Dear football coaches: Don't ever do this

Somehow, New York sports radio titan Mike Francesa got to debating the merits of college basketball coaches on Wednesday. The Yankees must have had a rain out the night before. Anyway, Francesa was discussing how he believed Kentucky head coach John Calipari is a great recruiter, a great motivator, and an average tactician.

Francesa then went to the phones, where - lo and behold - John Calipari was waiting to debate him. The exchange then devolved into sports radio banter you hear in every market in America, and then Francessa dropped John from Kentucky like he was no different than Jimmy from Long Island. And then he went back to talking about Calipari's mediocre ability as an Xs and Os coach, took another call and moved on like the most high-profile college basketball coach in the country hadn't just randomly called in and tried to disguise his voice.

Zach's take: Calipari doesn't even redirect Francesa's talking points. Francesa's mind isn't changed at all. Francesa goes right back to talking about Cal's perceived deficiencies like nothing ever happened. I don't like this at all.

Scott's take: I love that Calipari called in to speak up for himself. Clearly he and Francesa have some rapport and Cal had recently been on the show. I love when coaches speak up for themselves and don't act like they don't hear the public voices on radio, TV, the internet...and even in the local papers. Cal's a master at this stuff. The fact that Francesa just hung up on him is pure radio gold. Amazing radio interaction. 

(HT Sporting News)

You should be watching Cal's docu-series "The Grind"

I'm not saying Cal's "The Grind" is the best training camp docu-series in college football, but I will say there isn't one better than this. 

Outside of the content, which includes a talk from Herman Edwards and a whiffleball home run derby in addition to looks and practice and interviews with players and coaches, the cinematography is absolutely incredible.

"You have to invest, and when you invest your heart and soul into something it's very difficult for it to not be successful," head coach Sonny Dykes says. "You're going to fight and scratch and do everything you can to be successful, and I think that's the biggest thing our players have done is improve in that area. They're just more invested, and it's fun to see that. We still have miles and miles and miles to go, but we're progressing daily."

D-III program in Texas teams up with Nike for a complete uniform overhaul

The uniforms pictured above are what Trinity University (D-III - TX) wore last season, but after pairing up with Nike and going through a coaching change (offensive coordinator Jerheme Urban was promoted to head coach back in November), the program's look got a complete overhaul.

The new look is a bit more modern, and while it's nothing flashy, there are some nice details worth noting. The Trinity font across the from of the uniforms are one of those details, while the Nike Flywire design collar (the same design NFL use) is another nice uniform tweak that will have players buzzing.

Also, gone is the block "T" logo with the tiger in in, and replacing it is the simple branding of "Trinity" inside the outline of Texas. Simple but unmistakable branding.

Take a look at the new unis below.

Video of the Day - Inside Indiana football with Shane Wynn

Three and out - The Titans are hiring a Wi-Fi coach, worlds are colliding, and sport or not a sport?

Doug: The Tennessee Titans have an actual job posting for a Wi-Fi coach. This is not a joke. (H/T Bryan Fischer). Here is a portion of the job listing, see the full one here.


Zach: I giggled like a three-year old in a cotton candy store throughout this video. Worlds are colliding, Jerry!

Scott: I thoroughly enjoyed this chart from SB Nation.

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