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Skip Holtz says 3 plays separate Bulls from 6-1 record

Skip Holtz is ready for the stretch run in his first season as the South Florida head coach.  The Bulls are 4-3 with games remaining against Rutgers, at Louisville, Pitt, at Miami (FL), and UCONN.

Coming off a huge road win at Cincinnati, Holtz said, “They have remained extremely determined and passionate about getting this thing done.  I talked to them tonight about how we’ve played 1171 plays thus far this year when you look at offense, defense, special teams, everything included.    And really you are 3 plays from being 6-1 and 3-0 in the league.  3 plays separate you from 4-3 and 6-1.”

“What I want to make sure, at the end of the year, over the next five games, we’re not sitting here with the same regret as we are sitting here with at the halfway point.  I’ve told them if you don’t like where you are, then change it. Let’s quit turning the ball over.  Let’s start playing a little bit smarter.”

South Florida is 62th nationally in turnovers lost (13) and 87th nationally in turnover margin (-0.43). 



Joe Schad searching for Auburn airport guy

On December 13, 2008, a video that now has over 659,000 hits made its way to YouTube. As Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs landed at the Auburn airport, he was greeted by some bozo. 

You remember that guy yelling, “Boooo.  We want a leader not a loser.  Boooo.  Give us (Turner) Gill not Chizik.  5-19.  5-19 is not what we need.  Hell, I’ll take Brady Hoke or Patrick Nix.  Any of them!  Not Chizik!” 

Now, ESPN’s Joe Schad is trying to locate this individual.  Schad just tweeted, “Anyone personally know the Auburn airport guy or who he is? Message me.” 

We can’t wait for this guy to step to the forefront. In two years, Gene Chizik is 16-5.  The Tigers are now ranked #1 overall in the latest BCS standings.  

Former Auburn head coach Pat Dye recalls when Jacobs told him his plan to hire Gene Chizik.  Dye recently said, "When he called me to tell me he had chosen Gene to be our next coach, I couldn't believe it. He said, 'I decided to hire Gene the day he left Auburn (for Texas).'" 

Here is the video from December 13, 2008. We hope Schad can gets an interview with this heckler. 


Chizik not talking about 8-0 or rankings, Shannon feels no relief despite win

Gene Chizik doing everything he can to keep Auburn focused on the right things: "This is a step-by-step, day-by-day process, and I know that sounds like coaching clichés, but that is what it is. We are not going to talk about where we end up ranking-wise. We are not going to talk about being 8-0. We are not going to talk about any of that. We are going to talk about Ole Miss next week starting (Sunday), and that is how we will proceed."


Randy Shannon says he feels no relief in beating UNC for first time: “It ain't going to change. There's going to be somebody tomorrow who is going to say something, so it doesn't make a difference. It's not a relief. It's just the way it is in Miami. You have to move on.''

“Guys played with a lot of emotion, a lot of enthusiasm. They had fun. This is a team that is creating its own identity.''



Mark Dantonio gets ready for stretch run at Iowa, Minnesota, Purdue, at Penn State: "One thing about that football team is we found out how to win close games. All the games were close, starting with the fourth game against Cincinnati. Guys made plays down the stretch and that's what's happening to our football team right now. Guys are making plays down the stretch and I think that speaks to our players' leadership on the field.


Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone says simplying schemes was key to beating WVU: “You lose a game like we did last week (Pitt), this is no time to expand. We really stressed the little things and simplified the game plan.”

Texas Tech used ‘The Wildcat’ against Colorado, offensive coordinator Neal Brown explains:
“Really the reason we got into it, there’s a little bit of deception invovled because it’s hard (for the defense) to find the ball,” Tech offensive coordinator Neal Brown said. “The other reason is we wanted to get a downhill run. We feel like our backs are pretty physical guys and we want to get them running downhill, and then we can build off the package. It’s good for play action, and we can get some good screens.”

Bill Stewart says WVU overlooked 'Cuse, Kelly says Irish won't fall apart

Bill Stewart says West Virginia took Syracuse lightly, cost the Mountaineers: "Like, 'It can't happen to us. It can only happen to South Florida. It can't happen to us. We're West Virginia. Well, bingo."

“(We were beaten) between the ears, from the shoulders up. I know they were not nearly as impressed with Syracuse before the game as they were after the game," he said.

"I am not pleased in the mental approach in the Mountaineers’ football game after cautiously being reminded over and over by the coaching staff. I’ve coached longer than these players have been on this earth so, they better trust their old coaching staff. They worked very hard, and I know they were not nearly as impressed with Syracuse before the game as they were after the game."

TCU head coach Gary Patterson trying to get seniors to 40 wins, Frogs host UNLV: "I'm just trying to get to 9-0. I can get my senior class to 40 wins if we win this weekend."


Dabo Swinney says Clemson (4-3) is 18 points away from being undefeated: “This week, we really threw and caught the ball a lot better, which allowed us to have the rhythm that we needed on offense. As a result, we were better on first-down, which led to I think our best game of the year on third-down. Sixty percent on third-down, you’re going to be pretty good.”

“I’m not real happy where we are. I wish we could go back in time and change a couple of those plays. You’re 18 points away from being undefeated. That’s where we are. That’s frustrating.

Brian Kelly says Irish won’t fall apart like last year: ''Last year you lost to Navy and you lost the rest. That means this football team fell apart.'We're not going to let this team come apart. I just talked to them from my heart -- here's what I see. Here's what happened. Here's what's going to ave to happen as we move forward.'' 


Dooley frustrated, but will make sure to have fun: "Well, it's not very fun when you're not winning. But every now and then, if you crack a smile it's not the end of the world, either. I just think perspective is always important and keeping a positive attitude is always very important, but it doesn't mean that it's fun. The fun is in getting it right and winning, so I'm not really trying to have fun -- the way to do that is perform well and win football games."


East Carolina linebacker Dustin Lineback describes Ruffin McNeill: “Coach Ruff is a players’ coach to the max,” senior linebacker Dustin Lineback said. He’s all about family, he’s all about doing the right thing and being professional. It’s really a blessing to play for him.”

“He loves being here. He wants to be here. He’s not going anywhere unless they get rid of him. The camaraderie around the players and the coaches is unbelievable. It’s way stronger than it ever was since I’ve been here. You don’t let him down because he cares so much.”

Video: Paul Rhoads' Cyclones celebrate during post-game locker room speech

When Paul Rhoads led Iowa State to a 9-6 win at Nebraska in 2009, the post-game locker room speech became a YouTube sensation.  Rhoads’ “I’m so proud to be your coach” speech has been viewed 290,000 times since hitting the internet.

On Saturday, Rhoads took his team to Austin, Texas and led Cyclones to a 28-21 win.  The Cyclones forced 4 turnovers and outrushed the Longhorns 196 yards to 99.

Once again, the post-game celebration and Rhoads’ locker room speech were captured on video.

You’ve got to love college football.

In excitement, Rhoads’ says, “Somebody handed me this game ball and there are a lot of place it could go, BUT (pause) that’s Cyclone football ain't it?  We don’t need a damn game ball for that.  That’s Cyclone football right there!” 



Saban offers halftime message, Caldwell offers no excuses

Nick Saban’s message at halftime to his team while leading 13-10 at Tennessee: “I just said, ‘Guys, everything will be more fun if you would just play with more intensity.’  I thought we needed to ramp it up a notch or two to get to their level and I think we wore them down a little bit in the second half.”


Dooley says the Vols just got worn down: "We fought 'em pretty hard for 30 minutes. The third quarter was the difference. We struggle to stop anyone. We fight a little bit and then it just breaks.''


Saban ends post-game presser by thanking Bama fans, “as much noise as any crowd I’ve ever seen on the road” : The one thing I’d like to say is that it was really great to arrive here today, and we had more people, as many people it seemed, as we do when we have a home game.  Our crowd made as much noise as any crowd I’ve ever seen on the road.  I know these are tough places to play and these are tough games, but our fans have to know it is really inspiring to our players and it is certainly is helpful in playing with the kind of intensity it takes in these big game.”


Robbie Caldwell offers no excuses following 21-7 loss to South Carolina:  "Shoulda, woulda, coulda. There's no excuses."


Les Miles says you better tackle Cam Newton down low: "We just tackled him high. We worked in practice at tackling him low and wrapping him up. There's a want in every football player to take someone on, and that's what we did. (But) sometimes when that person is 250 pounds, it can be a little much."


Dan Mullen says being ranked is “old hat now” : “We’ve been ranked before. That’s old hat now. I think that, really, when you get that attention for the first time, you can lose a little bit of focus and lose a little bit of what got you there.”



Mack Brown puzzled while Gus Malzahn is amazed

Mack Brown unsure where to place the blame after 28-21 loss to Iowa State: “Coaches did a poor job, obviously. I told the players it's hard to figure out whether you blame coaches or players. The players didn't get ready to play, and it's the coaches' job to get them ready to play. That's my job to get the coaches ready to play.”


Gus Malzahn talks about Cam Newton: "I know it sounds crazy to say this, but nothing Cam does right now surprises me."


LSU linebacker Kelvin Sheppard describes Cam Newton: "Plain and simple. He's the best quarterback in the country."


Bo Pelini compliments offensive coordinator Shawn Watson: “I thought Shawn Watson called a heck of a game.  I thought we executed our offense the way it needs to be executed.  I thought we took a big step as an offense today, and as a football team.”


Tired of “same old Spartans,” Mark Dantonio leads Michigan State to 35-27 win at Northwestern: "I get tired of hearing about the same old Spartans. If we would have laid an egg I'm sure some people would have labeled us that. (So) I do think it's another step in the program and I do hope people recognize that.''



Tuberville explains 27-24 win at Colorado: “Somehow, someway, today we kept our presence about us and didn’t panic when we were 10 points back. We were able to make enough plays to win the game.”



Dabo Swinney says a number of Clemson players were stuck in elevator, late to pre-game meal: "I said, 'If we can pluck 33 people from 2,000 feet under a Chilean mine, we can get you out of an elevator," 


Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun give credit to TCU: “Right now there’s a gap. That’s stating the obvious.”


Dan Hawkins on if there’s a reason the fans should continue to believe: "I don`t know, we`re just going to keep hanging in there. And we need them to hang in there."

(on how he is holding up) "I`m good I really am. I think we just need to go back to the grindstone every time and keep staying after it. You just have to get up one more time after you get knocked down. It is not easy for anybody."


Gene Chizik says, "I can't say enough about our defensive staff.  We were playing with true freshman and walkons."


Coaches compliment MacIntyre, Koenning, and Frazier

Funny stuff here…Utah State spokesman explains why Hawaii game won’t be a sellout: "It is the opening of deer-hunting season. We usually try to get that date as a road game, but it didn't work out this year."


Former San Jose State coach Dick Tomey compliment new head coach Mike MacIntyre: "I think Mike's done a tremendous job.The team is playing with such passion despite the fact that they've lost so many players (to injury) and have played the toughest schedule I've ever heard of."

"The feedback I've gotten from coaches like (Nevada's) Chris Ault is that the guys are spilling their guts for Mike, which is what you hope for."


Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress says Leslie Frazier will be a great head coach: "I don't have any doubt in my mind. There's a reason he's our assistant head coach, because he can slide right into the seat, and he would do a tremendous job."

"He's a great communicator. It doesn't make any difference if it's high school-age kids or college-age kids, which a lot of our pros are. Or, older guys."


A GREAT article about Illinois defensive coordinator Vic Koenning: Zook, Larry Blakeney, Tommy Bowden, and players praise Koenning.  You can read the article right here.


Jon Gruden is open to coaching again: “I have no idea. I still go about my business as if I was a coach. I approach Monday Night Football like I did a game when I was coaching. My wife thinks I'm crazy the way I still study tapes. . . . If there is an opportunity down the road I would have to consider it.”


Butch Jones meets with press following 38-30 loss to South Florida: