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Come on, Fitz. Great player, but "war daddy?"

Following a 35-21 loss at Penn State, Northwestern head Pat Fitzgerald (35) described his quarterback Dan Persa as a “war daddy.”

Against Penn State, Persa completed 16-25 passes for 201 yards and rushed for another 109 yards.  On the season, he has completed a remarkable 73% of passes this season with 13 touchdowns / 3 INT.  Persa  is averaging 251 passing yards per game and 52 yard per game rushing. 

Fitzgerald said, "I thought Danny did everything in his power to help us win the football game. He's a war daddy and he gives everything he's got on every play."

War daddy? 

Even ESPN’s Colin Cowherd, who is on record as saying, “Pat Fitzgerald might be the single best college football coach in America,” would probably tell Fitz to slow down on this one. 

Persa is one heckuva player.  He's worthy of all Big Ten honors. But "war daddy?" 

As Chicago Tribune writer Teddy Greenstein points out, “For those who had never heard the expression, here's a summary from UrbanDictionary.com: "A term used to describe a particularly impressive football player, mostly offensive lineman of substantial girth. Originated in the deep south and used primarily by Southern football coaches."

“War daddy” is usually used in sentence such as, “See dat boy, he a big ol' hoss, a bonafide war daddy!”

In order, our top “war daddys” would include Nick Fairley, Drake Nevis, Adrian Clayborn, Marcell Dareus, Da’Quan Bowers, Jerrell Powe, and Von Miller.

Urban sends message to Gator fans, Mike Riley wonders "Who are we?"

Urban Meyer send message to Gator fans, Florida host South Carolina on Saturday: "I've never really done this, but I want to make this the most intense stadium in the history of Florida football this Saturday. This is for the SEC Championship.”

"Get there early. I want everybody to wear blue — head to toe — including our players."


Nick Saban talks about LSU: "They're very quick up front. One of our goals up front was not to get a lot of negative plays. ...They did that. We did not run the ball effectively enough or consistently enough to stay ahead of the sticks. ...We became a little bit one dimensional."


Chizik not pleased with punters or punt return game: "To me, I'm not very happy with our punters, period. As long as they're sporadic in what we're doing, it's always open. I don't feel like we've improved in that area in awhile."

"We've got to be more effective catching the football...we've got to get more yards. We also dropped a ball (Carr), and that's unacceptable."


Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson says A&M punched them in the mouth: "You'd like to think if you're a good football team you can punch them off (the ball) and with good backs, your fullback or tailback, punch it in. They physically got after us and won the game right there."


Oregon State coach Mike Riley on if he will take up controversial call to give UCLA 1 second to allow 51-yard FG attempt at the end of game: “There wouldn’t be any satisfaction in any of that. It was just a decision the guy made in the booth, that’s basically the only response that I would get back. We’ve got many other issues (to deal with).’’

“Who are we? You know? That’s the question that’s still out there.’’

Big win for Petrino, Spurrier apologizes, Richt recalls past upset win over top 5 Auburn

Bobby Petrino describes 41-20 win over South Carolina: "We had to stop the run or slow it down - we would have been happy to just slow it down - but I think we stopped it. (We) made them throw the ball, that's hard when you see those receivers to think you're trying to make them throw the ball, but that's what we were trying to do."


Spurrier apologizes to Gamecock fans: "We had a bad night. We had a terrible night. I apologize to the fans that we weren't even competitive tonight."


Hawaii offensive coordinator Dave Aranda describes 42-7 loss at Boise State: "It was one of those days. Soon, it will be over with. It's time to put this day to bed. I've been in games, where no matter what you try, it's not successful. This was one of those games."


Mark Richt recalls when UGA beat #5 ranked Auburn with a red-shirt freshman QB: “I haven’t thought much about it, but they are definitely top 5—No. 2. I think Auburn was fifth maybe in the country at that time the year we played them. We had a freshman quarterback. We have a freshman quarterback here. Our overall record wasn’t stellar in that year either. There are similarities in that way. That’s about the end of it I guess. It is at Auburn.”


Houston Nutt pleased with defensive performance against ULL: "The third quarter was the best we have played defensively in terms of effort and assignment. I was really excited about shutting them out in the second half. We came out and played hard.”

"We rushed the ball well. We are not there by any stretch of the imagination, because in the tight red zone we didn't score a couple of times like we should have, but Brandon and Enrique ran hard and effectively last night and our offensive line opened some holes for them. We were getting a hat-on-a-hat and the backs were running hard.”


Dabo Swinney reflects on the big picture: “It’s November, and we do have a chance. There’s an opportunity out there. As long as we’ve got a chance, that’s all you can ask for. For us, it’s about trying to get better, win a game on the road and take another step forward, finish the season strong, that’s what we’ve got to focus on.”

“The only thing we’ve got to worry about is what we control. All the other stuff will work itself out. We don’t have control over that. We do have control over how we play.”


Quoting Jim Grobe following 23-13 loss to Boston College: "We played better today, defensively. I don't think there's any question. I was really pleased with the way we competed today. You just can't throw four interceptions, you can't fumble a punt."


Great to hear UCLA players praise their coaching staff:



Post-game reaction from Whittingham, Sherman, Mack, Butch, and Dan Hawkins

Kyle Whittingham apologizes to Utah fans: "They deserved better. They were there in full force and very supportive. It was loud. Everything we hoped for from the fans we got. We just didn't deliver our end of the bargain."


Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman careful not to say too much following win over Oklahoma: “This was what we called the next step for us. It’s not the final step, but it’s the next step. I’m really proud of our guys.”


Mack Brown not pleased after loss at Kansas State: “We don't have everybody playing on the same page. That goes back to coaching."

(on what he told the team after the game) "If you like this, you should quit football."


Quoting Butch Davis following 37-35 win at Florida State: "Our kids proved again their resiliency and their refusal to surrender in the face of adversity and to just keep fighting,"

Greg McMackin says Boise State pass rush was just too much to overcome: “We couldn’t get into our game plan because their defensive ends are such good rushers. Any type of long route, we’re not going to get it off.”

Quoting Boise State DC Pete Kwiatkowski: “There’s no way I was going to say or believe we would be able to shut them down like that. Today was our day.”

Dan Hawkins talks about 52-45 loss at Kansas, during which Colorado blew a 45-17 fourth quarter lead: "Just got to finish, you know? Just got to learn how to finish. Got to know what it`s like to be in the lead and know how to finish."

Post-game reaction from Les, Stoops, Harbaugh, and Gary Patterson

Les Miles says his big brass calls are overblown: "That's overblown. I promise you, it's not in my hat. I don't think I've done anything that 50 or 60 high school coaches in this state wouldn't do. I think if you like football and you've kind of got a feel for some stuff, you let it ride sometimes."


LSU linebacker Kelvin Sheppard presented Les Miles with game ball following 24-17 win over Bama: "How many other coaches would have gone out against Alabama -- in a big-time game like this -- and made those calls? If you asked me, I'd say none."


Mike Stoops describes 42-17 loss to Stanford: "They out-executed us, outplayed us, out-physicalled us, out-coached us. We just got beat by a better team . . . It is a tough matchup with their creativity and ability to play physical."


Jim Harbaugh uses the “R” word following 42-17 win over Arizona: "We're playing for a championship. To get to the Rose Bowl and get to a championship."


Gary Patterson says TCU made a statement with 47-7 win over Utah:  "The bottom line is they've put themselves on a different plateau. But they have to finish the season. We can only control what we can control, but I thought they made a statement today."

"This game was about beating Utah. But ... how many times do you get a chance to make a difference?"

Kirk Ferentz talks about 18-13 win over Indiana: "I thought the story line today was (Indiana's) ability to shut us down inside the 20. They rendered us inside pretty much ineffective and that was really the story of the game up until our last series.''

Steve Sarkisian praises Oregon following 53-16 loss: “I understand why they're the No. 1 team in the country. They played like it. They're excellent. Everbody wants to continually talk about their offense. It's not just their offense. They're an exceptional special teams team. We knew that coming in, and they're very good on defense.”

Another $12 million for Texas. Plus, what gives Utah a chance

According to OrangeBloods.com , ESPN has agreed on a 10-year agreement to pay $12 million annually to Texas to distribute the Longhorn Network beginning in 2011: The $12 million is on top of the Big 12’s annual payout to Texas for television revenue.  In all, Texas will be making over $30 million per year in television revenue.   


AJ Green on Alshon Jeffery, referencing Lane Kiffin’s so-called comment that if Jeffery went to South Carolina, he would end up pumping gas: "He's not pumping gas. Trust me."


Utah co-offensive coordinator Dave Schramm talks about QB Jordan Wynn and explains team’s unselfishness: “He’s already to a point where the play is about to get called and he knows what’s about to get called. That’s how we game plan. Everything we do is designed for situations. He understands how our game plan is broken down. He knows as the game is going down, OK we crossed the 50, we’re getting close to the red zone, expect this blitz and I know we’re going to go to this.”

(on the team’s unselfishness) “It’s coach (Kyle) Whittingham. What he preaches to this team is: We’re a family. Without a doubt not every single guy in the locker room goes out to picnics on the weekends, but when you come on the field, you have to understand we as coaches are going to put you in the best situations.”

Lane’s advice to Sarkisian as UW prepares to play at Oregon: "I just told him, you better slow the game down, because they're so unique in what they do. Going (down) there without his quarterback, he's going to have his hands full."

Coordinator fines QB for poor body language

NY Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is now fining Mark Sanchez for poor body language: "Today, there was a play in practice when he screwed something up. He kind of looked like it was someone else's fault. That's a fine."

(referring to Sanchez in 2009) "He'd be broke. As much money as he has, he'd be broke with all the body language he had last year."


Mike Stoops really pleased with QB play: “To really have two quarterbacks play at this level is really unusual.  It’s a pretty lethal combination.”


Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney addresses issues: “Defensively, we played more than well enough to win (at Boston College).  We give up 16 points.  You’re supposed to win. Probably the most disappointing thing for me was that we missed on some real critical execution things offensively.  We didn’t come away with points in the red zone.  They were 3-3 on field goals.  We were 1-3.  And we fumble a kick-return.”

“You have to stay together.  Be realistic and honest with each other.  The old saying, ‘They remember November.’  That’s what we have to focus on.” 

“We only start four seniors on this football team.  Our margin of error is not really big.” 

“We probably wouldn’t even be 4-4 without Kyle Parker.  He played a terrible game at Boston College, but he has not had a bad season.”


The latest "Behind-the Scenes" with Turner Gill and Kansas:

The Gridiron - Week 8 from Kansas Jayhawks on Vimeo.

The latest from Stoops, Miles, Sarkisian, and Grobe

Bob Stoops reminds us that LSU won the BCS with 2 loses in 2007: “It wasn’t too darn long ago when LSU won it with 2 loses.  That shouldn’t be forgotten.”

(on if he punted at end of game against Mizzou to help in long run) “Absolutely.  In the end, big picture does matter.  A lot of people vote by scores.  In the end, right or wrong, that’s what I decided to do. I don’t know how many (vote based off scores), but obviously it happens.  I felt it was the best opportunity to keep us in the big picture.” 


Les Miles talks about Alabama game: “There is an enjoyment when you measure yourself against your best opponents.” 

(on Alabama) “It’s tackle football.  It’s just the way you’d like to have it.”

“We want this to be…we score and hopefully they don’t.”


Steve Sarkisian wants UW to stay together and stick to plan just as Stanford did when building under Jim Harbaugh, who didn’t have a winning season until year #3: "I have assessed them because I think in some ways they are a good model for how they stuck to their plan. I think both programs believed in their schemes, believed in their systems, believed in their coaches and stuck to it. Maybe they didn't win all the games they wanted to in years one, two, three and four, or whatever that may be. But they stuck to their systems and their schemes and they recruited to their schemes.”

"To me what's impressive about it is they stuck to their plan, and they didn't get knocked off course because they didn't win as many games as they wanted to early on. And so for ourselves here it just kind of shows that, 'Man, just keep doing what you are doing, believing in what you are doing and you will get there.' "


Butch Davis breaks down FSU offensive film: Watch it right here.



Quoting Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe: “We’re putting out so many fires on both sides of the ball, it’s hard to get our heads above water.”


Randy Shannon focused on staying the course: “It’s something you have to go through. It bothers me, it upsets me. It burns me up inside, but I know one thing – I have to get this team back and ready to play Maryland. If I go out there ranting and raving like a maniac and doing things like that instead of coaching and being excited at practice and giving Stephen Morris (QB) all the confidence in the world, it’s not going to happen. It’s going to be the same way.”