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Brutal way to lose

Down 1, Boston College looking for it's first win of the year, was in position.  With 47 seconds to play, BC was on the 6 and out strolled kicker Nate Freese for a 23 yarder to win the game.  Freese had already connected from 43 and 47 during the game; but had missed an extra point. 

Unfortunately, Freese's kick hit the left upright and bounced out.  BC loses, Duke get's it's first win of the season.

Brutal way to lose.



Stat of the day...from the early games

You might recall that Kansas beat Georgia Tech last year.  Paul Johnson had not forgotten...and today his team took out some frustration on the Jayhawks.

Georgia Tech set a school record with 604 yards rushing and piled up 768 total yards in route to a 66-24 victory at home.  

Tech scored on their first offensive play of each half...a 95 yard touchdown run in the first half and a 63 yard run to open the second half.  Both took it off the right edge, neither was touched. 


Jerry Kill is on the sideline

Coach Kill is coaching today...from the sideline.  

Minnesota is currently tied up with Miami (OH) 3-3.  The game is on the Big Ten Network. 

UFL Staffs - Vegas and Sacramento

Thursday night the UFL opened it's season.  Four teams comprise the UFL this year and Thursday night, Marty Schottenheimer's Virginia Destroyers beat Joe Moglia's Omaha Nighthawks 23-13.  

Tonight, the other two teams player their opener as Vegas plays at Sacramento.

The full coaching staffs for the two teams are as follows:

Las Vegas

Jim Fassel - Head Coach

Eric VanHeusen - Quarterbacks

Amp Lee - Running Backs

Don Eck - Offensive Line

Turk Schonert - Offensive Assistant

Ben Norton - Assistant Offensive Line

Larry Mac Duff - Defensive Coordinator & Special Teams Coordinator

Kevin Wolthausen - Defensive Line

Dennis Therrell - Linebacks

Isaac Carter - Secondary

Larry Marmie - Secondary


Dennis Green - Head Coach

Mike Kruczek - Offensive Coordinator

Robert McFarland - Offensive Line

Kurt Beathard - Running Backs

James MacPherson - Running Backs / Quality Control

Charles Collins - Wide Receivers

Bill Khayat - Tight Ends / Assistant Offensive Line

Martin Bayless - Defensive Coordinator / Special Teams Coordinator

Kurt Gouveia - Linebackers

Carl Hairston - Defensive Line

Jeff Burris - Cornerbacks

Robert Griffith - Secondary

Randy Hanson - Assistant Secondary

Steven Hoppe - Defensive / Special Teams Assistant

Saturday TV

Quite a lineup of games today.  Enjoy.

All times Eastern.  Other games may be available regionally.




Auburn at Clemson - noon - ABC

West Virginia at Maryland - noon - ESPNU

Penn State at Temple - noon - ESPN

Pitt at Iowa - noon - ESPN2

Eastern Michigan at Michigan - noon - BTN

Colorado State vs. Colorado - 1:30 - FSN

Washington at Nebraska - 3:30 - ABC or ESPN

Texas at UCLA - 3:30 - ABC or ESPN

Tennessee at Florida - 3:30 - CBS

Virginia at North Carolina - 3:30 - ESPNU

Michigan State at Notre Dame - 3:30 - NBC

Texas Tech at New Mexico - 3:30 - Versus

Miami (OH) at Minnesota - 3:30 - BTN

Navy at South Carolina - 6PM - ESPN2

Louisville at Kentucky - 7PM - ESPNU

Arizona State at Illinois - 7PM - BTN

Ohio State at Miami - 7:30 - ESPN

North Texas at Alabama - 7:30 - FSN

Syracuse at USC - 8PM - FX

Oklahoma at Florida State - 8PM - ABC

Utah at BYU - 9:15 - ESPN2

Oklahoma State at Tulsa - 10PM - FSN

Stanford at Arizona - 10:45 - ESPN

High School:


Tough loss; but Mullen is building the program

By now, you've probably either seen the game or a few clips.  LSU's defense was stout and the offense played well in a 19-6 victory in Starkville last night.  With the loss, Mississippi State falls to 1-2 (0-2 in the West).

We could talk ball all day long; but in this article we're focusing on how Dan Mullen is building that program.

In December 2008 Mullen was hired to take that program to the next level.  At the time, the program was struggling, wallowing even.  Perennially finishing 5th or 6th in the West (from 2001 - 2008 they only won more than 4 games one time).  

Mullen's job wasn't just to win games and he knew it and has embraced it.  He set out to do what some consider impossible, to bring championships to Starkville, MS.  

Wednesday night, the University hosted what they called a "Cowbell Yell".  Take a look at the video below and see how many people were out there (and this was around 11pm the night before the game).  That's a pretty good indication that Mullen's got the program headed in the right direction.  

If you watch the entire thing (or simply jump to the 1:40 mark), you'll hear Mullen get the crowd going when he says, "All of us together can win that championship...and that is the vision as you look around this stadium tonight, you look at the atmosphere we've created, the belief in everyone of our student bodies that we're not arrogant, maybe we're just better than you!"  


In his post game presser, Mullen starts off acknowledging that they, "got our butts kicked tonight".  But throughout the presser you hear him focusing on the long term development of the program...and he's right.  They are on the right path. We've never seen this much excitement surrounding the Mississippi State football program.  


It was 29-0 before we ran our 1st offensive play

Last Friday Pulaski Academy (AR) played at Cabot High (AR), a quality opponent.  Pulaski, you might know, is coached by Kevin Kelley (yes, he of the "We don't punt" fame).  

Kelley hits the circuit quite frequently to discuss his beliefs.  Some of the more prominent ones are that he believes that you will have greater success if your offense knows that it will go for it on every 4th down it faces (he has statistics that in his mind support this).  He also professes use of the onside kick (he says he has 12 different onside kick varieties in his playbook).  There's plenty more to it, just google around a little.

So, this past weekend, at Cabot....

Pulaski scored on it's first drive.  Onside kick...recovered.  Offense then gets another touchdown.  Onside kick...recovered.  Offense gets another touchdown.  Onside kick....recovered.  Offense gets another touchdown.  

At this point it's 29-0 and there's still 8:35 left on the clock in the 1st quarter.  Cabot calls a timeout before the next kickoff.

This time, Cabot recovers...thank goodness.  The offense then trots out for it's first play, down 29-0.  Ouch.

Pulaski wound up winning 64-34.  

Below is video of each of the 9 onside kicks Pulaski attempted during this one game.


Jon Wertheim of SI.com has a good article about the game and Coach Kelley's beliefs

Programs with the most players in the League

Looking at opening day rosters of all 32 NFL teams, the 5 programs with the most active players were:

Miami with 42 

USC with 41

Texas with 40

Tennessee with 36

LSU with 35

We noted that LSU is tied for the most defensive tackles with 5.  

Side note> Did anyone else see #56 the true freshman DT Anthony Johnson?  We now understand why they call him the Freak...quick off the ball and strong finish.