We should all be like Mark Richt when we grow up

I've always maintained that Mark Richt will retire well before you may expect for a man in his position. Richt is different - the good kind of different. He's not going to grind himself into an early grave in the pursuit of a larger trophy case. He has other things to do.

This quote just about sums it up: “I’ve always had a greater purpose in coaching than trying to get a raise or trying to win a championship or coach a Heisman Trophy winner. I mean I’ve been blessed to win championships, coach Heisman winners, All-Americans, national championships, ACC championships. I know we didn’t do that at Georgia as a national champion. But you know, I experienced all that. And if that’s all there is at the end it’s empty, unless you help these guys.

“And that’s what people misunderstand sometimes. I’m highly motivated to win the national championship. But just because I care about them beyond football they think, ‘Oh he’s more worried about that than he is winning.’ No that’s not true at all. Not true at all. I want to win, and we’re gonna do the best we can to try to win. But I feel like we truly are educators, and we truly have a responsibility to help these guys.” 

That quote came from Seth Emerson's latest piece for the Macon Telegraph. It's about the Paul Oliver Network, something that was born out of a tragic necessity following the funeral of Paul Oliver. A former Bulldog, Oliver took his own life after he was described as "depressed" following the end of his NFL career. After that day, Richt created a network of Georgia businesses that help former players whose football chapters have closed - either by their choice or someone else's - start a new professional life.

Every school does something similar to this, but not on this scale. I'm not going to describe the article more here, it's something you really should read for yourself. It's something every coach can use to better himself - either through Georgia's efforts to help its former players, but mostly through Richt himself. 

The essence of being an offensive lineman in less than 140 characters

Twitter is an excellent tool, limited only by your imagination and the confinement of 140 characters. However, being limited to 140 characters didn't stop Ohio Northern (D-III) offensive line coach Devin Russell from finding the perfect way to sum up the mission of being an offensive lineman.

It may be back from April, but it's been so popular that it's still making the rounds around Twitter months later. It was actually brought to my attention over the weekend and as a former offensive lineman, it obviously spoke to me.

Offensive line coaches everywhere at every level will enjoy that one, and who knows...maybe this will challenge other position coaches to fit their position's mission statement into 140 character or less and get it circulating. If you feel up to it, send yours to me via @CoachSamz and I'll share it with everyone on this page.

Here are a few more submissions:

Offensive Line:

Video of the Day - Cal 50 days to kickoff

Photo: Terry Bowden tweets a new white helmet for Akron

It's hard to have a distinctive look when your colors are white, blue and gold. That's a road pretty well traveled. 

Akron, wearers of white, blue and gold, had a pretty good look in 2013. Not great, but certainly nothing to be ashamed about.

Akron gold

Last month, head coach Terry Bowden unveiled a new gold Christmas-ornament helmet that looked like an exact replica of Baylor's gold chrome helmets.



But on Saturday, Bowden tweeted out yet another look that I really like. It's a white lid with a gold Z and a blue facemask. The colors work together in concert, and the Z stands out here unlike on any other Akron helmet.

There's nothing unique about white, blue and gold, but that Z sure is one of a kind.


Video of the Day: Here's Texas' hype video for Charlie Strong's debut season

This is pretty good from a program that had fallen way behind on stuff like this. 

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