If this doesn't make you laugh...

We generally stay with the college scene, but this video of Rex Ryan is too good to pass up.

Ryan has one goal for the 2010 NY Jets organization.  He makes his point during a recent team meeting.

If this doesn't make you laugh...well don't worry, it will.

We recommend watch this video.  Caution, serious "F-bombs" launching:


Coaches Quick Hits - quotes from 11 coaches

Around the country with 11 coaches:

Quoting Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone: (on describing his new offense) "That is easy, it is attacking. It is an attacking style of offense. It is one that, people talk about balance a lot. At the end of the year we would like to be balanced. If we have to go into a game and throw the ball 50, 60 times a game to win it, we'll do that. If we have to run the ball 40, 50 times, we'll do that."  

Quoting South Carolina assistant head coach / linebackers coach Ellis Johnson: “I like morning (practices) better than the night. The players are about 50-50. But the head coach is like the vice president when he walks in the (U.S.) Senate and breaks a tie.”

Quoting NC State head coach Tom O’Brien: (NC State will move to morning practices during the Fall) "It will help us better with our academics and class and everything else. By 11 o'clock, noontime, we'll be finished here. They'll go back to campus. They can go be students. They can get all their work done and then be finished with football for the day."

Quoting Michigan defensive coordinator / linebackers coach Greg Robinson: “I think the biggest question mark is just to what level can we get our development by September 4th. How far can we take this group by September 4th. I think it is a real challenge for us and I think we really have to see it that way. We’ve got to be looking to have an A game mentally by that time.”

(It was Rich Rod’s idea to move to 3-3-5) “No, Rich and I both talked about it and I think it is really Rich. He suggested it and offered the thought of it and I thought that’s a no brainer, I can do that. After being a here a year and being settled in, it really was not a difficult thing.”

Quoting Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley: “If you get a headache nowadays, you’ve got to be out for a week. Remember, we err on safety here, and that’s what we’re supposed to do. But ... do you ever see what we ask them to do? Of course you’re going to get a headache. I get a headache out here. I’m going to ask (trainer Jason) McVeigh if I can take a day off for a concussion.”

Quoting Boise State head coach Chris Petersen: (both Boise State coordinators will earn a $259,000 salary) "The one thing that is good is I think our guys are paid pretty well in terms of what's out there in the West. Go back to the South and it's a different ballgame."

Quoting East Carolina offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley: “It’s not tough to grasp this playbook but I think it’s tough to grasp how we want it done. We’ve got really good competition at a lot of spots, and only one or one-and-a-half are going to play at each position, so there has got to be some competition and there are going to be some guys that get their hearts broken on this deal, but that’s part of it. They’ve got to perform or they won’t be on the field and they know that.”

Quoting Boston College head coach Frank Spaziani: “Everything is open. It’s real life. And in real life, you have to produce.’’

“On paper, our receivers are an area of concern. We have some young guys who might step in.’’

Quoting Boston College offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Gary Tranquill: "I would never have expected that you could pick somebody up off the street, that hadn't played football in seven years, and expect them to do any better than what he (Shinskie) did last fall."

"I think he's more physically suited to do what he has to do than he was a year ago at this time. I think he's improved a lot at understanding what we're trying to do, along with what the defense is trying to do. That's the name of the game, judgment, being able to make decisions.

"At least in the meetings now he understands things better, and that's a plus."

Quoting Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney: "I was impressed with the passing game. We worked on that a lot, and both Kyle Parker and Tajh Boyd were sharp. I asked them what they had for breakfast because they need to keep eating the same thing. I thought they were outstanding. They both had good zip on the ball."

Quoting San Diego State defensive coordinator Rocky Long: “I feel good about the depth up front in the (defensive) line and at linebacker. I’m a little worried about the depth in the secondary. There’s a whole bunch of true sophomores and redshirt freshman back there who are playing. The sophomores will be fine, But the redshirt freshmen haven’t played in a game yet. The inexperience worries me a little bit.”


Washington corners coach Demetrice Martin mic'd up

Courtesy a tweet from Coach Sark, we watched Washington defensive backs / corners coach Demetrice Martin mic'd up.

The Huskies finished their third practice of fall camp on Wednesday.

After practice, Steve Sarkisian added, "I thought it was somewhat typical of a day number 3. A lot of information has been put on our guys in three days of installation. Obviously the young guys felt it somewhat mentally. I thought the young guys might have felt it a little bit physically – just a little wear and tear in the legs.”

"I appreciated the intensity and enthusiasm. I thought we practiced hard. But there were probably more mental mistakes in this practice than we had in the previous two, but that is somewhat normal."

"Our focus in recruiting is No. 1, we've got to put a fence around the state of Washington; No. 2, we've got to do a great job in Southern California; and No. 3, find the top talent in Hawaii."

You can follow CoachSark and all the other head coaches in the FootballScoop Twitter Center. 

Here is corners coach Demetrice Martin mic'd up during Wednesday's practice:



Houston Nutt post-practice interview

Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt and wide receivers coach Ron Dickerson talked about the Rebels after Wednesday evening’s practice.

The Rebels will go full-pads for the first time on Thursday.  A scrimmage is set for Saturday evening.

Nutt stated, “I just know we can do better.  The main thing is we can’t beat ourselves.  Way too many balls on the ground with the quarterback / center exchange. We just can’t have that.” 

“Defense continues to run hard.”

“Our freshman, overall, they come in and handle the toughness, a tough camp.  It doesn’t faze them.  They want to please.  They are hard-nosed guys.  I’m really please with all those guys.”





Iowa recruiting coordinator talks social media

Iowa tight ends coach / recruiting coordinator Eric Johnson talks about and early signing period and maximizing social media.

“I’ve just heard some schools down South don’t necessarily want that early signing date because now all of a sudden have to see us in the winter a little bit.  That gives them a little bit of a recruiting advantage down South.  They always want to keep their eggs in their own baskets rather than try to compete against someone up here.”

(on twitter) “Not enjoying that too much, but it’s just part of the job. A lot of the stuff we do is for recruiting and for the fans, as well.” 

“I don’t think you’ll see Coach Ferentz or Norm (Parker) twittering any time soon.”

(on seeing our recruiting sites scramble to get a story after we tweet something interesting) “That maybe the best aspect of twitter.” 



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