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Houston not getting the respect they deserve?

Kevin Sumlin is coachin'em up in Houston.  This season, Sumlin's got his guys 6-0 and in the Top 25.

The problem is they are #25.   

This season, the Cougars have beaten UCLA, North Texas, Louisiana Tech, Georgia State, UTEP and East Carolina.  UCLA, LA Tech and UTEP games were all close.  

The offense is rolling (as it usually has with Case Keenum at the helm). The Cougars are #1 in the nation in passing and total offense and #5 in scoring offense. 

This is Sumlin's 4th season as head coach at Houston.  

In 2008, they went 8-5 and were 2nd in the nation in passing, total offense and 10th in scoring. 

In 2009, they went 10-4 and were 1st in the nation in passing, total offense and scoring.

In 2010, Keenum got hurt and the Cougars finished 5-7; yet still were 5th in the nation in passing, 11th in total offense and 13th in scoring. 

If the Cougars win out this season (they still have Marshall, Rice, at UAB, at Tulane, SMU and at Tulsa), Sumlin will be receiving a whole lot of attention and the Cougars should move well up in the rankings.

On another note, the Cougars recently released this website which gives you an inside look into Cougar Football. 360 degree interactive video. We hear a couple of programs are working on these; but this one is the first we've seen. 

Joe Pa shares stories about Al Davis

Quality stuff here.  

Including, "Al, you and I would have troubles getting along...because I'm smarter than you are, and you'd never admit it."


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Strong statements from Muschamp and one of his players

So by now, you've probably seen the fake punt from LSU in which their punter got called for taunting (and they lost the 7 points). 

Well, after the game, Will Muschamp had some fairly strong words for his own team about that play.  

"We had two guys that were assigned to do their job. They didn’t do it. And they did what they wanted to do, and those guys aren’t going to play in our program anymore, guys that just do what they want to do when they want to do it. It’s undisciplined football and that’s my fault, nobody else’s.”

Florida RB / TE / QB Trey Burton had some equally strong, if not more bizarre words for LSU after the Tigers had just beaten Florida 41-11.  LSU held Florida to a season low 213 yards; but Burton had this to say about LSU's secondary, "They’re not as good as advertised.  I think the D-linemen and front seven is really, really good.”

Advice from FootballScoop staff: Trey, don't incite the honey badger. He's feisty and won't forget. 

A reporter then pressed Burton on which defense (Alabama or LSU) is better, "Alabama’s hands down a lot better. A lot more physical, just tougher guys,” Burton said. “If I had to pick one to not go against, it’d definitely be Alabama.”

For those of you that are not aware (perhaps any viewers in Guatemala), LSU travels to Alabama to play on November 5th.  Both teams have a bye the week before in order to prepare.  Epic.  

4pm Update> It has been brought to our attention that LSU's #7, the aforementioned honey badger, responded to Burton's statements via twitter: I love the fact that Trey Burton from Florida opens his mouth and say our secondary is not good, lol Boy you Soft as cotton! #1LSU 

Edsall gives Paul Johnson a shout out

On Saturday Georgia Tech got out in front of Maryland 21-3 and held on for a 21-16 win. During the game, Maryland senior captain (OG) Andrew Gonnella went down with what looked like an awful leg injury.

Gonnella went to a local Atlanta hospital. The Maryland staff flew back after the game.

On Sunday, Johnson visited Gonnella at the hospital and shortly thereafter Edsall took to twitter to express his thanks publicly.  Nice move by each. 

"These people are losing their mind"

The atmosphere at Virginia Tech on Saturday was stellar. 

Watch this video of the minute before the last play of the game and smile.  Some of the best fans in college football.

At the 0:57 mark, Mike Patrick says what we're all thinking, "These people are losing their mind." 



How did this happen?

We noticed a truly amazing stat from this weekend's game between Bethune-Cookman and North Carolina A&T.

First, a little insight.  Bethune-Cookman has a good offense.  This season, they put up 63 on Prairie View, 18 against South Carolina State, 35 vs. Hampton and last week they lost to Miami (yes, the U) 45-14.  However, in that game vs. Miami they rushed for 219 yards.  

Now a little on NC A&T...they have allowed 7 to Lynchburg, 58 to Appalachian State, 31 to Coastal Carolina and 3 to Morgan State.   

Going into the game, Bethune-Cookman was averaging nearly 200 yards per game on the ground.  NC A&T was allowing an average of nearly 100 yards on the ground.

So, what happened this game?  One week after rushing for 219 against Miami's defense, Bethune-Cookman was able to manage just 5 yards on the ground on 25 carries.  5 on 25 carries.  They lost 22-3. Proof that every game is different. 

Has anyone ever seen this before?

Georgia beat Tennessee Saturday 20-12.  The win gave Mark Richt 100 for his career. 

The game also featured a couple of ugly series.  

For Tennessee, probably the ugliest was when quarterback Tyler Bray tried to sidearm a ball past an oncoming defender, hitting his throwing hand on the facemask of the defended and fracturing his thumb. 

For Georgia, we have video of a drive that no coach ever wants to endure (especially offensive line coaches). 

At the end of the video you'll see Georgia punt.  It's about a 47 yard punt; but take note of where Tennessee catches it...it's about 8 yards short of the first down marker.  Ever seen that before?  Maybe on a terrible shank; but on a 47 yarder?