Quick Hits: Shane Beamer, Paul Johnson, Jack Swarbrick

South Carolina special teams coordinator / recruiting coordinator Shane Beamer wishes the Gamecocks had landed these 3 players: "It's critical for us in this state to keep the best players in this state at home. Coach Spurrier and I were talking about this yesterday. You know, arguably three of the top five or six picks in the NFL draft this year are guys from this state, from the same area (Da'Quan Bowers, A.J. Green, Robert Quinn). They came out the same year, and we didn't get any of them. There's great high school football in this state; great players and great coaches. We want to do our part to get them to stay at home and go to USC."


Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson says coaches never really know the work ethic of a recruit until he joins the team: “I don’t think anyone really knows how hard a guy is going to work. Some guys have reached their peak; some guys are just scratching the surface. And people talk about ‘impact players’: A very small number of guys are ‘impact players.’ Go back to last year’s [Tech] group, where we had two guys go in the first round. [Receiver Demaryius] Thomas was redshirted as a freshman, and [defensive end] Derrick Morgan didn’t have a great freshman year. But they became playmakers.”


Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick admits to Rivals.com that he wanted to know Brian Kelly’s plan to rebuild the defense, first and foremost, during his interview: “Yeah, because again, for me it's not about tell me what you run, it's tell me how you're going to build a program that's going to play great defense. Who are you going to attract to the staff? What's your approach to recruiting for defense? And so it was all about defense because I believe, as he does too, you want to have a great offense, but the constant is defense because that's what you see of the best teams. Even more than that, when you play where we play with the schedule we play, you better have defense.”

Recruiting rankings...Have you seen this?

Nevada head coach Chris Ault led his program to a 13-1 record in 2010.  The Wolf Pack finished 4th nationally in total offense and 8th nationally in scoring offense.

So consider the following.

In recent years, Scout.com has ranked the Wolf Pack with the 5th best class (2010), 6th (2009), 6th (2008), 7th (2007). That’s in the WAC.

The final team rankings awarded to Nevada since 2007 have been 95th, 105th, 108th, and 109th.

Within the WAC, Rivals.com has ranked the recent Nevada signing classes 4th (2010), 8th (2009), 4th (2008), 4th (2007).  So in 2009, the recruiting experts gave the Wolf Pack the worst ranking within the WAC.  

There must be some pretty darn good coaching on campus in Reno.

Ault explained to the Reno-Gazette Journal, "We're right at the bottom of that pile. We have been for a long time. A lot of people don't realize what we've been able to do with the money we have. Sometimes we're working on fumes.”

He added, “That's why the optimism of where the program is and what we've done and how we've done it is so high. We've done a lot with a little. Just imagine what we could do if we find a way to increase the budget."

With National Signing Day just a few days away, Rivals.com and Scout.com both list Nevada with the fourth best class in the WAC.

Once again, Chris Ault and his staff will have to coach ‘em up.  Not only is Colin Kaepernick gone, but the 2011 non-conference schedule includes New Mexico, at Oregon, at Texas Tech, at Boise State, and UNLV.

Stockstill optimistic about future after a crazy 13 months

Fifty-three year old Rick Stockstill has experienced the highs and lows of the coaching profession over the last thirteen months.

A New Orleans Bowl win capped a 10-win season for MTSU in 2009, but the Blue Raiders finished just 6-7 in 2010.

Six different coordinators…Tony Franklin packed up the family station-wagon for the land of Sonny Dykes.  Mike Schultz lasted just one year.  Now, Stockstill has turned over the offense to Willie Simmons.

Defensively, Manny Diaz hopped in his truck and bolted for Starkvegas.  Randall McCray lasted just one season.  Now, Stockstill has turned over the defense to Steve Ellis.

There were potential job opportunities.  A year ago, Stockstill talked with athletic directors at Memphis and East Carolina regarding their head coaching job.  Not driven by money, Stockstill opted to remain at MTSU.

Stockstill explained to The Tennessean, "No regrets. None whatsoever. I didn't get into this business for money. We all want to make as much money as we can, but to me — and this sounds cliché — I'm not finished here. We're not finished here, and I'm not satisfied."

"My vision is so bright and so optimistic. I just believe we can achieve great things here. We've gone to three bowls in five years. We're doing good things in academics. I just feel like I'm impacting these kids' lives and I feel like I'm having a positive effect on them. So the money will come. But that stuff does not drive me."

In 2011, Stockstill will enter his 6th season as head coach with two new coordinator and a non-conference schedule that includes at Purdue, Georgia Tech, Memphis, and at Tennessee.

Malzahn speaks as the off-season coaching clinics begin

The off-season clinic has started.  Coaches from around the country are teaching philosophy and schemes in places such as Atlanta, DC, Mobile, Orlando, Atlantic City, Louisville, and Pittsburgh.

Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn spoke yesterday in Biloxi, MS at the Beau Rivage. In only his fifth season in college football, Malzahn was recognized at the nation's top assistant coach by winning the Frank Broyles Award.  

Malzahn told a crowd of nearly 300 people, “I’m an old high school coach who has been very fortunate. I’m just living a dream. I’m a high school coach who happens to be coaching in college.”

He added the Auburn offensive philosophy in the red zone is “to run the ball into the stinkin’ end zone.”

Click here to see the entire list of upcoming Nike COY Clinics.  A couple of clinics begin today.

Michigan strength coach Aaron Wellman may overtake Derek Dooley

Michigan head strength coach Aaron Wellman has been with Brady Hoke for eight years.  The two coaches are on the same page and believe toughness has to be a major component of the program.

So what is your philosophy, Coach Wellman?

“It’s a loaded question because that’s a 5-hour answer.  My philosophy is a couple of things.  Number one is you have to have a program based on accountability.  It’s gotta promote discipline and mental & physical toughness.”

“We want to build a program that is orthopedically sound.  In other words, we don’t want to cause injury in the weight room or provide exercise that promotes injury in the fall when they get on the field.”

Wellman, who may overtake Derek Dooley for the coach that most clearly replicates the body language and mannerisms of Nick Saban (evident by this video, especially in the third minute), says the strength program will evolve as the team evolves.

“We have to bring energy as a staff,” said Wellman.  “When I hired these guys, I said look ‘First couple of years, you have to lay down your life for these kids and this university.  It’s about these kids.  It’s not about us.’”

“It’s easy for us to work with 2 or 3 big groups a day.  It’s easy for us, but that’s not what’s best for the kids.  If I bring 50 guys in here, then I’m just watching over, making sure things are flowing, I’m not coaching kids. What’s best for the kids is 6 (smaller) groups a day.”

“Here’s who is gonna love this program…guys who are tough and competitive.”


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