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Urban Meyer on the "essence of coaching"

Urban Meyer saw a note recently that said that the last time the Buckeyes had lost seven games, like they did last season, was just before the turn of the 20th century (1897).

Meyer is hoping that leads to a team eager to prove themselves in 2012.

“I saw a quote somewhere that said the last time Ohio State lost seven games was the 1800's. And I actually heard a player say that. So I’m hoping it’s a very angry team.”

Urban noted that coaching a complacent and entitled group is one of the hardest things to fix as a coach, but to coach "an angry group of guys that are on a mission" is every coaches dream. Especially when you have a group capable of channeling that anger and rage into a productive attitude.

“That’s the essence of coaching, that’s what we do. The way I like to do it is to make practices so hard that their anger better be channeled into becoming a better player.

“If practices aren’t hard, there’s still that anger. What are they going to do with it? Fight downtown? Someone is going to say, ‘You guys stink,’ and … we make it so hard that we channel it to what’s important now, which is practice.”

Video: The Grind

Really good video here from the University of Mary (D-II - ND) that centers around using that voice of doubt in your head as motivation to grind through a morning workout.

This is a good one. Enjoy.

Sark to Arkansas?

Kirk Bohls writes for the Austin Statesman. He's exceptionally good at what he does and he's well connected in Austin. 

This morning, Bohls tweeted out a link to his "Nine things and one crazy prediction"... always a fun read. His comments about and from Gary Patterson are spot on; but it was his "one crazy prediction" that really made me think.

For his crazy prediction, Bohls wrote, "After Arkansas goes 11-1, it will hire Washington's Steve Sarkisian to replace John L. Smith." 

First, I want to say that I think that Sark has done a very good job leading the program at UW and I believe their best days are ahead of them. A few months ago I visited the UW campus and met with the AD and the staff and took a behind the scenes tour of the university and all of the football facilities. The stadium is undergoing a major renovation which will be complete by the start of next season. My overall impression was extremely positive. The facilities (once the renovation is complete) will be top 10-15 in all of college football. The staff that Sark has hired is likewise extremely good (in fact I believe a number of his staff will in time become head coaches themselves). The quality of life in Seattle is hard to beat...Oh, and the quality of football in the Pac 12 is top notch as well. 

I honestly believe that Pac 12 football for the next decade could be as strong as any conference has ever seen, and I believe it will be the most exciting collective brand of football played...and yes, I live in SEC country. 

With all of that said, I believe that Sark is a guy that Arkansas should strongly consider because I believe that he is an excellent coach, leader and mentor for young men and his staff. However, I simply can't see Sark leaving the Pac 12 anytime soon. Sure, there would be a pay raise involved; but I simply don't know how or why you would leave a city like Seattle, a program that you have built to compete in one of the most challenging conferences in the land, the west coast lifestyle, etc...

I'll bring this back to where Bohls began his article, with words from TCU's Gary Patterson...Bohl's wrote, "Love the fact that Gary Patterson continues to stay at TCU despite plentiful job offers. At Big 12 media days, he said he has seen how constant job-changing 'can tear families up, and if you go somewhere else, there's a reason (the predecessor) left or had to leave. I'm just hoping my wife doesn't put me up on eBay.' Didn't sound like Patterson will be coaching forever. 'I'm 52,' he said. 'I still want to scuba-dive.'" 

Just my prediction; but I can't see why Sark would leave UW for Arkansas after this season. Too many positive things happening out west right now. 

Tennessee taking camp on the road

Derek Dooley is taking the Vols on a short two hour road trip to Milligan College (NAIA - TN) for a change of scenery during a week of camp.

"It's something they hadn't done. It's hard, but it's fun." Dooley said of the trip.

"Every day's going to be an adventure, and there'll be 48 things we didn't think about that we've got to go on the fly. I'm going to tell the team, 'Things are going to happen there that are all different, and everything is going to be premised around your attitude when you get on the bus.' You can be a negative guy and complain about everything, or you can embrace it as an awesome opportunity."

The accommodations are going to be a far cry from what the players are used to, and Dooley admits that the logistics are going to be a headache for the Vol's support staff, but in the long run it should be beneficial for both the Vols, and Milligan College. 

The Vols will get some quality team bonding time in during the getaway, and Milligan will surely benefit from the publicity of having the Vols on campus. Dooley also wants the trip to serve as a reminder to be thankful for what you have.

"What I also told them is when you come back I hope you're going to appreciate what Tennessee gives you every day. You're not going to get that over there. Those dorms look a little different, facilities look a little different and our guys take it a little bit for granted because this is all they know." Dooley explained.

"They've got Gatorade any time they want. That doesn't seem like a big deal, but we couldn't afford it when I was at Louisiana Tech. It was turn on that hose to get a little water."

Youngest FBS coordinator offers advice

Back in February, Brian Johnson was named offensive coordinator at Utah after Norm Chow took the head coaching position at Hawaii. He was 24 at the time.

Johnson has since turned 25, and has spent every free moment focused on honing his craft, further developing his offensive philosophy, and getting prepared for his first fall calling the shots on offense.

Coach Johnson reflected on the opportunity and offered some advice in the Deseret News.

"I'm obviously blessed to be in this position. I realize that every day. There's not a day that goes by that I'm not thankful for the blessings that have been given me."

"But I don't dwell on it. In this profession, nothing is guaranteed forever. I learned that from Whit. You can always get better. I'm constantly evaluating myself and trying to get better. To this point things have been good, but if you get lax in preparation or focus in any area of your life, it can all change."

Johnson and the Utes will face a favorable Pac 12 road schedule that includes only two teams that went to bowls last season (UCLA and Washington), and only one that finished with a winning record (Washington). Other road games will include Arizona State, Oregon State, and Colorado, while they'll see USC, Cal, Washington State, and Arizona at home. 

Coaches weigh in on when recruiting should start

There has been plenty of buzz nationally this week about what age recruiting should start, after LSU offered a rising 8th grader a scholarship earlier in the week.

Heather Dinich of ESPN.com caught up with a few ACC coaches to get their thoughts on the issue, and Dabo Swinney went on record as saying "...they should be driving."

Randy Edsall on the other hand sees things a little differently, and his Terrapins currently have an offer out to a recruit that will be a freshman this fall.

“We’re on a slippery slope with recruiting, and unless we change it, we’re going to continue to have bigger issues that we don’t really want to get involved with. We’ve offered a kid who’s going to be a freshman in high school. Do I like doing it? No, I don’t. But everybody else is doing it."

Edsall explained that with the new GPA and SAT rules going into effect, starting so early really doesn't make a whole lot of sense to him because it won't be until the end of the recruit's junior year before you realize if they're on track or not.

Interesting point. Hear more thoughts on recruiting and the NCAA rules from coach Edsall here.

Meet Stanford's new AD, Bernard Muir

Bernard Muir was named director of athletics at Stanford yesterday. 

Watch the video and learn a little more about the man. Those we have heard from tell us he's a great leader and a highly skilled administrator. 

We look forward to watching Muir lead Cardinal athletics forward for a long, long time. Stanford is one of those places that you wonder why anyone would ever leave. Perhaps Muir never will...

Denard Robinson's speech @ B1G Kickoff

Great speech.