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In case you were detained by Russian police last night and didn't get a chance to see...LSU's defense is stout!  Now moving on to tonight...

All times Eastern.




Boise State at Toledo - 8PM - ESPN

Iowa State at UConn - 8PM - ESPN2

High School:

Hueytown (AL) at McAdory (AL) - 8PM - ESPNU


Jerry Kill is back

Coach Kill was released from the hospital earlier today and his doctors told him he was cleared to return to practice "as soon as he felt well enough".

He's back.  

Update> Video added.  Not much to see, other than yes, Coach is at practice.


They put this on the video board?

We enjoy showing everyone what other programs are doing around the country.  Coaches email us () videos all the time and we appreciate it.

Today, however, we saw one that just kind of stumped us.  

This season Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley has been wearing a new pair of orange pants on game day.  Hey, the man coaches at Tennessee, if wants to wear orange we have no problem with that.  We hear that most in Tennessee like them; but surely some have other opinions.  No problems with that either.

But then it was brought to our attention that they chose to run the video below on the video board in Neyland Stadium this past Saturday at the game against Cincinnati.  




Ron Zook: If I weren't coaching...

Nope, not water-skiing...that would have been too easy; but yes he does work that into this interview.

Coach Zook sat down with Mike Hall of the Big Ten Network for a segment on their "Step into my office" show.

A couple of highlights...on his best accomplishment Zook shares how proud he is of going from walk on to team captain during his playing days at Florida (see that pic!).

On what he'd be doing if he weren't coaching...Zook says he'd either be a dentist or a "jet jockey"...you know flying jets.

Watch and enjoy.


Football team helping out a flooded town

By now, you've likely heard of the terrible flooding that has been inundating parts of Pennsylvania.  

Well, in Bloomsburg, PA, the river crested at just under 33 feet, breaking a record that had stood for over 100 years. Officials estimated that over 1,000 buildings were damaged in this small town.  The University located on high ground away from the river did not flood; however the campus is closed until Monday as so many people in town were affected.  

Head coach Danny Hale and his staff have a big game tonight against IUP, nationally televised on CBSSN and streaming live on the NCAA's website; but that hasn't been the only thing on their mind this week.  

Coaches and players have been going all week into the parts of town most affected by the flooding.  Ripping out carpet, pulling up soaked flooring, hauling refrigerators out to the curb, etc...the team bus has been taking them back and forth from the field house. 

An inspirational read from the Associated Press.  We suspect the town will turn out in good numbers tonight to support the team. 

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