texas tinge to it, partly because the announcement had all the hype of ESPN behind it, and partly because LHN has been cast as everything wrong with college sports today by some people.

But it was not the only aspect of this (admittedly tiny) piece of news. For LHN to be able to acquire a Big 12 game, Texas must find a partner willing to cede the game over to LHN. Iowa State did just that, because the Cyclones are pushing their own media venture - Cyclones.TV. It's exactly what the name suggests - an Iowa State multimedia venture available on television and over the Internet. 

Just like Iowa State's visit to Austin in 2012, the Cyclones-Longhorns tilt will show on LHN nationwide and on Mediacom, a cable provider in the state of Iowa. For fans that don't subscribe to Mediacom, they can pay $9.95 a month to stream Cyclones.TV online. (The Toledo game played the week prior will also be shown exclusively on Cyclones.TV.)

“We want to be able to give those people that bought into cyclones.tv more bang for their buck,” Iowa State athletics director Jamie Pollard told the Ames Tribune. “We thought this was a really good way to do that.”

So, Iowa State has just as much incentive to move this game from the Big 12's mainstream media partners (ESPN and Fox) here. 

Many schools have subscription-based streaming services like this. Not many use them for football games, though. Not ones that have better alternatives, anyway.

“We didn’t view this as a right of refusal,” Pollard said. “We viewed it as something we wanted to do.” 

As for fans that aren't okay with forking over $10 for something that could have come to them for free, or live outside the state and are precluded (via Big 12 rules) from streaming Cyclones.TV? Hey, Longhorn Network is now on DISH Network.

“That is part of growing the brand,” Pollard said. “I want them to do that. If watching the game isn’t worth $10 do they really want to watch it?” 

That whooshing sound you hear is every Iowa State message board ignitng. 

Video: #ArizonaFast is the new normal

This off season has been all about speed. New Bowling Green head coach head coach Dino Babers has coined the hashtag #FalconFast, Gus Malzahn has #AuburnFast, and now Rich Rod and Arizona have Arizona fast.

From the looks of how they're doing things on campus down in Tucson, Arizona's breakneck speed has become "the new normal"...for everyone involved in the football program.

As the folks over at Fox Sports point out, these type of recruiting centered YouTube clips (including the Arizona Speed hit) have made the quite the impression on prospects.

“I’ve had so many guys just from seeing our videos say, ‘I already feel like I know you’ (once they get to campus for a tour).” Matt Dudek, Arizona's director of on-campus recruiting and player personnel told Fox Sports. “That’s the biggest compliment we can get as a coaching staff. It just encourages us to keep doing more fun stuff.”

Read, and see more from Fox Sports on the thought process behind Arizona's creativity here...but first you'll want to enjoy their most recent masterpiece.

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