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Video: Inside the PR1DE

By all accounts, East Mississippi Community College had a special season last year, taking home the national title. Since then, they have released numerous high quality videos highlighting their journey, and this one (chronicling their off season leading up to the 2012 opener) may be their best one yet.

The video is very well put together and provides perspective from coaches, administrators, and former players on the strides that the program has taken in a short period.

There's also plenty of behind the scenes footage including thoughts on camp from the coaching staff and some good clips of the players just being themselves. 

"I won't hire a grad assistant unless I would eventually hire him full time"

After practice yesterday Bronco Mendenhall touched on a basic philosophy that many head coaches around the country share when looking to hire a graduate assistant. 

"I guess I'll share a basic philosophy. I won't hire a graduate assistant now unless I would eventually consider him to be a full time coach here."

Bronco talks about how current secondary coach / special teams coordinator Nick Howell had a sincere desire and hunger to prove himself at BYU while he was interviewing for the defensive grad assistant position a few seasons ago. According to Bronco, Howell eventually flat out worked circles around everyone else in the office.

As he explains at the end of the clip, the cycle of graduate assistants that staff has helped develop have been able to successfully pass along the lessons learned and work ethic needed as the new graduate assistants are brought in.

Bronco echoed many of the things that were highlighted during many of our Inside Scoop episodes. If you want to be successful as a grad assistant, or are working to get into a graduate assistants role, work your tail off, be sincere, listen and learn, and be the first one in, and last one out of the office. That's what head coaches are looking for when they have an opening for a full time assistant. Prove yourself daily.

Chip Kelly: I don't understand that coaching concept

After practice yesterday a reporter asked Chip Kelly if they held anything back from their offensive game plan as the game progressed during their win against Arkansas State.

Kelly responded by explaining that he doesn't understand why a coach would do that.

"Our game plan was executed in terms of what we wanted to do going in to those guys. We never make any decision on what we're going to run or not going to run by how much we show there."

"I don't understand that concept because if you go 'We need to have this route in, but we didn't practice it cause we didn't think we'd need it'...then you're in trouble."

"A lot of it is based on how they defended it and how they came out and what we had practiced against, which was a good thing. We thought they were going to a four down front team and a little bit of odd situations for us and that's how they came out. So our game plan kind of played out the way we thought it would play out...thank goodness."


Leach: If you want to know how you're coaching, turn on the film

One thing that was evident after Washington State's loss to BYU is that Mike Leach was not happy with his players body language and overall demeanor when things weren't going their way.

During his press conference yesterday, he said that is an issue that him and his staff need to coach up and focus on this week, but the players needed to understand that "You only get so many reps out there on the football field in your entire life, and you better make the most of it."

"If you're going to go out there and practice all week long, and you're going to work on reps out there in practice, and now all of a sudden your going to have game reps. You better be doing something other than pout on the sideline."

"Obviously that's something that we, as coaches, need to address and failed to get across to them last week."

"If you want to know how good you're coaching, turn on the film and see how they play."

Taggart: Alabama could be next NFL expansion team

Willie Taggart is no stranger to playing some of the best teams in the country. Two years ago it was Nebraska, last year it was LSU.

This season is no different as Taggart and the Western Kentucky crew will take on Alabama on Saturday. After taking a look at the film, Taggart had some high praise for the Tide.

"LSU wasn't the defending national champions. These guys are the defending national champions. They came out and had a really good game (Saturday). Doesn't seem like they let off. By far one of the best teams in the country."

"If you ask me, they're going to be the next expansion team in the NFL. They'll be that 33rd team in the NFL. They are loaded. Sometimes you look at those guys and say, 'That's not fair.'"

Taggart added that the Tide "may be able to give Green Bay a shot."

"It seems like those same players are back. They just put some different numbers on them. I was banking on it. They lost all those guys to the NFL. You're like, 'There's no way they can come back and have that same type of defense."

"Once again, Nick Saban proved us wrong. He reloaded, restocked. Probably have another six guys on their defense who are ready for the NFL."

Taggart and the Hilltoppers will face the Tide up in Tuscaloosa at 3:30 on Saturday. You can catch the game on ESPN3 or the SEC Network.



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No games on tonight, but the NFL regular season starts tomorrow.

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Behind the scenes: Michigan State vs. Boise

The quality of this video is superb....better than TV quality. Excellent work by the production crew here.

The first 10 minutes or so is the buildup to the first game and then you get locker room pre-game, game action, half time with the team, game action and then Dantonio speaking with the team after the win.

Excellent video!

Behind the scenes of Malzahn's debut

USA Today did an interesting piece following Gus Malzahn up to Oregon for his FBS head coaching debut.

During their pregame walk through at Autzen, some of the players couldn't help but soak up the environment, surely unlike any other place that most had ever played in. Players were snapping pictures of the stadium when Malzahn told his assistants, "Get those guys off the field! They're acting like this is Disneyland or something."

For those of you that didn't catch the actual game, Oregon scored on their first seven possessions and entered the half up 50-10, which prompted Malzahn to lay into his guys afterwards.

"We laid a stinkin' egg! Those guys are really good, but we laid a stinkin' egg!"

"They've embarrassed us. This is a defining moment in our season!" he told the team.

The Red Wolves ended up giving up 57 points, but starting clicking in the second half, putting up 34 points before it was all said and done.

"The first half, they embarrassed us, big-time," Malzahn said. "I'm proud of the way we fought back. Most teams would have shut 'er down. You played probably the best team in college football. I'm encouraged. We're gonna stick together. We're gonna have one heck of a season."

The article also points out that Malzahn sees his rise through the coaching ranks as anything but logical, pointing out that back in 2006 Malzahn was coaching at the high school level. As he sees it, "There hasn't been anything logical about my career."

Also covered is everything from Malzahn's pre game calls to top recruits to a peek into how he prepared leading up to the game.