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GA of the Day - Byron Thomas (Texas A&M)

Byron Thomas has a great foundation (and a great story as well). He's from California, has coached and recruited up north and has now served as a grad assistant at both South Florida and Texas A&M. He both played for and worked for Ed Meierkort and earned just about the highest compliment one can from Mark Snyder (you gotta watch the video).

Every coach we have spoken with that has worked with Byron says great things about him. He's going to be one of the leaders of this profession twenty years down the road. 

Watch the video and hear him tell you about his road to Texas A&M...fascinating. Thomas' story should remind all young coaches that you never know when that break might come.

NCAA / NFL Coaches Academy

The NCAA sent us the list below showing all of the coaches that participated in the Coaches Academy last week.

2012 CoachesAcademy

Some sharp coaches on that list. Hope everyone enjoyed it. 

"Walk throughs" forbidden in Baltimore

John Harbaugh welcomed the rookies to the team practice facilities last week to prepare for rookie mini camp and made it clear that there will be no walk throughs for any of his guys.

"That term is forbidden around here. We don't do walk throughs. We do 'alignment, assignment, communication, and technique' practices. That's what we call it." Harbaugh explained, noting the tempo of the NFL.

Video: Water balloons at practice

We came across this video of spring practices down at Arizona over the weekend and the hard work and fun that they're having compelled us to share.

How many other programs out there use water balloons during practice? 

Defensive Line drills

Kevin Weston, assistant head coach / defensive line coach at Tusculum College recently sent us these drills looking to share them with coaches. 

First one is double team drill and the second is a post drill. Enjoy

Copper Helmets

AZ Helmets

Yes, Arizona is planning to use these new lids this season. They won't replace their standard white, red & blue; but these will be rolled out from time to time.

We like'em.  

California program Transitioning to D-II faces unique challenges

Azusa Pacific is transitioning from NAIA to Division II. The Cougars had an excellent season in 2011 winning 9 games and are looking to build on that success this season. 

However, as the lone D-II program in southern California, APU has a unique challenge in scheduling opponents. In fact, we noticed that they will play 5 opponents two times each in the upcoming 2012 season. 

Here's hoping the scheduling gets easier for these guys as awareness grows. 

Visiting other staffs

We saw a note recently that Kevin Sumlin, Kliff Kingsbury and BJ Anderson spent two days earlier this week with the Packers' staff observing the first few days of OTAs. Not a bad staff to learn from.

It's always interesting to hear who other staffs plan to visit with during the Summer. Let us know @FootballScoop and we'll share the knowledge.

On an unrelated note; but from that same article about Sumlin and staff traveling, we also noticed that Sumlin says he plans to practice outdoors all of August. He noted, "I looked at our schedule, and we don't play any games in domes."