Monday morning - Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes from around the country:


Quoting Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster: "You've got to be a smart guy to play major college football. The old adage of the old dumb jock and all that stuff? You can do that. You're going to get weeded out here. ...

"We're not a simple defense. We hope we look simple, but we're very complex in a lot of things that we do, and you've got to be able to make split-second decisions. Effort's half the battle, but doing it the right way and doing your assignment, that's the other half. You can't have just one or the other." 


Quoting Boston College head coach Frank Spaziani:  "We're getting the foundation. Last year we were brought into the emergency room in critical condition, and we survived, but we're in intensive care now and we still have medicine to take.”

"We're still building. ... We have enough players to win. We have a great coaching and support staff, but we we still have to overcome a lot of things. We're building our way toward the future." 


Quoting Nick Saban: “I think if you watch these guys punt in specialty before practice, you would say that ‘Man, where did you get those guys. But they’ve got to learn to take that to the game. They have to learn to take it when it’s live bullets come rushing at them and trying to stay with them. I think it is just going to be experience for them and confidence and trusting in the people that are blocking for them.”


Quoting Virginia offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor: "Part of our job is to push them. We've got to keep pushing and stuffing information in there like it's a balloon, and you just don't know how far it can go. Then when it's done, you've got to make them believe it's not done. They can do more."


Marshall head coach Doc Holliday talks about Willy Korn’s switch from QB to safety:  “His dream was to be a quarterback. We all have dreams. Unfortunately, his dream didn't come true.”


Quoting ULM Todd Berry: "I think that we are getting there. As I just explained to them, every time that you do something new there are some anxieties about it. What a grown man does is they don't fear the unknown. This is a whole different routine than what they are used to and it is hard and we go fast. ... This is not supposed to be fun and it's not supposed to be easy. This is supposed to be camp."



LA Tech head coach Sonny Dykes names Steven Ensminger starting quarterback: "We felt like it was the best time to name him the starting quarterback. There is still a possibility that it could change but he has done enough to distance himself from the other quarterbacks. We need time to invest a number of reps in our starting quarterback and want to do that as quickly as possible. By naming Steven our starter now, he will have some extra time to make sure he is on the same page with the rest of our offense.”


USC scrimmages with only 56 scholarship players

After the second scrimmage at USC, Lane Kiffin pointed out that only 56 scholarship players were able to take part in the scrimmage.

“We had 14 scholarship players that did not go today because of injuries, so we were at 56 for today.  Obviously, that’s a scary number, so in the second half we didn’t tackle, as you saw.”

On the team’s identity, Kiffin stated, “I don’t think we’ll know until we start playing.  Because of the limited live drills that we don’t really know. “

Once again, Kiffin had very encouraging words about backup quarterback Mitch Mustain.  He also seemed very happy with a number of true freshman, and specifically noted the excellent play of wide receiver Markeith Ambles. 

USC is preparing to play the 2010 season with 71 scholarship players instead of the usual 85 allowed by the NCAA.


Neuheisel: We can't let the fog of war get us

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel decided to go just 20-25 plays in the Bruins’ first scrimmage of summer camp.

After the scrimmage, Neuheisel stated, “Too many missed assignments, offensively.  I thought the defensive play outstanding.  It (offensive football) requirs everybody to be on the same page.  It’s also a great lesson for the coaches to know how good they are coaching. ‘Are my guys doing what I’m telling them to do.’ If they’re not, I have to look myself in the mirror, too.”   

“The effort has been outstanding.  What I asked the team at the end is when they look at themselves in the mirror, are they really putting everything into being mentally sharp, to knowing everything there is to know about their position because as evidence by guys going the wrong way when all of a sudden the lights went on or the coaches left, we lost our mind.  We’ve got to make sure the fog of war doesn’t get us. “

Below, you can watch Neuheisel in the middle of “Board Drill” as the Bruins mixed it up during Friday’s first day of full-pads.


Stockstill: We are playing very unselfish as a team

After a 5-hour rain delay, MTSU went through their first scrimmage of summer camp on Saturday.   Head coach Rick Stockstill seemed very pleased with the mental approach and progress of his team.

Stockstill stated, "I though we showed alot of toughness at alot of positions.  We executed pretty well offensively.  I think we are playing very unselfish as a team at every position, both offensively and defensively."

Today, the Blue Raiders hosted "Fan Day."  A record crowd of over 2,600 fans showed up.

MTSU will host the Minnesota Gophers in the season-opener on Thursday, September 2nd.


Richt: I told them just keeping whipping their tail, defense

With three offensive line starters on the bench with injuries, the Georgia offense struggled to move the ball much on the Bulldogs’ defense in the open field.

Mark Richt stated, "There was one defensive huddle where I kind of jumped in there and told them to not get tired of whipping (the offense's) tail. Just keep whipping it. Don't get tired of it or get bored or feel sorry for them. Just keep whipping it."

Richt admitted, "There wasn't much of a pocket today. Let's face it, when Jones is out, Cordy's out and J.D. is out, it's just not the same. It's not the same. You don't want to sit there and make excuses, but it's not the same."

"In the red-zone and goal-line areas, the defense did not keep that edge. Whether it was the No. 1 defense or the No. 2 defense, they were having their way until the end. But on the goal line, I think our No. 2 offense took three shots and the offense scored on two of them. At the end, the defense didn't dominate like they did and they didn't finish like they would have liked to."

Georgia hosts Louisiana-Lafayette in the season-opener on September 4th.

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