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Friday TV

Love being back in the swing of the season.  Last night (Zona at OSU and the NFL) was great...tonight's Mizzou at ASU could be a dandy. 

All times Eastern, additional games may be broadcast regionally.


None - but how good was last night's Saints / Packers game?


FIU at Louisville - 7PM - ESPN

Missouri at Arizona State - 10:30 - ESPN

High School:

Yulee (FL) at Buford (GA) - 8:30 - ESPNU


Morning twitter humor

This morning we took a look at the musings on twitter.  Nearly always, a coach or a hack (and we mean that affectionately) says something to stir the pot.

This morning two items cracked us up.

First, Mississippi State athletic director Scott Stricklin (an avid tweeter) retweeted a picture that a Mississippi State alum had tweeted that showed the guy in the Colosseum (in Rome).  Stricklin having fun with it, added "Scouting bowl game destination".  SI.com writer Andy Staples joined the fun, adding, "The problem is you have to win that bowl.  Losers get eaten by lions."  Funny.  Stricklin then won the morning adding, "No prob.  It'll be SEC vs. Big 10."  He wins.  No question.

Before anyone gets out of shape over this, in the twitter world that's totally OK.  Stricklin frequently injects humor into his tweets and the Mississippi State base seems to enjoy his tweets tremendously.  He was just having some fun.

Number two on the funny list this morning...

If you didn't already see our note about Muschamp being slightly agitated extremely angry with the NCAA, read that first.  So, this morning a local reporter (Jason Lieser with the Palm Beach Post) sends Charile Weis a text to see if Coach Muschamp is still hot.  Lieser tweets:

Just texted Weis to see if Muschamp is still smoldering today.  All he sent back was "OMG...code red :-/"

Embrace twitter.  You'll be happy you did.  You can follow us on Twitter @FootballScoop 

Muschamp unloads on the NCAA

Earlier today, the NCAA released a statement announcing that Florida defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd could not play in week 2 and that he would have to repay $2,700 to a charity in order to regain his eligibility.  Florida had already declared him ineligible for week 1 while they awaited the NCAA's ruling.

The issue at hand relates to Floyd's upbringing.  Floyd grew up in Philly, without parents, dirt poor, rough times.  He lived with 10 other kids in his great grandmother's apartment.  Earlier this year, Sharrif brought it to Florida's attention that while in high school, he accepted food and other handouts from some individuals and charitable organizations in Philly.  None of these people were boosters, agents, or in any way affiliated with the University of Florida.  

Initially, Jeremy Foley, the AD at Florida, issued a statement that we would characterize as follows:

Sharrif is an outstanding young man.  He alerted us to this matter and we reported it; but we were comfortable that there were no violations here.  Sharrif grew up in an environment lacking basic items such as food, shelter and clothing.  Kind people helped him survive.  We are disappointed with the NCAA's action; but we will move forward....

Muschamp refused to be so politically correct and just spoke his mind.  Here is the full version of Muschamp's release.

"I'm angered, disgusted and extremely disappointed that Sharrif will have to miss two games.

In my opinion Sharrif is getting lumped into what is bad about college athletics.  As we indicated in the statement Saturday night his issue was not related to sports agents, University of Florida boosters or his recruitment to Florida or anywhere else.

Sharrif is what is good about college athletics — his life is about survival, struggle, disappointment and adversity. I have recruited kids that did not know where they would sleep that night or what they would eat. Growing up, Sharrif was one these kids. Sharrif’s life is also about triumph, honesty, integrity, determination, perseverance and character. The NCAA stated that he received preferential treatment; there is nothing preferential about his life.

He grew up with only his great grandmother and still sends her Pell Grant money so she can pay her bills. How many kids do you know that would do that? I know one — Sharrif Floyd.

I want to make it clear that this issue is not about sports agents, Florida boosters or his recruitment to Florida or anywhere else. The issue is about his survival and the only reason the NCAA, the SEC and the University of Florida were aware of these issues is because Sharrif brought them to our attention last February. He came forward because, as I said before, he is honest and because of his integrity.

The toughest day that I have had as a head football coach at Florida was the day that I had to tell Sharrif that he could not play in our game vs. FAU last week. I took away part of his family.

He had tears in his eyes and said “What have I done wrong?” I told him he did nothing wrong. It wasn’t any easier to tell him today that he would be missing Saturday’s game.

I have two sons at home — if they end up like Sharrif I will consider myself a successful father.”

Not only did Muschamp just lay the wood on the NCAA, but he completely endeared himself to his players and probably to every recruit in the country.  

Very unfortunate situation for Sharrif; but the Florida football program just got stronger. 

Evidence that more O-Line coaches should do interviews

Refreshingly open and honest chat here with Miami offensive line coach Art Kehoe.  

Watch and enjoy.


TX high school RB has scored 26 TDs in 2 games

In full disclosure, this is 6 man football.  Honestly, we've never been to a "6 man" game so we can't really opine; but this guy has put up 13 TDs in each of his first two games.


His name is LaJordan Wilkerson and he plays for San Antonio Winston.

In the opener against Castle Hills Baptist, he ran 35 times for 591 yards and 13 touchdowns.

In week 2, against Town East Christian, he ran 47 times for 582 yards and another 13 TDs.

Maryland auctioning off helmets and jerseys from Miami game

Maryland strolled out in some special unis Monday night against Miami.  Now, they are looking to cash in on them.Screen_Shot_2011-09-08_at_2.49.55_PM

Today, the university announced that, "Due to overwhelming demand" they are auctioning off 10 helmets and 10 jerseys "worn Monday by the football team".  

Bidding opens at $500 for the helmets and $200 for the jerseys.  All proceeds go to the athletic department.

We applaud the capitalism.  Seems like a quick and easy way to earn an extra $25,000 - $50,000.  


Oklahoma State needs a win tonight to get to .500

No, a win tonight won't get them to .500 for this season (the Cowboys won in week one 61-34 over Louisiana Lafayette), it will get them to .500 overall.

OSU's overall record is currently 520-521-47.  Hard to imagine that after playing football for 110 years, that their overall record would be .500.  Odds?

Under Gundy's watch, the team is 48-29.

Their facilities are pretty good for a .500 team.


Yes, this is the last time we expect to refer to Oklahoma State as a .500 team.

Reminder, OSU hosts Arizona tonight at 8 on ESPN.

ESPN & NFL reach mega-deal

This morning, ESPN and the NFL announced a new eight year agreement (2014-2021) through which ESPN will pay $1.9 billion per year for a broad set of rights.

Included in the agreement are:

  • Monday Night Football
  • The Pro Bowl
  • The NFL Draft
  • Highlight rights for TV and ESPN.com
  • 3D distribution rights
  • Enhanced International Rights (including the Superbowl)
  • A wild card game option
  • Rights to simulcast ESPN's coverage on tablet devices

In making the announcement, ESPN also took the opportunity to announce some changes to it's NFL coverage.

Sunday NFL Countdown will now be 3 hours long (used to be 2) and NFL Live hosted by Trey Wingo will now be 1 hour long (used to be 30 minutes).

ESPN is also rolling out a new show called NFL 32, hosted by Suzy Colber and Mort.  32 will be year round and is slated for 1 hour of programming beginning at 6PM EST. 

They also announced NFL Kickoff, a Friday night show scheduled to air Friday's at 7 on the deuce. A one hour look at all 16 games for that week.  Berman will host the first two and then Wingo takes over.  

For a little perspective, ESPN is paying $1.9 billion for the package above.  Media reports put the media rights package for the entire NBA season at $930 million.