Saturday night Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes from around the country:


Spurrier would like to begin season with Clemson:  “I have wished we could play Clemson in the first game of the year. It would give fans something to talk about all summer.”


San Diego State head coach Brady Hoke hoping to follow Padres: “They (Padres) weren’t expected to be anywhere near where they are. We talk about it as a team that they are a great example of teamwork, guys who care about each other and making plays when you have to.”


Mark Dantonio pumped up about running backs: "One of the biggest differences in our football team between this year and last year is experience at the running back position. And we've got some very good young players. We're going to be able to run the football. I've always tried to pride ourselves in that fact and we're going to continue to do so." 


Derek Dooley embracing General Neyland’s game maxims: "Our number-one game maxim is the team that makes the fewest mistakes will win. It's the same thing in life. Don't go out there and make mistakes this weekend.''


Ralph Friedgen talks Terps: "I kind of take the approach of just look at the next game. That's kind of how I've been my whole life. If you do that, things will usually turn out okay for yourself. When you start looking too far ahead is when you get in trouble."

"I think good things will happen if we get going. If we can get some confidence, we can be pretty good. We have more team speed on defense. We've got a couple guys like Isaiah Ross I'd like to get back and things like that, but I think we'll be faster on defense than what we've been."

"I have a lot of faith in these kids. I really think we're still a very young team. We only have 12 seniors. I think the future's really bright here. With another good recruiting class, I think we have a chance to be good for some time."


Quoting ULM head coach Todd Berry: "If you look at where college football is, and college football is cyclic, I think the cycle right now is you have to have a great quarterback, a great defense and don't beat yourself in the kicking game. Those are the teams that traditionally are winning right now.” 


FIU head coach Mario Christobal pumped about running backs: “They're all dependable. They get downhill fast and make people miss. They add a dimension to our offense that we really haven't had in a while.''

Carl Pelini talks about defensive staff: "I just think Year 3, the four of us (assistants) are all on the same page. I know what Marvin is teaching and I know what Eck is teaching and our vocabulary is the same. I don't mind jumping around and talking to one of their guys because I know the terminology they're using. It's just a comfort level being in the third year that allows me to let go a little bit of the D-line."

LSU assistant Frank Wilson making a big difference

When running backs coach Larry Porter accepted the head coaching job at Memphis during the off-season, Les Miles knew immediately that he needed to lure Tennessee assistant coach Frank Wilson to Baton Rouge.

For five consecutive years, Miles watched Wilson invade the state of Louisiana to sign some of Louisiana's best high school talent.  He did it while coaching at Ole Miss for Ed Orgerson, at Southern Miss for Larry Fedora, and at Tennessee for Lane Kiffin.

If you can’t beat him, hire him, thought Miles.  Despite a lucrative counter-offer from then Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin, Wilson decided the offer to return to his home state and to recruit his home town of New Orleans, was an opportunity he could not pass on. 

Now serving as the LSU running backs coach / recruiting coordinator, Wilson, told the Times-Picayune, "Being able to identify what motivates, makes that prospect click or go is important. To key in on it and have a genuine relationshis with that student-athletic, that type of chemistry. It varies in each kid.”

"Some of it is football and how they fit in the scheme. Others, (it’s) being close to home. For another, it may be relationships with their family or position coach. Whatever it is, you identify and recruit that kid accordingly."

"You've got to have social skills, be able to relate and adapt in different home settings, different environments and socioeconomic situations. My upbringing is very diverse, academically and socially."

LSU opens with UNC on Saturday night in the Georgia Dome.  Kick-off is set for 8 pm EST on ABC.

Bronco Mendenhall defends 2-quarterback plan

BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall has decided to go with a 2-quarterback system to begin the season.

Riley Nelson and true freshman Jake Heaps will rotate from under center when BYU hosts Washington in the season-opener.

Mendenhall says, "There will be those who will want a new quarterback the minute the first incomplete pass is thrown, as I very well know will happen. There might even be boos on occasion. But what I've told Riley and Jake and our coaching staff is, they will not deter us from our plan. We'll do what's best for these kids, our program and our future."

"They're both excellent leaders and they both bring different styles of play. Ultimately, I think we're going to need both quarterbacks to help us reach our goals this year. I think it's the right thing for the young men involved, and it's the right thing for our team."

After hosting Washington, the Cougars will play at Air Force and at Florida State.

Update: BYU beat writer Drew Jay just tweeted, "Coach Bronco Mendenhall did slip-n-slide about six or seven times, did his post-practice interviews while soaking wet. Good sport."

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Sherman accepts blame for Aggies poor special teams play

One week before the 2010 season begins, Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman has accepted blame for the poor special teams play a year ago. 

Former special teams coordinator Kirk Doll is no longer on the staff with Mike Sherman, who has divided up the special teams responsibilities amongst the staff.  

Sherman said, "I take responsibility for what happened last year. This season, we're putting some of our starters and best athletes on special teams.  We added a captain, and all of our coaches are now taking an active role in special teams so there's more focus there.  Yeah, I expect to see different results."

Overall, Sherman added, "It's taken three years, but they are practicing at a high rate of speed and tempo.”

The Aggies enter the 2010 season with five new assistant coaches.  Tim DeRuyter (defensive coordinator), Nick Toth (outside linebackers), Dat Nguyen (inside linebackers), Terrell Williams (defensive line), and Troy Walters (running backs) are all new to the staff.

The Aggies open with Stephen F. Austin on September 4th


Saturday morning Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes from around the country:


Lane Kiffin talks about Matt Leinart’s demotion with the Arizona Cardinals: “I have no idea. We've got a lot of problems ourselves to figure out. Last time I spoke to him during training camp, things were going great for him. Sometimes a change of scenery is good to people.''

(on the Texas/USC series in 2017/18) “I hope I'm here, but I'm not really worried about the schedule seven years from now. We're worried about a game seven days from now."


Quoting Oregon State head coach Mike Riley: “The TCU deal came up in March.  It’s in Cowboys Stadium.  That’s one of the reasons for doing it.  I like these games. We find out a lot.  We grow from these games.  Kind of a chance of a lifetime for the Beavers to go down there and play.”

“We’ve had more fans coming to practice, more media attention.  We’re setting a record for our own ticket sales here.  There’s a lot of excitement.”


Quoting North Texas offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Mike Canales: “Do I believe there is a guy here who is capable of leading us to a conference championship or a bowl game? Yes. I see the talent, the work ethic and the look in their eyes I saw from a lot of guys who led us to great victories in my career.”


Pitt DC Phil Bennett talks about Utah’s formations: "I told him heck, they have 58 formations. They do everything. I don't know how they practice that. They run power, a wildcat package, they run option - everything you might see in a year, we're seeing it in this first game."


Bronco Mendenhall will play 2 quarterbacks: "We plan on playing both Riley and Jake at quarterback and feel both will be effective leading our team. Each is a talented player with a different style, which will pose some difficulties for opposing defenses. Both players are committed to this decision and excited to lead our team."


Quoting Dan Mullen: “11 thousands student tickets sold out in 18 hours. There’s no a waiting list yet.  In another year.”

“Not only to have the players and administation, but our student body and fan base have bought in.  It’s really made Starkville the place to be in Mississippi on a Saturday evening.” 

“Right now it’s a huge push for us.  There is great high school football in Memphis.  It’s a huge recruiting area for us with a lot of talented football players.  It’s a natural recruiting area for us.”

“For a coaching staff there is no bigger game than the first game of the year.”


Quoting Memphis defensive line coach Mike Dubose: "When I was fired and first left Tuscaloosa, I was angry. I was mad at the world, mad at everybody but me. I was the only one I should have been mad at. In 2001 when I sat out, I didn't do anything. I tried to watch college football and couldn't. I tried to go to a couple high school games. I couldn't be a spectator."


Quoting San Diego State head coach Brady Hoke: “We’ve got our hands full with Nicholls State. I promise you that.”


Dooley glad to have defensive GA Peter Sirmon: "We're not talking about a guy that sits in the back of the room in meetings and takes notes. Peter brings a lot to the table because of his experience. He's played the game at the highest level. Having a guy like that here as a G.A. is a bonus."


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