Photo: Under Armour to launch flavored mouthpieces

This is just too awesome to be real. 

Under Armour has launched a line of flavored mouth pieces that, don't you worry, are both kosher and gluten free. 


I don't know about you, but I'm usually done with a piece of gum after 15 minutes. I can't imagine how awesomely horrendous an orange mint mouthpiece will taste in hour three of a game. 

(HT @UniWatch)

Video: Baylor's training highlights feature the culture Art Briles has created

Art Briles and his staff have helped turn Baylor from an afterthought in the Big 12, to a perennial contender for the conference title and home to one of the most fun offenses in the country.

A large part of the reason that they've been able to accomplish that is because of the culture that they have created in Waco. They've cultivated an environment where players have fun, play freely, and WANT to work hard. Nothing they've released seems to illustrate that quite like this video that captures their approach to off season training.

How many other programs out there have created an environment where players enter the weight room with the same kind of energy they bring on a Saturday afternoon in the fall and enjoy busting their tails like this? For Baylor that's what they call a typical Tuesday in the weight room.

Canada 91, Kuwait 0

By now you're certainly aware of FIFA's World Cup of international futbol going on right now in Brazil, but did you know that's not the only international football competition going right now? Indeed, the IFAF is holding its Under 19 World Championships right now in Kuwait.

The IFAF stands for International Federation of American Football, and it's exactly what it sounds like. Spread across six continents, each of the IFAF's 64 member nations has its own national organization of American football, and they come together every so often to decide a world champion. 

Unlike the World Cup, though, American football is not celebrated on the same level globally as futbol. In yesterday's opening round, Austria topped France 24-7, the United States beat Mexico 49-14, Japan defeated Germany 48-20, and Canada bested Kuwait 91-0.

Yes, 91-0.

Canada scored 36 points in the opening frame, added 14 in the second quarter, scored 27 in the third quarter, and then hit the 91-point barrier with 9:10 to go in the fourth quarter. 

The box score is even more ridiculous. Our friends up north held a 17-1 advantage in first downs, out-rushed Kuwait 177-(-66), held Kuwait to a grand total of four passing yards on 22 attempts, held an absolutely absured 319-24 advantage in quarterback rating, out-gained Kuwait 376-(-62), scored six touchdowns in six red zone chances, all while holding the ball only 15:53 of a possible 48 minutes. 

Here is the drive chart:

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 8.29.02 AM

Considering the outcome of another 91-0 final score from October, I can only assume that a bullying charge from a Kuwait parent is imminent.

Three and Out - Beer, Girls & Basketball trades

It's Summer, things are slow. We figured we'd drop an article every now and then showing some quick things that we found around the web (or in real life) that we thought you might enjoy. 


Doug - I traveled to Boston this past weekend for a Summer vacation. This pic. Man, this pic.


Scott - As the father of two girls I found this video to be pretty powerful.


Zach - I believe college basketball and the NBA have much in common - and nothing more apparent than in this story from Bryan Curtis, one of the best writers going right now. If you frequent this website then you can appreciate this story. Grantland article.

Video of the Day - Behind ESPN's new set

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