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Leach: Building a program is like harvesting corn

Ivan Maisel of ESPN sat down with the four new Pac-12 coaches recently to get their thoughts on everything from the recent playoff talk to the rise of 7 on 7 leagues, to the "win within 3 years" mentality of college athletics.

Maisel asked the panel of coaches if they planned on changing their coaching styles to adjust to the win now mentality of football programs across the country and Leach answered by comparing the win now attitude with harvesting a crop, such as corn.

"It's very difficult to gauge somebody based on one year. It's difficult to base someone on two years, I think the cycle needs to be a little longer than that."

"It would be a little bit like your a farmer, and there's a lot of this going on in the NFL right now, you know, there's a lot of farmers in the NFL right now and they throw these seeds in the ground and the corn gets to be about a foot tall and they say 'Well I don't like this corn' and so they yank it out of the ground. So all they're doing really is planting seeds. They're not really harvesting corn, they're planting the seeds."

"I think that anyone that operates with that mentality...I don't think they're going to harvest a whole lot of corn. You can go right down the line of the NFL Hall of Fame and the College Football Hall of Fame and there's a whole lot of people in there that if they were yanked out in the first three years they wouldn't be there." Leach explained.

When asked about the recent playoff talks, each coach weighed and when it came around to Jim Mora, he responded by answering, "I don't really have an opinion on it yet...seriously, I'm just worried about practice tomorrow."

The series of round table discussions can be found in its entirety here, but there is plenty more from Leach and some good insight from Rich Rod in the provided clip.

No pads? No problem...

The Linfield College football program hit the 9 win mark for the third consecutive season in 2011, and is looking to build on that by making spring practices as physical, yet safe, as possible, even though D-III doesn't allow pads in the spring.

The program has finished in the top 10 every season since 2009, including last season's trip into the second round of the playoffs where they eventually lost a close one to Wesley 28-35 (who eventually lost in the semi's to Mount Union 20-8)

As you can see below, the restrictions haven't stopped the Wildcats from putting in some quality work this spring up in Oregon.

Arrive, Raise Hell, Leave

Arrive, Raise Hell, Leave!

That's the mission statement for Dickinson (D-III - PA) College's football program this year.  

After finishing 4-6 in 2011, the coaching staff put a renewed focus on competition throughout this off-season for the Red Devils. Now they compete in everything from lifting, to sprints, to practice to drills, and even the color jersey that they wear for practice. 

The 1-2-1 scheduling philosophy

In his first season at Ball State, Pete Lembo saw a wide range of offensive strategies throughout the course of their schedule. They got a heavy dose of cut blocks with the triple option from Army, the spread no huddle of Oklahoma, the spread run dominated attack of Temple, and topped it off with a heavy dose of conference MACtion during the season.

Lembo said that when he took the job, the schedule was all over the map, and come 2014 (his fourth season at Ball State), that will change...along with a new scheduling philosophy.

“At Ball State, winning was all over the map, and also, the scheduling was all over the map. No matter what you are trying to achieve in life, you have to have a plan. You have to keep the well-being of your student-athletes in mind and continue to try and think about the goals that you have for your program, and in regards to those goals, your schedule has to be set up to help you get there.”

Lembo's plan for the 2014 schedule is to line up what he calls the "1-2-1" scheduling philosophy. That philosophy includes an FCS program, two programs comparable to Ball State, and a BCS program, to see where they measure up when all is said and done.

“You want to be able to say when you look at the schedule, absolute worst-case scenario we could be 1-3, but really 2-2 is more realistic, from a fan-base standpoint, you can't schedule yourself to 0-4 and be out of the running for a bowl game by the end of September.”



Grad Assistant of the Day - Wake Forest

Ryan McManus is the offensive grad assistant at Wake Forest. The name sound familiar? Yep, he's the son of Jerry, current New Mexico State offensive coordinator (previously at Kent State, East Carolina, Wake, etc...). 

In the video above, new offensive line coach Jonathan Himebauch sat in to share some of his thoughts about McManus' importance to the program, his grasp on coaching and his future as a coach.

We'd like to thank Coach Himebauch for spending a few minutes with us talking about Ryan. 

You can follow Ryan on Twitter @RyanMcManus15


Tedford mic'd up

If your a player at Cal, and have set your Twitter profile to "Private" Coach Tedford is going to find out, and ask you about it at practice.

Tedford was mic'd up during spring ball and did just that during a stretching period, and also coaches the skill players up during a fade drill and shows that he's still got an accurate rocket arm when he calls out the exact location of his throw while warming up.

Total athletic department Revenues & Expenses

The fine folks at USA Today have compiled a nice table showing total revenues and expenses for most division 1 programs in the country.

Probably won't surprise anyone; but the Top 10 in terms of total expenses are: Texas, Ohio State, Michigan, Florida, Alabama, Penn State, Auburn, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Oklahoma. Reminder, this is for the entire athletic department.

Full data can be seen here

Grad Assistants of the Day - Northwestern

Meet John Kuceyeski, offensive grad assistant, and McNeil Parker, defensive grad assistant, of Northwestern Football. Impressive young men, working towards creating a career in coaching. 

Hear where they came from, how they got their positions at Northwestern, what they do in their current positions and what excites them about coaching. Listen to their responses to the last question...these guys get it and have a bright future ahead of themselves.