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"The same storyline every week means you're not getting better"

Pittsburgh's Paul Chryst is a little tired of getting in front of the team and reporters every week with the same basic message of, "We're doing some good things, but we have to put it all together."

As Chryst explains in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, at a certain point that means that your not improving as a team.

“It is the midway point of the season. But I also think it’s a time where, you know what, they’re getting tired of me standing up...the same as you (reporters)...and saying, ‘We’re doing some good things; we have to put it together."

“You can’t have the same storyline all the time. That means you are really not getting better. The time is now where we have to get things going.”

This weekend, Pitt will look to get things going against Buffalo, and we noticed a few interesting notes on the match up. The Panthers are 28-3 all time against MAC Schools, and an impressive 20-0  in the past eleven seasons when scoring at least one defensive touchdown.

So far this season under Chryst, Pitt is 0-4 when the have failed to force a turnover during the course of a game, and 2-0 when they've been able to force multiple turnovers in a game.

Mike London defends his assistants

After two straight wins to open the season, Mike London and Virginia (2-5, 0-3) have dropped the past 5 in a row to teams that are a combined 21-10, including last weekends loss to Maryland (27-20). Through this point last season the Cavaliers were sitting at 4-2 overall.

Earlier this week, London was asked about their struggles, particularly on the offensive side of the ball and special teams. London responded by sticking up for offensive coordinator Bill Lazor and special teams coordinator Anthony Poindexter. 

Against FBS teams, Virginia has only eclipsed the 21 point mark once this season (a 38-44 loss to Louisiana Tech), and have ran for a total of two touchdowns against FBS teams so far this season, and both of those were in one game (at Duke).

In five of their seven games, Virginia has put up over 350 yards of total offense, including the past four games in a row. Turnovers seem to be hurting them the most, as they rank 119th in turnover margin (-1.86 per game). The Cavaliers have thrown at least one interception against every FBS opponent and multiple interceptions in four of those six games.

“I know that the plays that are called are called to be successful. What happens when they’re not successful, then everyone knows it. I think that Bill on a couple of occasions, if he could, maybe he would do it over again. But these guys go into the game with the best plans available, best options, best opportunities. They look great when they work. When they don’t, they’re up for discussion." London explained.

The special teams have also been an area where the team has struggled. After assessing where their special teams personnel is from a talent and execution standpoint, London and Poindexter (who also coaches the safeties) have decided on simplifying things. 

“When you assess your team to see where you are talent-wise, execution-wise, sometimes you got to say, All right, let’s just make it simple. I think that’s to the point of where we are right now, is just making it simple.”

All the remaining games on Virginia's schedule are against teams currently .500 or better, starting this weekend with Wake Forest (3-3, 1-3) at home. The game can be seen on the ACC Network at 12:30pm ET.




Major Applewhite mic'd up at Texas

Good video here from The Longhorn Network profiling co-offensive coordinator / running backs coach Major Applewhite.

Mack Brown and a handful of players weigh in on what makes Coach Applewhite an asset to the Texas program, and how his experiences as a player have helped him become the type of coach that he is today.

This weekend, Texas will look to rebound from their two straight losses (to West Virginia and Oklahoma) and get back on track against Baylor. Kickoff is scheduled for 8pm ET on ABC.

Thursday TV - Two FBS games and a NFL game

We've got a total of five college games on tonight (two FBS games) and a NFL game.

Eastern time listed.


Seattle at San Francisco - 8:20 - NFL Network


Hampton at NC Central - 7:30 - ESPNU

North Alabama at West Georgia - 7:30 - CSS

Houston at SMU - 8 - FSN Affiliate

New Haven at Stonehill - 8 - CBSSN

Oregon at Arizona State - 9 - ESPN

High School:

No games


Sal Sunseri: Preparing to coach against your son is harder than you can imagine

Tennessee and defensive coordinator Sal Sunseri face the Alabama this weekend in Knoxville. Sal's son Vinnie starts in the secondary for the Crimson Tide and he also has another son, Tino, who starts at quarterback at Pitt. I think it's safe to say those are some solid genes.

Many of the questions that Coach Sunseri fielded after practice today had to do with how he is approaching this week, and his message was emotionally charged, and clear.

"I didn't imagine it would be this hard." he said.

As one reporter points out, it could be worse. They could be playing Pitt and Coach Sunseri would have to scheme against his son, Tino. After the reporter described what would likely be Sal's worst nightmare as a coach, Sal says, "That's probably the greatest thing is that I don't have to scheme against Vinnie, but that would be extremely, extremely tough, and...I'd have to make a decision on that one."

Good stuff from Sunseri here on the uniqueness of the situation and the bond within their family.

Paul Johnson wants players to think less and react more Saturday

As Paul Johnson pointed earlier this month after letting defensive coordinator Al Groh go, part of the reason for the move was due to players having a hard time implementing Groh's schemes, which seemed complex at times.

And as coaches, we all know how hesitation can be a recipe for disaster on the defensive side of the ball.

Coming off of their bye week, Johnson wants to see less emphasis on the play call and more focus put on the effort with secondary coach Charles Kelly in charge of the defense on Saturday.

“We don’t need 80 calls. You don’t need a buzzword on everything. We need guys to learn how to play and play hard.” Johnson explained during his press conference yesterday.

Another area that Johnson said that they need to improve in is their scheme when the offense shifts or goes in motion, stating that their communication needs to get better, and that they need to think less and just react more.

“There’s got to be some communication, but when one guy goes in motion, it doesn’t have to change seven people. I’m not saying that the other way was that complicated, but the way it was, it wasn’t working. I got tired of hearing, ‘Well, I didn’t get a call.’ ‘Well, yeah, you did.’ ‘Well, no, I didn’t.’”

“I think you’ve got to learn how to play defense and you put your eyes on a guy and they’ll tell you where the ball’s going, as opposed to trying to recognize 82 different plays. That’s just me.” Johnson explained.

This weekend Georgia Tech (2-4, 1-3) will take on Boston College (1-5, 0-3) at 3pm ET.

Video: All Access look at Michigan State during Iowa week

Really good look here at Michigan State's week of preparation leading up to their 19-16 double overtime loss against Iowa this past Saturday.

As always, a very well produced, movie quality type piece here.

This weekend the Spartans are looking for their fifth straight win over the Wolverines, which is something that has never been done before in the history of the rivalry.


Borges: Our offensive philosophy isn't very popular these days

During last years loss to Michigan State, Al Borges admits that the Wolverines were outmatched physically across the board.

The Spartan defense held the Wolverines to just 82 yards rushing and 250 yards of total offense on the day, something that Borges knows that they have to improve on coming into this weekend's match up with the Spartans in The Big House.

In their past 19 games, the Wolverines have failed to rush for 100 yards just three times, and are 1-2 in those games. Their game against Michigan State last year (a 28-14 loss) marked the first time in the Brady Hoke era that Michigan failed to reach the century mark on the ground. Their other two games were against Virginia Tech (a 23-20 win) in their January Bowl game, and their 2012 opener against Alabama (a 41-14 loss).

Over the past five games, the Michigan run game has been impressive., running for over 200 yards in four of the five contests. Four out of the past five games (against Illinois, Purdue, UMass and Air Force) Michigan has ran for over 200 yards, During that span, the only game that they came up short of the 200 yard mark was against Notre Dame, where they ran for 161 yards against a top 25 run defense.

This weekend, Hoke and the offensive staff have put together a game plan that hopes to take advantage of a Spartans defensive scheme that will likely look similar to the one that they put together last season that successfully stifled the Wolverine offense.

"You just study their schemes and work on how to attack their schemes," Borges explained. "You've got to practice what you think they're going to do, have hopefully some good, calculated play calls that put you in some advantageous situations, hope the lesser play calls aren't disastrous so you can line up and play again."

"I've been coaching that way forever and I'll always coach that way, whether it's Michigan State or whoever. You've got to study, study, study and hope your players understand what you're teaching them. Go get them. Don't over evaluate, don't under evaluate. Let the kids play fast. That's really the key."

In today's landscape of college football of up tempo offenses, focused on getting eighty plus snaps, and putting up 50 or 60 points per game, Borges admits it's not likely that they'll put up 500 yards a game. That's just not the way that they're built. Their approach of grinding it out while trying to get the most out of every possession, taking the occasional shot at the big play, is a little different than today's norm. 

"We're not an up-tempo team. We're not likely we're to have 500 yards a game. We don't play that game. We want to make sure there's a balance in the game, keep our defense off the field. We want to run the football, convert third downs...play what Brady calls Michigan football...it's not very popular these days."

"Our plan is we want to possess the ball as much as we can, score as many points as we can but not to the point we're so obsessed with running 80 football plays that we could have three and outs that could keep our defense on the field."

Twenty points will be the magical number for the Wolverines on Saturday, and they shouldn't need eighty snaps to get to it (the Wolverines are averaging just under 64 plays per game and 34 points per game). Under Brady Hoke, the Wolverines are undefeated (15-0) when scoring 20 or more points, and winless (0-4) when scoring less than 20 points.

Kickoff is scheduled for 3:30pm ET and can be seen on the Big Ten Network.