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Photos: Illinois' new unis
Luther staff issues a challenge
Nebraska's top recruiting tool?

Alabama A&M strength video is a must watch

If you're a fan of the SWAC (and honestly, who isn't), you will most definitely enjoy this video.

The first 40 seconds are fairly tame featuring head strength coach James Hester speaking about the workouts he presents for his players; but then...

Quality high school summer conditioning video

Pope John Paul II High School in Hyannis, MA played varsity football for the first time last year. Had an excellent first season and are looking to build upon that heading into this year. 

The players put in huge effort this Summer working towards their goals. The video below shows their grind and their effort...and their motivation.

Well produced video. Good job guys!

Another great looking new helmet


Keith Allen, head coach at D-II Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, MO is considered a visionary in this profession by many who know him. 

We heard that SBU plans to unveil the helmet shown above this season. Another smart move by Allen. 

Toledo's new helmet is pretty sweet

Saw this pic this morning on twitter...and we like it.

Your thoughts?


Michigan to wear new "alternate" unis for opener vs. Alabama


Michigan announced last night plans to wear the "alternate" uniforms shown above for their season opener vs. Alabama. 

In their announcement the University said that these will be a one time deal with the program wearing their traditional road and home uniforms for all other games this season. 

First take here...pretty good look created by Adidas. 

Terry Bowden: We're planning every minute

Terry Bowden is attending his first MAC Media Day and says that the staff is working on the plans for the rest of the year.

Bowden said, "We'll have staff meetings the rest of this week to go over plans for every minute of every day of every week of every month of the next year."

Behind the scenes with Paul Rhoads

Follow Paul Rhoads along for his day with the media at the Big 12 media day. 

Some candid discussions with the media and with Bill Snyder and Tommy Tuberville. 

This is soooo Les Miles...sounds crazy; but actually makes a lot of sense

Les appeared on one of the ESPN shows today and was asked for an example of something he's done at home that makes his family think he's slightly crazy. 

Miles relayed a story of teaching his daughter how to drive. His daughter was driving Les over the Mississippi River bridge in Baton Rouge and Miles says, "I was describing to her how she was responsible for the car and it didn't make any difference what was going on in the back seat. I was coaching. We're crossing the bridge way up in the air and I took an open bottle of water and threw it at her, drenched her. She's saying, 'Now what was that about, Dad.' (I said) 'What that was about was you understanding, what you have to do, is not worry about what's going on in the perimeter when you drive us across this bridge.' That was certainly one (example of family thinking he's crazy)."

Crazy...or Brilliant? Either way, he's hard not to enjoy.